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It has long been known that Mike Madrid is closely affiliated with USC. He has long been reputed to be a puppet of Bob Shrum and has been on the Dornsife Board for a number of years.

If you recognize Dornsife, they were the folks that did the “Panel Poll” that had now President Trump in the lead almost the entire 2016 cycle. It turned out to be as inaccurate as the polls of Madrid’s Carnales in the legacy media.

It looks like Mike Madrid is getting his 30 pieces of silver for whoring himself out to Antonio Villariagosa. It looks like he gets to rip off the taxpayers for a salary at USC!

You can see him calling long time GOP activist Allen J Wilson a White Supremacist – and then following it up with a harbinger of how he will treat students at USC that dare question his brilliance. Apparently, part of his interview process with USC was how well he could lob bombs at Republicans whilst talking about how to win elections.

Antonio Villariagosa got his ass kicked despite a combined $50 Million being spent by him and others on his behalf. It appears that the emotional scars for Mr. Madrid are being carried in to his “Professorship” at USC. You’d think after that kind of humiliation at the ballot box that a man would reconsider how much he knows about Latino Voting Trends… Latinos chose an old white guy over Villariagosa. (Actually, they chose TWO old white guys over Antonio)

I’d also guess that White and Asian people will not be welcome in his curriculum either. This is how it works when you dine on your ethnic heritage to make a living.

Madrid’s failures make the second piece of news a little perplexing. It is alleged that Chad Mayes, Kristen Olsen and a few others (including Mike Madrid) are starting a new political party in California. Apparently, butthurt and narcissism don’t lend themselves to simply re-registering democrat. (Or maybe it is more likely that not even the democrats want the three of them either)

It was put to your blogger that the aforementioned three people are so impressed with their political acumen that they are starting a new political party and have secured a $10MM donor to supply the seed money. The rumor is believable because of the demonstrated mental illness and bombastic ego of those involved.

I’d assume that said party platform will have “All Republicans are Nazis” in it. (Or at least Madrid’s “course” curriculum will) Perhaps Luis Alvarado and others that are openly and actively participating in Madrid’s ego-fueled rampage against Republicans will join in the 3rd party fun.

“Race, Class and Partisanship”, Mike Madrid Style. It’s not good enough to be able to check all the boxes, you have to label everyone else, too!

If Mayes, Madrid and Olsen really want to be effective with their third party effort, they should consult with the American Psychiatric Association and hire a few of their members to be on their board of directors. Just sayin’

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  1. Consultants in politics are nothing more than ‘political prostitutes’…they work for the highest bidder. But you need to look deeper into Chad Mayes…He is a front man and a ‘political puppet’. Find the puppeteer pulling ‘Chad’s’ strings and you will find the real story!

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