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People are coming out of the woodwork.

I still can’t believe that some of my friends are getting sucked in by a charlatan like Nightengale… I really am.


Nightingale is a colossal fraud.  I sued her, along with four others, in 2008 for malicious defamation for her participation in the failed attempt to hijack and plunder my Minuteman Project.  You will hear nothing complimentary about her from me, or many others in the activist arena.

My personal opinion is that she is running for governor simply as a means to plunder donations from the public for the personal aggrandizement of her and a handful of fanatical cronies who see her exploitation as a means to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars for their own enjoyment.  Scams abound throughout the country, and this is just another one.


I don’t think Nightengale has raised a whole lot of money – but she is flat broke and unemployed.


Nightingale was part of the cabal to destroy my organization, along with her friends and associates Marvin Stewart, Deborah Courtney, Paul Sielski (whom I had arrested on a felony warrant and imprisoned for six months back in March of 2007), and members of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform operated by Barbara Coe of Huntington Beach.

After 3 ½ years of prosecution against Stewart, Courtney and Sielski, a jury in Orange County Superior Court found them all guilty of internet fraud and piracy, U.S. Postal fraud, federal bank fraud and bank theft, and a number of other things.

Stewart and Courtney were forced into bankruptcy because of the judgments I got against them.  Sielski fled the area and is currently on the lam again.

Nightingale has severe personality disorders and is about as dangerous as a crackpot can get.  She routinely associates with some very hateful fascists and bigots and expects unwavering allegiance and homage from her minions.  In short, she’s simply a “kook.”

She got out of the law suit against her for defamation because the lawyer (an idiot) representing me failed to show up for court and the judge dismissed the case.  I fired the lawyer and did not reopen the suit.

J gilchrist

Third Parties… unbelievable. We have a guy running in Rocklin for City Council that was thrown out of the Libertarian Party, for real. Maybe he and Chelene should go out on a date or something.

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  5 Responses to “Minuteman Founder Jim Gilchrist has words for Chelene Nightengale”

  1. You have to be kidding Gilchrist. You sued Chelene and you lost because you are a public figure and you can’t just sue people for telling the truth.

    Where is the money for Ramos and Compean. If you look at this video you will see that he kept the money.

    PS: Mr. Park no one is going to vote for the Megasaurus. I think that speading these lies can end you in court.

    Editor’s Note – Mr. Doe, if you want to email me some info to post, I will be happy to provide some balance. However, I think Chelene is a charlatan… prove otherwise and I’ll post.

  2. It is up to Mr Doe to prove she isn’t a charlatan? That is strange. Why don’t you prove she is? Take the word from crooked guys that have it out for her…one is a paid meg operative and the other is pissed that he got thrown out of an organization and has a chip on his shoulder.

  3. Mr. Gilchrist is right about Chelene Nightingale. She IS a charlatan. She is a top-notch liar and manipulator. Among her many vicious and false rumors against Mr. Gilchrist was her.spurious charge that he neglected Ramos and Compean while they were unjustly imprisoned. Actually Mr. Gilchrist did care very much about.Ramos and Compean, sharing their story at his every speaking engagement and news interview, while Nightingale.was exploiting the agents’ tragedy for publicity purposes. If only Ramos and Compean knew how shallow and manipulative Nightingale really is!

  4. google this “SOS leadership – Chelene-failed-actress-job? }

    they have tried to hide the picture from the porn site but this blogger has it posted at that site.

  5. heres a hoot Chelene Nightingale is now with the wack scam induced group R A P Restore America Plan. This group of anti-gov types have a dejour cabinet. They refuse to acknowlege OUR government and have as their President “Tim Turner” Google this guy you find many youtubes. What a nut. They have set up a shadow government..(you have to buy an ID card) they teach that you don’t have to follow any rules of this society ie: police courts IRS!! yES, CHELENE JUST SOPKE AT THE “FREEDOM jAMBOREE” NEWPORT BEACH. (you can find the youtube of this event google “ken cousens” another nut, that claims to be on the Grand Jury for the New America these buffons have started. The most amusing is, they claim Chelene Nightingale has Governor of CA! thats right..its la la land and up is down. Why is Nightingale so delusional, that she has to join these alternate universe groups? (mental illness is truely confounding)

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