Nov 212018

Many of you remember when I posted about the threats of physical violence and the creepy memes against my wife.

Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood is pictured here with his wife Raemie, who is also an employee of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department. Since Wood himself was not the candidate – I chose to exercise some restraint in what I wrote about him and Raemie.

For example – I did not hang the name “Executioner” on Mr. Wood until I had proof of the Skull tatoos he got to commemorate the people he clipped in the line of duty.

Apparently, shooting people on the clock is one of several talents Mr. Wood brought to the table for Mr. Sniff.

As for your wife, a lot of people were pissed after that happened. Ray Wood was bragging about it around the office. He couldn’t have done it alone, he’s an idiot.  I am very embarrassed that he did that because it does reflect on everyone. Again, Ray is an idiot. I think because you exposed his wife’s numerous deputy list. They truly deserve each other.

When the attack against my wife happened, most thought it was Kevin Vest, Kurly or Tony Pelato. Vest and Pelato are computer nerds and Kurly was on a psychotic rampage using at least a dozen fake facebook profiles to have a virtual circle jerk. I was told by someone with deep cover months ago that I’d be surprised to find out who really did it.

A female called my wife’s employer attempting to get her in trouble for things I was doing. One could easily draw the conclusion that it was Raemie Wood.

I should probably thank Ray Wood for attacking my wife, as it freed me from any need to restrain myself (except for not crossing the libel line) with regard to how I eviscerated Sniff and Crew.

Men who value their wives will die to defend them and wives respond to that loyalty with virtue and faithfulness. It is a stark contrast to Mrs. Wood who has dozens of notches on her bra. Even with the inhibition removed, I did not report all of the stuff I received on the Woods. The focus was on Stan Sniff, not one of Raemie’s exes lamenting the fact that he paid for her breast augmentation or the other ex (my be the same guy, who knows) who married her when she had a pile of debt, only for her to leave him once the debt was paid off. Exes are unreliable sources, but tell great stories. Given what I know about the subject of the stories I have little doubt that they are true.

Both Ray and Raemie Wood have a reputation for being homewreckers. Ray Wood had a reputation for being a bully, and as recently as a week before election was threatening management personnel in their stations with regard to supporting Sniff. I suppose these two deserve each other.

For the rest of you that have had your spouse attacked by Stan Sniff and the second floor, It is likely Ray Wood with other people supporting him. I was told months ago that Wood, Christopher Brandon Ford, Horton, someone who may or may not have been Kubel and Kevin Vest were celebrating “F–king with people’s families”. I now know what one family they were referring to was, as my source did not divulge that part. (The quote embedded above is from a second source as the 2nd Floor now has leaks everywhere)

Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood needs a psychological evaluation after his retirement is complete.

Remember Valerie Hill? She is a former Assistant Sheriff that may as well have been trained in IRAQ on media relations.

Valerie Hill was Stan Sniff’s first Assistant Sheriff and she is cut from the same cloth as the reviled serpent Kevin Vest. Apparently Hill was dispatched to deliver the official line about the cancellation of the Blue Light Ceremony.

Needless to say, Hill showed why she was one of Sniff’s Assistant Sheriff’s as her spin was horrendous.

#1 Undertaker DiYoyo was retiring on 6/1/2018 before Sniff railed him in to extending through December. Diyoyo’s retirement was planned and not unexpected.

#2 She claims they are short staffed. That is rich as the Jurupa Valley Station seemed to have enough bodies for the KPMG Dog and Pony Show. (and, ahem 4,000 people work there?)

#3 She claims other agencies were contacted. At least three other agencies at the time I wrote this blog indicated they were NOT Contacted about filling in for the Blue Light Ceremony. This appears to be an outright lie. (Imagine that)

What Sniff is doing is similar to an angry pastor cancelling Easter Services to get back at his congregation for hiring another pastor.

Over the period of time I have been writing about Stan Sniff, Valerie Hill’s name came up many times and usually with swear words in the same sentence. It is always scary when you meet an empty shell.

#4 The Blue Light Ceremonies are planned well in advance and a department of 4,000 people would likely yield a ton of volunteers willing to fill in to make sure that the widows(ers) of the fallen are honored and helped with the healing process.

The excuses ring hollow. The truth that we are sure Mrs. Hill knows is that Sheriff Sniff is pouting in his office thinking of all the ways he can get even with everyone, why not destroy an event just because you can.

Sniff is seeking to get even with everyone that did not kiss his ring. Scuttling a Blue Light Ceremony is the latest in the Sheriff’s long established pattern of missing funerals or bedside visits to seriously injured people. He literally does not give a rip at all.

One allegation I never put in print is that Sniff sleeps on the floor or in a couch. This sort of bizarre and very egocentric behavior is consistent with the make I’ve had on Sniff for a while.

Perhaps when he is laying on the floor tonight looking up at the ceiling he will think through what he is doing to seal his legacy.

Perhaps Kevin Bash should hear about this?

Karen Spiegel?

John Taviglione?

Marion Ashley?

How about all the pretty people in the desert that endorsed Sniff, I am sure they would all not like to have to be held to account for their part in this?

Sniff is doing EXACTLY what I predicted would happen:

In your face promotions of disdained department personnel

Money games

Declining More than Half the meager amounts they received of CCW Requests even after “Finding” the money to process CCW applications faster than in two years.

Having to be talked out of shuttering the CCW Unit altogether.

More #FAKENEWS from his staff since election

Cancelling vacations

Forcing Bianco Supporters to work yellow days on holidays.

Canceling Events out of Spite

bizarre staffing decisions and meddling with station level staffing decisions

The Narcissistic Rage and enabling continue…

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  19 Responses to “Stan Sniff Can’t Do His Own Dirty Work: Second Floor Left to Explain His Narcissistic Rage, and Chief Ray Wood Assigned to Attack Spouses”

  1. Valerie Hill is a disgusting human being. She claims to be a Christian and goes overboard to tell everyone how ethical she is. In reality she is a lying, backstabbing, throat cutting, gutter mouth, how can I screw someone over to benefit myself, piece of garbage.

    Hill knows exactly what Stanley is doing and why he is doing it. Why she is defending him is beyond belief unless you realize her career ended about seven ranks above her ability. She was appointed Undersheriff after Stanley was appointed and struck a deal with Tavaglione. Her proud display of what she could do with a banana during an executive staff meeting was probably a display of her promotion skill set.

    Ray Wood is another example of someone who only cares about what he can do to advance his career. If a man truly values his own wife and the sanctity of marriage, he would never attack someone else’s wife, opening that door to the retaliation. The Woods truly deserve each other. They both should probably just go away. As Ray and Raemie were dating, after some poor dude paid off all of Raemie’s debt, they schemed their only little bank fraud. Ray decided he could screw someone for his own benefit. Ray convinced his bank to allow a short sale of his home. Who did he sell it to???? None other than his live in girlfriend, Raemie. The sale went through and Ray and Raemie lived happily ever after without ever leaving the house.

    This next month can not go by fast enough. Any supporter of Sniff, anyone who went along with the crap pulled on that second floor, and anyone currently occupying the second floor should do us all a favor and just roll off into the sunset. Do it knowing you are despised by a department on the verge of greatness now the cloud of selfish cronyism and narcissistic rage have been lifted.

  2. Don’t be upset Woody. Think of how much time you and the sea hag have now to drive the boat around Lake Havasu with the sea hag having her tits hanging out. Yeahbuddy department members have seen that. Great example you have been.

  3. The following is an email I received:

    These ceremonies are planned and coordinated by the Sheriffs media team. The plans have been the same for at least 12 years, depending on which end of the county is hosting the ceremony. All that is needed is to arrange delivery and set-up of the seats, schedule a flag team, schedule a horseless rider, schedule a bagpiper, schedule a reverend, coordinate with the families of fallen officers (there is one contact person for that group who handles it), purchase flowers/roses, then schedule the VIPs. As I said, the operations plans are already prepared for the fallen officer memorial in Riverside, the Palm Desert Station, and the peace officer memorial in the La Quinta Civic Center Park. In the past, I had to help plan these and the media team coordinated and accomplished all of it in an excellent manner. Personally, I think Stan has gone from 2 bottles of wine per night to 6 and knows he is unable to appear in public. Thank you for what you did Aaron, by giving people a forum to express themselves reference Sniff’s incredible lack of leadership and cowardice. I truly think it will not take long to see improvement in the departmemt as Chad is developing a strong pool of mentors and advisors to assist him and ideas are already flowing.

  4. Those two vile cretins deserve each other. They are both narcissistic, self serving creatures that only care about themselves and how to prosper at the expense of others. Ray Wood was never a good person to begin with, and was always bullying people, when he wasn’t trying to score with the female staff. Ray has a lot of mileage, and bagage that comes along with his “tough guy” persona, so Ramie has nothing to complain about. And Ray will be standing in the cheese line for backing a loser like Sniff, I would say Ray and Ramie knew better, but they didn’t. And at Department gatherings, I bet they both look around wondering “has this person seen me naked.” And I hope Ray got the extended warranty on Ramie because she is due for an overhaul soon.

  5. Oh, what a tangled web we weave Ray. You could have done the right thing, but that was not in your nature. Your history has shown a sordid morale distain for virtuus behavior, and only thought about how you could pad your own pockets, as you screw people over “just because you can.”

    Your narcissistic and anti-sociali behavior has clouded what morale judgement you possessed, when not panicking under pressure as you did on your OIS in the Desert. Your self-absorbed with your own imagined self-worth, and could care less about those beneath you because that is your nature, you were promoted beyond your abilities, and that fact has expressed itself in that you don’t lead by example, but bully your way through life.

    And your so-called heart issue, was it the little blue pills that you have to take to keep up with the sea hag on your boating trips. Or is it the home videos that got your heart racing, knowing those aren’t the only videos. Maybe it was the reality that once your no longer a powerful man, you will be just another bum on the street, with the sea hag in tow. You have no one but yourself to blame for your predicament my friend. There are deputies pushing a black and white their entire careers that have earned more respect than you and your wife put together, with much less seedy history.

  6. Pecker Wood has done nothing in his career, except sleep with as many female employees as possible, and threaten and intimidate staff because he can get away with it. That, and protecting fuck ups like Kent Werges from being held accountable for their mistakes that costs the department all kinds of money because Werges was one of the fellow swat dogs he can bond with. We are all hoping that they deny your W/C claim, like the second. floor had denied all other claims, but we know that won’t happen. You lack character and humility Ray, which is a disturbing trait that appears to be a rampant flaw with the executive staff on the second floor. Your redneck ways are an embarrassment to all good cops, in addition to your so called “kills” tattoo that you show off to impress the ladies, and the ignorant folk you associate with. I would say that we all expected more out of you, but those that know you knew better that you would not change your hillbilly ways. You will be out of a job soon, so enjoy your trips on Lake Havasu in your banana hammock with sea hag bi your side as your playing your wedding song on the boats radio, dueling banjos, or redneck paradise by Kid Rock.

  7. Is Kurly out on stress leave? Must be hard to show your face when everyone saw you lie.

  8. I’ve seen Raime’s boobs. They aren’t as nice as you think. When she unhooks her bra, they spread apart about four inches.

  9. Sniffs pretty much been a no show since the election. HAlf of the second floor aren’t even working what a shit show this administration has been. Time to pull the plug and start over before this administration embarrasses this Department even more. Kurly, Wood , Vest, Sniff , Raya , Ali, Robinson , Hill it’s time to disappear from social media n play Bingo .

  10. What amazes me is the blind faith Hill seems to put into Sniff & Camp. The Blue Light Ceremonies have been, until this year, attended and hosted by RSO for over a decade.

    There was no “low staffing” issues for the Sheriff’s Picnic or other events deemed necessary by Sniffcompoop.

    This is simply the Second Floor’s attempt at flipping the bird at all of us, department members, retirees, the officers we have lost, and their families.

    Surely someone on that floor can step in but I’m sure Sniff has them all locked down like the inmates at Pelican Bay.

    I’ve know admin to put together the department honor guard for gas station opening ceremonies!!

    Hill, honey, you’ve made the rank, you’re retired now. There’s no need to continue puckering your lips to Sniff’s derrière. Give it a rest and go back to your macramé or whatever it is you do on your six figure retirement package.

    Admin should be ashamed but there is no shame to be found in any of them.

    Speaking of shame…The Woods should have their own reality show on Skinemax. Is it any wonder they worked the system to keep his home? Is it any wonder the many men used for new breasts, paying down debt, and breaking pool tables?

    Raaay…make sure you read and heed those signs posted on the rides at the Magic Kingdom when you go back.

    “Do not ride if you suffer from heart conditions…”

    You never know what a private investigator might record you doing after going out on stress.

    And perhaps get a stand in to portray you in your Skinemax series. I’m sure your wife would love someone different whilst you watch.

  11. @JVS: gravity ALWAYS wins.

  12. This reminds of the deplorable absence of Trump, our so-called president, who skipped going to the memorial to commemorate at the Tomb of the unknown soldier. I think Sniff’s actions are equally reprehensible. There are no excuses. Everything should have taken a back seat to the Blue Light ceremony. For Sniff to first cancel it shows how petty and vindictive he truly is. It has now been reinstated, however, the damage is done. This also speaks volumes of Hill’s lack of integrity that she would take part in, and allow this entire sordid episode to tarnish whatever reputation she has left.

  13. I wonder if Sheriff Bianco will let Sniff and his band of cronies keep their retirement badges that I’m sure they have already ordered.

    Will Sheriff Bianco let them keep CCWs ?

    How about the retiree email group? Will Sheriff Bianco let them get news of major Department information, deaths of Department members, Transfers and Promotions?

    I hope Sheriff Bianco will look at these “earned rights” that were taken by Sniff; as this was another one of Sniff’s games he played with those he didn’t like. Just another “fuck you” to those that served.

    SO GLAD YOU ARE DONE OLD MAN SNIFF! YOU ARE A P.O.S. No one likes you, no one respects you!

  14. Ray and Raemie have been seen by a deputy at a local gym working out together, I bet the folks at workers comp could get the records of them checking in, and possibly video from the facility. That should help Ray out and support his claim tremendously. They deserve each other, until the sea hag finds someone younger, with more money she can squander away on new “attachments.” And like they say at Disneyland Ray, enjoy the ride because it won’t last long.

  15. Ray, not matter how many new parts you replace on a used car, it’s still a “used” car with multiple guys in the drivers seat running the chassis into the ground. So enjoy your time with your used car with new parts, everybody else has.

  16. Just look at their picture, those smug MF’ers thought they were cute while they laughed in all of our faces after their little intimidation attempt at Romanos. Well who’s laughing now you morons?

    He who laughs last, laughs loudest!!! Bye Bye Ray Ray, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!!

  17. There’s no way The County is buying that bullshit from Wood. Everyone knows he was getting fired so he made up that bullshit health issue. What a lying POS this guy is. Take your punishment like a man. What did you expect would happen when you became Satans step child.

  18. Well said @John S, we all welcome your comments because it appears you have such great insight into Department operations, and the personal character traits of these half-wits that have plagued the county for years. Please keep up the good work because these people need to be exposed for what they truly are, opportunistic, self serving leaches that should never have been promoted in the first place that have made the lives of the employees under their command miserable. So now Ray and his wife will have plenty of time to enjoy monster truck races. But remember Ray, you will need a worn ball cap, a shirt with the sleeves torn of with a Budweiser in one hand, and a spit cup in the other hand as your wife sits beside you in her daisy dukes, a half shirt and flip flops. May you two have a miserable retirement.

  19. These assholes behavior doesn’t surprise me one bit. These are two examples of what Sniff thinks are leaders. Pathetic.

    As for all the guys who pulled into that alley, I have one question, were you drunk or high?

    Mrs. Peckerhead has bolt-ons. Big deal. So, do a bunch of trannies in Thailand. That doesn’t make her more attractive. Dude, look at that face. Looks like a blown out semi tire on the side of the 60.

    I bet Peckerhead’s heart started hurting when he asked his wife where she was from. She responded, Thailand.

    F these people and the rest of the second floor scum. They will be gone soon. And all the other scum sniff supporters will be rooted out too. Starting with Kurly Sue.

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