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Did you hear the latest? Menifee is starting their own police department. After the City Government used technicalities to thwart an attempt to repeal their sales tax increase, the City Council is hard at work spending the money.

A life’s dream of at least two of their council-members is a Menifee PD. Menifee is a City of About 90K people that has been a “Contract City” of the Sheriff’s Department since it’s incorporation over a decade ago.

It has been put to this blogger that the reviled Christopher Brandon Ford is going to be offered the Chief of Police job in Menifee. Ford, pictured several months ago with Lt Huskey and the local Station Captain was attempting to intimidate Chad Bianco at a public event.

Christopher Brandon Ford – then a Captain – was the Captain of the RATT Squad in the middle of covering up the massive deputy cheating scandal. While Ford claims to be a “Born Again Christian”, his life and lifestyle belie the faith he claims.

Ford was well known for carousing and using his rank to get horizontal refreshment according to a myriad of confidential informants. It is also alleged that behavior continues to this day. If anyone has further information about the pending insanity in Menifee, please contact us.

Two days ago, we started in to the sad state of affairs at the County of Riverside Worker’s Comp. Riverside self-administers and self-funds their system. This lends itself to corruption and incompetence when there is no third party oversight. It is clear that the five elected supervisors don’t oversee the administration or, worse they have directed the County to engage in abusive claims management.

Your intrepid blogger was informed of people that contracted cancer and died from asbestos. They had to litigate a class action lawsuit and at least one claimant died before the case was complete. I assume that Marion Ashley, John Taviglione and others think letting people die saves the county money?

The pattern of abuse of injured or sick employees suggests that this transcends incompetence.

Jay Youngblood sits in a wheelchair needing constant assistance because the county is denying his worker’s comp claim similar to dozens of others with far less severe injuries. However, blown knees turn into permanent disabilities with months and years of stonewalling paying for basic medical services and rehab.

Why then did Lee Tainter’s claim get picked up so quickly when others are forced in to years of litigation?

Stan can absolutely do something about Jay if he wanted to, If he cared. Case in point, Nola Tainter out of the blue donated $2000.00 to stans mess of a campaign. Shortly after the donation her husband Lee Tainter gets a call from Di Yorio letting him know his full industrial disability retirement had been approved and granted. Why would Di Yorio make a personal call right after a sizable donation????

So, is someone in County Admin on the take? Or are they taking orders from Stan Sniff? Is this suggestion of corruption (and a possible cover-up) a reason why John Taviglione suddenly endorsed Stan Sniff for re-election on his way out the door?

None of these suggestions are good. The presence of a Sheriff Chad Bianco will obviously change things somewhat – but systemic reform is needed and it starts with the County Board of Supervisors.

Nola Tainter was in Jessica Gore’s Job and actually trained Gore before Sniff fired her. Once Lee got injured, it sure looks like she and Lee (who also donated) greased the skids and her past termination by Sniff was forgotten. Sniff got some badly needed campaign cash, Lee got his claim picked up. Jessica Gore is the wife of Jason Gore, recently rewarded with a promotion to Sergeant despite being in the middle of the cheating scandal that rocked the Sheriff’s Department. Gore is a media relations person for Sniff (I’d imagine she was able to get Gore’s name omitted from what little coverage there was of the issue) and also made sure the infamous “Eggplant” got a job on the second floor as well.

It is alleged that Kurly and Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood are attempting to “go out on disability”. Will the County of Riverside pick their claims up quickly? (If indeed the rumors of their real or imagined illnesses are true?) It is also alleged that Undertaker DiYoyo is filing a “Knee Claim” in order to make some of his retirement tax free. I will lay odds that claim gets picked up as well. (We will be following up on all of these as County Admin appears to be combination of corrupt and incompetent like Broward County Elections)

P.S. Please visit this link on the DIR Website to file a complaint about the abuse of your claim.

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  43 Responses to “Chad Bianco’s Mess Continued: Guess Whose Work Comp Claims Got Picked Up Almost Instantly? Is Brandon Ford Going to Menifee PD?”

  1. Those three fellas look like mob hit men. They stand out like three turds in a bunch bowl in that meeting. It is plain to see they are there for the intimidation factor just from that photo, how rude.

    I hope the city of menifee will realize the cooperation they will receive if they hire Sniff’s trash to lead their new PD. They better consider that.

    You should tag all three of their pictures with their names so everyone knows who they are.

    So glad everything is coming to light.

  2. It’s going to take time for Menifee to get their own PD started. And Mo Val has been wanting to get their own police department for years, but don’t have the money to do it. It’s a very expensive process to start and it could be years before Menifee PD becomes a reality.

  3. Anyone that knows Tainter knows he broke his neck long before he ever came to work for RSO. That is a pre-existing injury that he milked until it was time to use it as a retirement enhancement. He was not injured at work, but now he’s is using it for an easy retirement boost. You’d think he would have been required to disclose his past broken neck issue as a previous injury along with the fact that he’s known it would only get worse. Something tells me there could be some fraudulent statements in his claim.

    Blogger’s Note: The issue here is the donation to Sniff and within Days the Claim is picked up. Note that I did not mention what his injury was as only those in on the scam knew the specifics of the injury until after the claim was accepted.

  4. Now that Bianco won the election, word throughout the Department is that Jason Horton, along with Cheryl Evans, have jumped ship and are now loyal Chad supporters. And that Wood is looking to go out on a W/C claim. All three should be given their walking papers, they never deserved the positions they were given.

  5. Wood was smelling the AS cash for his last year. Now he won’t break over 200k in retirement his first year. A ton of mula, but not what he was expecting to receive. He was also counting on his wife making Lt and riding off into the sunset with 370k a year in pensions. Now they will have to settle for about 50k less, unless he can scam his WC claim. I doubt he has the necessary skills to even pull down a school chief job to max out his final year, I hope Bianco bounces him on his first day. Let Wood fight his claim from an unemployed position and not receiving a pension check until his case is accepted or denied. I’m sure they can live well enough on his time banks and her salary for a year or more.

  6. Lee Tainter was with the Transit Police and when LAPD declined to pick him up, he came over to “Riverside Country” (we are known for picking up others rejects). And he was a mediocre Deputy, at best. But Nola took care of Lee and got him a position on the bomb squad, and when he was at the Mo Val station, all he did was sit in the traffic office and do nothing as the traffic Sgt. and was eventually promotion to Lt. And now with a campaign donation, Lee Tainter’s disability retirement was approved by the second floor for a pre-existing injury that was not work related. Everyone at Mo Val is looking to see if Kurlyowicz will go out the same way as DiYorio, Wood and Tainter. Maybe Kurly will take Tyler Clark and Fat Bodnar with him when he leaves, they all deserve each other.

  7. Ray Wood is sweating bullets right now, wondering if he will be walked out and standing in the unemployment line with Horton, Evans, Ford and Kubel. I bet he is hoping Vest will approve his claim so he can pad his retirement, and keep Raemie in sun block for their trips on the lake. Ray went from a tough guy on the second floor bullying everyone to a whimpering little scared shell of a man, looking for his next conquest, and for another tattoo to add to his “kills.” You could be a greeter at Wal-Mart, but even that job is too good for the likes of you and the sea hag.

  8. Lee Taitner’s workers comp claim reeks of fraud and malfeasance. And so does DiYorio’s, if it is true that he had knee replacement surgery when he first retired, and is now claiming a presumptive work related knee injury.

    It’s not like DiYorio went 10-8 from Lemon Street, unless he went code to the 9th Street Eatery, or to Art’s Bar down the street on University Avenue. But of course no one has the courage to look into the violations of public trust they committed, so the second floor, and their flawed chosen like Aaron Kent, Christian Dekker, Kent Werges, Kevin Smith, Robert Epps, Nathan Kaas, Steve Brosche, Jon Wade, Steve Fredricks, Robert Cornett and the rest of the perverse tools they favored, at the expense of good men, will go unpunished.

    I quote Albert Einstein “The world will not be destroyed by those that do evil, but by those that watch them do evil, and do nothing.”

  9. There is no way that anyone wearing tan and green within the last 5 year is going to be the chief of my “life long dream”. I don’t know who you are or where your getting your intel, but Brandon Ford, speaking only for myself, is a big reason why I detest the Sheriffs Department. I’m not about to push this forward only to have an RSO guy start it up. Talk about the Fox in the hen house. I want this to be successful, not the same thing we’ve had for 10 years.
    The fact of the matter is Bob Murray and Assoc. is just about complete with the brochure and it will be out before Christmas for those who are interested.
    Feel free to contact me if you want the truth.

    Matt Liesemeyer
    Menifee City Councilman
    [email protected]

    Blogger’s Note: Thank You for visiting. One thing you did not dispute is the fact that you’ve wanted a Menifee PD from the time you got elected to council. Now is the time you had to strike before Chad Bianco has a chance to fix the problems eliminating the nexus for the department. I teed it up for you to be honest about that and you dodged that issue.

    Thanks for confirming that you are letting the City Manager do the hiring, which is also problematic. Staff should not have so much control. Your City Manager has taken applications from and interviewed several luminaries from the RSO, you may want to check with him and see what he has been doing when you have not been providing any oversight… just sayin…

  10. Mr. Liesemeyer, please do not embarrass yourself by displaying your level of ignorance. There are some very good people at RSO that are more than capable to lead Menifee. But for the past 8 years we have had a vengeful tyrant in command that did nothing but feed his own ego by promoting tools and buffoons with the attitude of “what’s in it for me” with no regard about the harm they were doing to their reputation, or to the Department.

    And the few good people that were carrying the Department would be successful in any agency they worked for. So please do not judge everyone that wore tan and green by the village idiots that occupied office space on the second floor of Sheriff’s Admin. Furthermore, based upon your biased statements, your constituents may have cause to reconsider your position on the city council because the attributes and characteristics of “your dream” may not be in line with what’s best for the Coty of Menifee and it’s residents.

    Granted you can chose whoever you desire, but are you willing to sacrifice a first team pick for a second string pick just because they wore tan and green? It may be your dream Mr. Liesemeyer, but you were not elected by the good people of Menifee into a position of power for self-fulfillment, but for the betterment of the people and to serve them and not your own selfish wants and desires.

  11. Sgt,
    First and foremost, embarrassing myself is not something I worry too much about. If I worried about what people thought of me, then I wouldn’t even be here, and I wouldn’t have had the fortitude to carry on with this Department. Far to often elected leaders worry too much about this and sacrifice the right decision over popular ones.
    Thank you for your opinion, I really do value it and and agree with your point with respect to the Departments recent management, and would further agree that there are a great deal of RSO Deputies that have the desire to do good in their uniforms. That being said my desire to break away from RSO, is not founded solely on the management of one person, but more a culture that exists inside the department, that will (I am sorry to say) continue long after Chad takes his desk. I’m not going to bore readers with the countless stories I have gotten from my constituents about their personal interactions with deputies, let me just say, that from my accounting of these instances, individual deputies had a better choice in how to handle circumstances and did not make it.
    There may very well be someone currently in the department who would make a terrific Chief for Menifee and let me be clear that this decision rests on the shoulders of the City Manager. Specifically to Brandon, I like to think I am a good reader of people, and I feel there is a great deal of good with him personally, and my only hope is that when he was put into his recent position his eyes were opened wide and he quickly learned that a change needed to be made and he pressured into being someone he is not. However, much like Chad Bianco will have a hard time knowing who to trust when he walks onto the second floor for the first time, I venture a guess that the City Manager will have a hard time trusting that someone from the management ranks at RSO is indeed a change agent who carries the ability to do a complete 180 from the ways of the Department in which they have been employed in for so long. I don’t care how strong someone is, flicking a switch like that does not come easy. That said, I am not so close minded to know that someone can do it. As I said above, I know there are great people in the department, and some very good ones working in Menifee right now. Personally speaking I welcome them with open arms, but that also is not my decision to make.
    Sgt, I’m not the slightest bit worried about your veiled threat on losing my position on this Council, hell in some way it would make my life MUCH easier and my wife would love nothing more, but until then, I’m going to continue to do what I think is right, because that what people put me here for and my record speaks for that.
    Last, in the interest of total transparency, I had previously included my email and phone number for anyone who would like to speak with me, because I have nothing to hide here. If there is someone who you feel is “more than capable to lead Menifee” I’d LOVE to hear from them, and chances are, I already have. I do also know that some have already been to City Hall.
    Last Sgt. its not my “dream”, I’m merely quoting the blogger.

    To the blogger, I got your softball, and I will say this as I have hinted above: The change Chad seeks will not come overnight, and anyone thinking otherwise would be a fool. He and I have spoken about this, and I wished him the very best of luck. His first year will be very hard! One can only hope that the good soldiers in the department who have been locked down by the “tyrant” come forward very fast and work as a team to mend the damage that has been characterized in these blogs.

    Finally: Since I know that MANY law enforcement professionals read this blog, let me say this. My hat is off to you all. You do a thankless job that in many ways can be characterized as insane. The mental fortitude you posses to put on a uniform and go do a job, where moronic legislators write laws that disable your abilities giving more rights to the criminals you pursue is insurmountable. Thank you for that. Thank you for putting your life in front of people like mine.

  12. I do appreciate your candor in the matter Mr. Liesemeyer, and support for the tough job I have done over the years. And it was not a veiled threat I was making, in my line of work, there are no hidden agendas or mincing of words. I was only pointing out the fact that based upon your own words, it appeared you had a biased attitude towards anyone in tan and green, which is not a healthy position to take if your making a selection for Chief of Police.

    The good people of Menifee deserve a clear and opened minded leader, to make the best decisions possible for the good of the people. And if you weren’t willing to make decisions with an open mind, they maybe the residents did have cause for concern.

    I am not defending the Sniff regime, nor making threats to anyone, I am only defending the honesty and integrity of the good RSO staff members that have served the residents with honor and dignity, to include those serving the city of Menifee. Granted we at RSO do have issues, but as a community, we should to give Chad Bianco the opportunity to make right what has been corrupted. No one is questioning your right to have your own police department, it’s just the way you expressed yourself that people took offense to. I thank you for your time in this matter Mr. Liesemeyer.

  13. Sgt.
    We agree and I am sorry to those who were offended, as I have said here and publicly the line level people are owed a great deal of gratitude. I do have a bias towards a Sheriff being our Chief. For ME, this individual should have Municipal Experience, not just RSO as they are two differing methodologies. Certainly RSO experience can be valuable so that one can at least grasp some of the rationale as to why we got here in the first place, because its not all financial based.

  14. Mr Liesemeyer,

    First let me say, congratulations on being one of the top employers of the Inland Empire as reported by the Press Enterprise today. Please don’t allow that recognition to be ruined by any of “Sniff’s upper management”.

    When you speak of the “damage that has been characterized in these blogs”, I hope you are not referring to the exposures of bad persons and their behaviors that have come to light since the beginning of this blog. I have see nothing in this blog that I have found untruthful. I am very much in the know. Those people, starting with Sniff are bad people who ruined people’s lives, careers, and emotions with their unjustified games. It has been a fun joke for them. This was the worst of the worst.

    Those of us that have been victims of their hateful games know all of this is true. We now get to sit back and watch the cards fall. It has been a long time coming. I do not wish any good for any of these people, nor do I think any of them deserve forgiveness. They are bad people who now need to lie in their beds.

    Good luck with your chief selection and your police department

  15. Thank you for your clarification on the matter Mr. Liesemayer, and I too wish Menifee luck in their search for a new Chief of Police. And @Watching, I agree with everything you posted on your blog.

  16. Aaron I am just going to clarify a few things that are wrong in this post, and I know because ainhave been praying for are abd his issues for a few years now. Lee Tainter’s WC retirement did not come as any influence by Sniff. He has been battling with the county for over 2 years but has dealing with the injuries for over 4 years. He chose to have the first 2 surgeries done through his own insurance company and they are the ones that determined it was work related and are in fact in litigation with the County to retrieve their costs. The injury was an accumulation of years wearing heavy gear. The previous neck injury that was talked about was not a break or a fracture. there are medical records to prove it, and he was cleared by all of the County’s medical exams, of which there has been several. IF he had a neck injury that the County’s doctors signed off on then the county bought and paid for it! But there was no injury nor was there ever a documented injury during any of the physicals done as part of his time on the bomb squad. As far as Nola getting him his spot on HDT, Lee was already assigned to the team when they met. Nola was working in Personnel and HDT moved up to Castellano Road and that is when they met. Nola actually wrote the Return to Work Policy and constantly fought WC on issues, she is very aware that WC doesn’t care what the Sheriff thinks, they do their own thing. And finally, Nola was NOT fired by Sniff. She hated working for him as much as any of you department people did. She quit and went to work for a private church where she was hugely instrumental in developing a program for at risk teenagers that partnered with Riverside Police and Riverside Juvenile Probation that is still operational and now under the name OWE. I had personally been a part of that program from the beginning until I was promoted off the SAFE Task Force.

    And this is my problem with this blog, and has been for a long time. People throw things out as fact when they are so far from the truth and people get hurt, innocent people. Lee wanted to donate to Sniff because Sniff was kind to him while he was out on WC and Lee appreciated it because the whole process SUCKS and Nola supported her husband.

  17. To anyone that is injured on duty, please obtain an attorney from the start. Do not rely on the county to do the right thing. Do not rely on the word of a supervisor or commander that you will be taken care of. Complete the initial paperwork and immediately contact an attorney if you believe your injury will have long term health implications. You become a number and the county’s mission is to lesson their cost. If you have an acumalative injury, just go straight to an attorney. You will save yourself a lot headaches and time.

  18. Okay Heidi, why was Sniff taking care of Lee Tainter and his W/C case, while we have a deputy in a wheel chair that need’s medical care that has been denied?

    What about that staff member that submitted a W/C claim and lives in Riverside County, But had to go all the way to Vista for his QME, and his deposition in San Bernardino? And they still denied his claim.

    What about that sergeant with a legitimate heart issue that spent a week in the hospital, and had his QME in Los Angeles, and his claim was still denied?

    What about the female deputy from Lake Elsinore that was involved in an on-duty traffic collision, they kept putting her off until she needed emergency surgery to keep from suffering a permanent disability? And now she will probably have to retire because of the second floor’s negligence.

    There is a disparity in treatment that comes from the second floor. I can go on and on Heidi, but let’s face it, Stan took care of who he wanted, and everyone else was on their own. Maybe if Lee would have hired an attorney in the first place, than maybe he would not have had to use his own doctor for his surgery. And for those of you that do not know, if you hire an attorney, he get’sna precentage, but if you go without an attorney, then any settlement you get you keep 100%.

    My question is why did Lee wait so long, was he looking for the promotion first, and then get the surgery? And why did he elect to have the first two surgeries on his own time, and on his own dime if it was deemed work related and the Department was responsible? Maybe that’s why Lee never did anything as the traffic sergeant at Mo Val.

    And does Lee have an attorney because if not, than it does make the phone call from DiYorio very suspect to accept his claim while all the other legitimate W/C claims, with representation are being denied.

  19. I have a question Heidi, if Nola hated working for Sniff as she claimed, then why did Nola give him so much money? I’m just saying because if Nola really despised the second floor, she would not have given so much as a nickel to Sniff’s re-election campaign. And how many other staff members with claims have received a call from the Undersheriff? The second floor does have a say because they get copies of every workers comp. claim to determine if it’s faulty equipment, operational, or if misconduct was involved, and for liability purposes if a third party was involved.

  20. Lee and Nola Tainter are less than stellar people. I heard Nola was asked to leave rather than being fired because she was actually required to work and that didn’t sit well with her. All that has been said about Lee’s reputation seems to be true. What Heidi has said about the process is true, this isn’t a decision made by the 2nd floor. Given the inaccurate reporting on some details here, I doubt the 2nd floor made any call to the Tainter’s about the approval of the claim, although it makes for a good story.

    As for Nola’s next adventure that Heidi claims “She quit and went to work for a private church where she was hugely instrumental in developing a program for at risk teenagers that partnered with Riverside Police and Riverside Juvenile Probation that is still operational and now under the name OWE.” Well, truth be told, she might have been instrumental in obtaining the grant, however, she didn’t last more than a few weeks and apparently showed up to “work” one day to find herself locked out of the building. The program moved on without her. Any re-writing by her for the Return to Work Policy was, in my opinion, not of her own thought, she has a habit of plagiarizing. Further, she is no stranger at attempting WC claims for her own personal gain.

    Of course, I have no idea who reported the actions taken regarding Lee Tainter’s approval of his WC claim but given the history of the Tainters, I doubt it was valid and, if approved, he got away with his scam of the system.

  21. When I went out on a injury in 20## I was skipped for a promotion. I did not have an attorney and did not know the process of getting one. My injury was accepted. When I came back to work, not only did I get passed over for promotion, my next promotability was more than half of what it was because I had been out on workers comp. Only later did I discover this was a violation of ADA Laws. I should have gotten an attorney immediately.

    When I re injured my self, I did get an attorney right away. I learned my lesson, and the county told me I was faking my injury in part because I obtained a attorney right away and they ordered me back to work.

    I bet if I donated to Stan Sniff, my claim would have been accepted and I would not have had to fight the county. That is how donating money looks to the rest of us.

    Recap— workers comp claim = get a attorney

    As for the blog, many mountains out of mole hills, many exaggerations, but what is not is the fact that this blog helped removed Satan Sniff from office, moral has improved , and RSO may be great again.

  22. The second floor does have a say in W/C claims, and they have passed on personal information about the deputy to the attorney representing the county for the deposition to discredit the employee and their claim. And if Lee Tainter did get a call from the Undersheriff accepting his claim, does that mean DiYorio was Lee Tainter’s workers comp adjuster now? If you are subject to an on-duty injury, don’t waste your time with the second floor or the county, get a workers comp attorney right away to protect yourself and your family’s well being as an injured worker. The county’s worker comp process is designed to make it a difficult as possible for the staff member. I would rather have a competent W/C attorney represent me against the county for 15% of the settlement that to go it alone against the county without one. Do not expect the second floor, or W/C to do the right thing because they won’t.

  23. Talk about a scam, Lee Tainter gets a well-paid retirement as a Lt. He then gets reimbursed for the two surgeries he had on his own volition, and not only does he get a financial settlement from workers comp, he is also granted an industrial disability retirement, which if I am not mistaken, results in an additional lifetime disability check, along with his retirement check and 457 contributions from the county.

    Lee then gets a phone call from DiYorio congratulating him on his award. Where do I sign up for this profit-making venture? Lee Tainter can still walk on his own and do activities like a nornal person, but Deputy McMillam is in a wheelchair and has nothing coming from the second floor for his on-duty injury.

    Lee and Nola should be ashamed of themselves. And everyone remembers Sgt. Tainter complaining about not getting promoted to Lt when he was in the traffic bureau at Mo Val. So maybe Lee and Nola has this planned out from the start.

  24. So, is Lee Tainter claiming the bomb suit and head gear caused his neck related injuries while on HDT? If so, how many other HDT members have made the same claim? Makes you wanna go “Hum.” And if that’s the case, I can see Bob Epps using the same scam to go out on W/C as well.

  25. A couple of tips for all future Worker’s Compensation injured workers and present. The County of Riverside has a very bad habit of losing files, sending INCOMPLETE medical information to QME’s and AME’s… Therefore, ALWAYS CREATE A SECOND MEDICAL FILE FOR YOURSELF here are these tips.

    1- Get yourself a journal and document everything from telephone calls, emails and physician’s visits and comments made from your treating physician, Nurse Case Manager or physical therapist.

    2- Always request copies of your weekly progress notes and monthly report from physical therapy.

    3- Always request copies of your monthly progress report from your physician, reports from QME’s and AME and referrals from any testings or labs.

    4- Always request copies of your lab, test results and prescription medications.

    5- Always request a DVD copy of the MRI, X-RAY and S-Can.

    6- Always call three days before your a QME or AME to verify all records for ALL body parts have been sent. If not, call your attorney ASAP.

    You will be surprised how many injured workers show up to a QME but the medical records for a certain body part was not sent.

  26. Menifee is wise not considering anyone from Sniff’s staff for their Chief of police position. Ford pulled staff from thier station to intimidate them in supporting Sniff. His scare tactics didn’t work.

    Ford demonstrated unethical, unprofessional and immorale conduct! This is why he is unfit to supervise let alone lead a department, in my opinion.

  27. @ 2David10
    Epps won’t be able to claim W/C for wearing the bomb suit and helmet….his inflated head already won’t fit in the helmet, plus he claims to be an expert at his job, but hasn’t handled a bomb call in years. He’s a fraud in every way, all spit shine n creases but no substance.

    All the military Veterans in RSO should ask Epps about his VA disability he gets every month so he can afford his new truck. RSO won’t hire new hires with PTSD, but someone is claiming benefits and either lied to get hired or is not telling the VA that they are on a bomb squad. All you Marines out there need to question Epps “the ammo tech” about this. Epps is making a mockery of the VA system, and dishonors the Marine Corps values.

  28. A Navy Seal can’t make the bomb team, but someone like Epps whose only claim to fame is being in the rear with the gear reading and stacking ammo cans is unacceptable. Who was his daddy that got him the job in the first place should be ashamed of themselves. And I bet it makes Epps feel important when he yells at the youngsters at the Explorer Academy.

    This guy is suppose to be a Marine, yet he don’t have the intestinal fortitude to fire someone and has to have Lt. Worthless fire a team member for him. And what gets me is that Lt. Worthless is stupid enough to be Sgt. Epps’ tool. Chesty would be embarrassed to call Epps a devil dog. I still would not put it past Epps to follow Lee Tainter’s example and go ou on W/C with the same claim.

    Although you are correct @Edmond Dantes because the last time I saw Epps on an HDT call-out, he stayed in the truck in his BDU’s as his deputy went out in the bomb suit. This also brings up the question, how many times did Lee Tainter respond in the bomb suit as a supervisor?

  29. Robert Epps is an embarrassment to us all, Devil pups have more integrity than he does. And if Sgt. Epps has made a claim for PTSD, did he make it known on his SF86 because “Does the person have a condition that could impair his or her judgemeny, reliability or ability to safeguard national security information?” To be on HDT, you need to posses a security clearance based upon the nature of your assignment, in addition to being a stable individual in your personal and professional life.

    Granted under executive order #12968, some military members can maintain a security clearance with counseling from a psychological health professional, but that is no guarantee they will still maintain their ability to obtain a security clearance.

    Although if Robert Epps was never served in combat, than what was the traumatic event that he claimed in his military career that gave him PTSD? Furthermore, being on psych meds for PTSD will disqualify you from obtaining a security clearance. Additionally if Robert Epps was given a VA disability, what percentage was given to him for his mental and psychological impairment, which would also affect his ability to hold a security clearance.

    Initially I wanted to give my fellow ”Teufel Hunden” the benefit of the doubt, but the more I read about Sgt. Robert Epps, the more I question his credibility, and he appears to be in same boat as Kevin Vest and Christian Dekker in that they have no honor. How these people got past the yellow footprints is beyond me. None of them deserve the title of Marine.

  30. Robert Epps is cut from the same cloth as Vest and Dekker, their only concern in life is “how much money can I make for myself” and could care less about the troops under their command. At MCRD Marines are taught Honor, Courage and Commitment, in addition to the 14 distinct leadership traits. It appears these three individuals are just that, individuals with no regard for the team, or for the men they serve with. And for Epps to obtain a VA disability for PTSD and still be allowed access to sensitive information is unheard of. What happened, he dropped an ammo can on his foot and has flashbacks now? Incredible.

  31. You forgot to add Marty Tochtrop to the list, he just as worthless as the other three mentioned, and was another one that slipped through the cracks. I guess the 1st RTB needed warm bodies at the time to occupy the yellow footprints. When the Marines were looking for a few good men, they drew the short straws with these individuals. Chesty Puller is rolling over in his grave right now. If Epps leaves right now, he might be able to save his retirement before the interviews start.

  32. That is a valid point, if Lee Tainter was the supervisor for HDT, how many times did he respond to a call-out wearing the bomb suit and helmet. I don’t ever remember seeing a Sergeant wearing a bomb suit on a call-out. So if Lee Tainter is claiming it was the bomb suit and helmet that caused his neck injury, it’s nothing more than a scam on his part to increase his retirement benefits. And for Nola to give money to Stan Sniff’s campaign only make her husband’s claim more suspicious than ever. They are in the same moral category as Robert Epps. I just wonder if Lee was also a sub-standard Marine as well.

  33. Hey that text the other day from Val Hill said dyorio was having his retirement party on the 5th. That’s why Stan canceled the memorial. But, I didn’t get an invite? Did anyone? Where is it at? Is it open bar?

    Everyone should crash it!!!

  34. Where’s the partay! I’ll supply the strippers, Wood can bring the girls, Sniff the booze, Epps the fireworks , Ali the Slurpies , Eggplant the meat. Party like it’s 1999. Let’s do it. Robyn can repost all the party pics onto the RSO home page as well.

  35. Party?
    Kurly will bring tissues
    Stan will bring his modified mp5
    Ray and a few other supervisors can bring subordinates
    Rose can leave is weapons at home, don’t want him 417ing civilians
    Ontivaros wont be invited, we all need to eat
    Decker will bring the bus, to throw people under
    Favero, wont bring shit cuz he cant even carry his own gear while on swat.
    Werges can bring a brick, in case anyone locks their keys in a car.
    Party time

  36. Jason Horton and Jerry Gutierrez can bring the alcohol, and host the bar, Ray Wood can bring the exotic dancers, Kevin Vest can work the DJ digital mixer, and Cheryl Evans can check I.D.’s at the door. Robert Epps can work the fog machine as Robert Rose and Kevin Smith can work security since they are good at playing “quick draw.”’ And Christian Dekker and Nathan Kaas can claim working the party on their 344’s as they sit in their offices and do nothing as usual. Kurlyowicz can give a speech with fat Bodnar looking over his shoulder withTyler Clark threatening to PERS everyone.

  37. Steve Fredricks can work valet parking for the party, and Jon Wade can cover up for any traffic collisions that occur.

    Marty Tochtrop can manipulate his girlfriends 344 so she can attend the party with him.

    Mike Manning can work the party as the PIO and can issue a press release denying any misconduct occurred.

    Lee and Nola Tainter can give a campaign donation to make sure they get an invite to the party.

  38. Party time for Stan Sniff
    Kent Werges can collect money at the door, since he’s so good with the budget.
    Kevin Vest can check everyone’s ID through Agencyweb, and tell anyone that will listen how he earned his bones as a deputy working motors.
    Don Williamson will attend the party, but won’t talk to anyone because they don’t have his security clearance, unless it’s to buy one of his overpriced guns, or a T-shirt (3 for $10.00).
    Mike Manning will bring the subordinates to the party.
    Ray Wood will donate tickets to a monster truck race, along with a boat ride with the sea hag.
    El Felonosco will cater the event, to include the parolees as servers.
    Steve Brosche and Robert Cornett will attend the event, and when it goes to crap, they will blame each other.

  39. Let’s party, Stan can have Raahauge and his Vago buddies work the door, DiYorio can show up in a wheelchair for his W/C claim, Ray Wood can bring the strippers, and show off his “kills tattoo.” Aaron Kent will be there to say he’s your friend, only to “throw the rata down” like he did with his good buddy Greg Parra. Jason Horton will be sitting at a table, as he drinks alone. Jerry Gutierrez will tell you how he was a gang cop back in the day. Kevin Vest will be working on Agencyweb sanitizing files, as Kevin Smith will be running “rack and tap” drills. Dean Spivacke will be putting the moves on everyone’s girl at the party. Fat boy Ontiveros will bring his chair from Mo Val so he don’t break any chairs at the party. Robert Rose will tell stories about himself that won’t make any sense because he never did anything in his career. And Kent Werges will have a panic attack and have a “Kurly episode.”

  40. The usual suspects will be at Sniffy Sniffs party.
    Nathan Kaas will be working the grill, but will serve tri-tip and ribs to Lt’s and above while everyone else gets hot dogs.
    Greg Negron will try to bring sexy back with his pathetic, 1980’s moves on the dance floor. Jon Wade will talk smack about Mitch Alm and how the Department hates him as Steve Fredricks will tell everyone he’s done his time as a sergeant and deserves a promotion, while he’s helping Kevin Vest shred files.
    Lee Tainter will show up with a neck brace for looks only as Robert Epps and Christian Dekker will be working the room looking for ways to make money and line their own pockets off the party.
    Ray Wood will be looking for his next conquest while Jason Horton and Cheryl Evans will be telling everyone they were Chad supporters all along.
    Aaron Kent will show up at the party wearing the Chad Bianco T-shirt he bought at the Lake Elsinore event and all will have a good time.

  41. In some places, the new leadership would use a party such as this as a place to round-up and cuff-up all the criminals, cheaters, liars, self-servers, manipulaters, and the like. Good thing for them Stanley never staffed that new jail.

    Thank god for most of this group that we are a civilized nation. I’m not saying all of the attendees, but the room would be pretty empty by the end night in some other countries.

  42. @Dan the man I’m in the same boat, only I’ve been fighting since 200*. Forced back two times. Skipped over for promotions for corporal and sergeant, was told ” not to bother” even trying due to being hurt. 2 major ortho surgeries, in need of another that’s been denied multiple times the past 2 years. Off work now for several years, AWOP and starved out. I lost everything, and I live in a trailer now. I’m too physically messed up to work at most places. My work comp attorney is a coward and was playing footsies with the County’s defense attorney this whole damned time. I never donated to Sniff, but I have arrested a couple of his donors. My claims? Accepted and surgery paid for, but HR and WC think cripples can work FULL duty…but, they won’t even let me back on a desk. I guess, if you’re Captain Webb, then you can-but pushing a black and white like that? That’s a sure death for me or worse, someone else. But, I guess it’s cheaper to pay for my funeral than my medical retirement. Or, maybe, admin is counting on me to “do the right thing” at home like Duffy.

  43. First of all, anyone who has worked around the ME Beat long enough knows how Liesemeyer loves to follow deputies around and report their activities back to upper level supervision. Liesemeyer has been known to make his presence known on incidents that do not involve him and is the same person who invited citizens who made poor comments on social media to speak at City Hall meetings to further fuel the distrust in RSO. Maybe his “life long dream” was to become a cop but due to his love for starting fires as a juvenile he was unable to obtain a career in law enforcement. Having the ability to help create a poorly planned police department is just one more notch on the belt of the person who touted himself as the reason why to north on the Menifee side. The push for a city ran police department isn’t for the citizens of Menifee, it’s for a personal agenda.

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