Nov 072010

I gotta rub it in the face of Red County – aka. Meg County Blog, they look like a bunch of Idiots as opposed to just being simple Charlatans right now.

They sell out for cash then stab Meg in the back by supporting Nutbag for Lt. Governor over Abel Maldonado – Meg’s choice. But, at least Matt Cunningham and Chip Hanlon were compensated well for their political prostitution.

Mr. Jerbal and his friends from Orange County can post all their blogs and take all the shots at us (at the OJ) that they want, but the exposure will never end. They are frauds. Allan Bartlett found it out, just like I did – if you tell them the truth, they mess you over.

Does the above sound harsh? Meg Whitman is a Democrat – her positions on issues were quite similar to those of Jerry Brown so people voted for the real thing. Do not call yourself a Conservative leader while you hitch your wagon to that, end of story… otherwise, you’re a sellout.

Once the Primary was over – I gave tepid support to Whitman as the nominee of the GOP, but that was it. I jumped in and supported Abel Maldonado – because he won the primary fair and square only to have someone use him for a cheap fundraising stunt.

There have been a ton of recriminations over the elections results. I can tell you in the state party the immediate cosequences will be that the old leadership will be targeted at the next convention.

Guy Houston – Meg’s hand-picked puppet for Chairman is a goner… I wonder if he even answers the bell?

Jeff Flint – best known as one of the consultants that got Prop 8 passed despite the Obamunism tsunami – lit Arnold, Meg and the whole lot of them up in a post on the FlashReport. I am leaving an excerpt here:

Republicans! The Party of Lower Taxes! Not under Arnold Schwarzenegger, who raised taxes and fees by billions and sought to undermine the two-thirds vote for tax increases.

Republicans! The Party that will End Deficit Spending!  Not under Arnold Schwarzenegger, who repeatedly has papered over deficit spending in a manner that made Gray Davis’ budget shenanigans look amateur in comparison.

Republicans! The Party of Economic Growth, Jobs, and Fewer Regulations!  Not under Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose AB 32 monstrosity will confine California to lower growth and under-performing job creation for decades to come.

Am I putting too much of the blame for California’s failure to follow the rest of the nation in moving decisively to the right on Schwarzenegger?  I don’t think so.  Because there is clear evidence that it is the California Republican brand, as defined by Schwarzenegger, that suffered this past Tuesday, not conservatism.

A new website has popped up – it is called the worst campaign in history and it rips the lack of principle and the incompetence of the $170 million debacule.

The GOP got it’s ass kicked in California because of Arnold and Arnold in a skirt – Arnold was rejected, not Republicans

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