Sep 102010

There are a very small group of Conservatives that refuse to accept Meg Whitman.

They are following the Charlatan Chelene Nightengale – bent on helping Jerry Brown get in to office, they are rallying to the only true fraud Chelene Nightengale.

You might wonder why the heck I am wasting my time ripping on Nightengale. It is simple, I have friends supporting her, I thought about supporting her myself (for about 60 seconds). I think it was the Jim Jones like behavior of those around her that gave me pause.

First off, how could anyone with a BK who ripped people off be a “Constitutionalist”? How can anyone who can’t balance their own checkbook be taken seriously?

Or – click on this Nightengale Utube video. The first two minutes are my buddy John from Ripon talking about why he supports her – the last three are the part you need to watch if you’re thinking about supporting her. Imagine her in the Governor’s office. (you’ll beg for Jerry Brown)

And of course Nightengale has a blog that is all about her as well. Unbelievable – but not really… I’ve seen a few things in politics over the years.

I like this quote, “Once early November comes and goes, you won’t have the opportunity to take cheap swipes at her because she’ll be employed and well on her way to making good on her debt to Frank“…

Apparently, the true Conservative is going to make good on her BK with the salary that comes with being Governor.

To my friends that read this – please do not vote for Nightengale.

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  2 Responses to “Chelene Nightengale – Deceives some but not enough to be a factor”

  1. Aaron, rofl…Thank you again for your posting Nightingale’s henchmen run around trying to dismantle comments on websites and the websites get hacked. I personally know someone involved in her campaign that was charged with a very bad crime in the 1980’s. I am hold this close to the vest to see if I need to pull this “joker” out. This crime is about as low as you can go against another human being..(get my drift) anyway keep up the Great reporting Mr. park, I read your site and recommend it to my friends. Take care

  2. Aaron why don’t you ask her about her BK? Why don’t you find out why there are 4 people on the net going after her? There is a reason why it’s always the same 4 people.

    And that blog is by Davi Rodriques who is a d-bag.

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