Aug 132018

Did you know that Jason Horton caused the County to Get Sued? Perhaps this is why the Corona Police Department turned his application down when he attempted to lateral out of the RSO? Oh, you didn’t know that either? Yup, we broke this news here on the Right on Daily Blog a month ago.

Did you know that Jason Horton’s alleged DUI may be a separate incident from this accident that resulted in a personal injury lawsuit? While I have no proof that Horton got away with a DUI, it is widely believed amongst the rank and file.

However, what I do have proof of is an accident where Horton was talking on his cell phone travelling at a high rate of speed when he climbed up the left side of a civilian’s car.

Read the lawsuit here.

On Page 3 is the first key element – The license plate of the Deucemobile is mentioned. 6EUH192. Please see the embedded photo, you will note that the recently discovered totalled 2008 Ford Crown Victoria matches the lawsuit complaint.

I suppose until we get more information of the allegedly covered up DUI, that we can say that “Deuce” refers to two injured civilians.

If you continue down page 3, you will see that Horton ran a Red Light while talking on his cell phone and hit the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. A check of records shows that Horton did NOT receive a citation for breaking TWO (another Deuce) traffic laws. Most be nice to be one of Stan Sniff’s Chiefs, similar to Stan Sniff flashing his badge to get out of traffic tickets… here we go again.

Normally, wrecking a county vehicle results in a “PERS” aka, a disciplinary hearing against the employee who wrecked the vehicle. As of the writing of this blog, there is no known disciplinary hearing or procedure against Jason Horton. Were it not for finding this lawsuit, the whole thing may well have been completely covered up from the public despite the lawsuit proceeding.

The County, rather than being smart and settling the lawsuit – chose to deny the claim, instead going to litigation. This is similar to County Admin’s Pattern of abuse of Worker’s Compensation Claims.

Note – Horton hit the victim’s car on the left side so hard that it was moved 20 feet from the collision. This is of course why the county’s vehicle was destroyed in the process. Did Horton get 2 DMV Points as a result of this (An accident with Bodily Injury is 2 points and causes you to lose your California Good Driver Status for 3 years)?

So Deuce means, a 2 point accident, 2 victims, 2 violations of traffic law in the case of Jason “DeuceX3” Horton. Were Horton’s case properly handled, he’d have 4 DMV Points – a 2 pt Accident, a Red Light Ticket and a Cell Phone Ticket. I will lay odds that he shows nothing on his MVR and CLUE reports. (Remember, my day job is Insurance)

Officer Christopher Wilson and Officer Hatzidakes of the Riverside PD Responded to the Accident. While I am sure they had no idea that the stuff Horton did disappeared (I am basing this on the fact I could find nothing in records checks about Horton having any tickets in the last 3 years), I’d sure love to talk to them and see if they observed the presence of Alcohol on Horton’s Breath. Maybe there are other details they could tell me. Perhaps someone can find the Riverside Police Department Report about the accident?

The Civil Claim also indicates they are asking for an amount in excess of $250,000. Ouch.

The County and Jason Horton’s Defense? Absurd.

  1. I didn’t do it
  2. The Family Caused It
  3. Unknown 3rd Party Caused It
  4. I may have caused it, but family incurred risk of collision by getting in their car
  5. Family is partly to blame so damages, if any should be reduced
  6. Family didn’t do enough to mitigate their own damages
  7. Even though Horton Caused the Accident, he was careful and reasonable and did not do anything wrong so the family should not get any money.

Sounds an awful lot like the absurd and inane excuses the county uses to further injure injured employees by denying care and litigating Worker’s Comp Claims.

Where was the PERS on Horton?

Where are the two tickets he should have gotten?

Where is the DMV Record of the Accident?

Why was the destroyed vehicle hidden for a YEAR? (The accident was on 8-10-2017 according to the lawsuit)

Another Stan Sniff cover up of broken laws by his chosen employees… to be continued.

P.S. Horton was born 12/1969. This means he is 48 like Kevin Vest and can not draw his pension for at least a year after the election. Sad.

Aug 122018

I’d like to take this moment to relay how touched I am to see that Stanley has lost so much weight since January.

Now, if we could get Stanley to wear an undershirt under his uniform shirt in accordance with his own general orders (see also proper uniform) he might look better.

Aug 102018

Well, well, well… in the last few weeks a vehicle mysteriously popped up in a county yard. The front is crunched in and the airbags are deployed.

(UPDATE @2:45PM: We have additional information about the incident that casts doubt on weather Alcohol was involved, but that confirms a cover up did indeed occur. A follow-up will be forthcoming)

It also happens to have the same identifying info on the vehicle that Chief Deputy Jason “Deuce” Horton used to drive.

This is the Chief Deputy pictured here.

Below is Jason Horton’s Car. This is the vehicle he was driving when he got in a wreck no one is supposed to know about, but everyone seems to know about. Being drunk on duty is supposed to result in termination. Instead, the Sniff regime had it all buttoned up similar to the Cheating Scandal and the Kevin Duffy serial child molestation scandal… and Sniff himself flashing his badge to get away with driving 100MPH.

This is why I call him Jason “Deuce” Horton. Mr. Horton is alleged to have gotten away with wrecking a county car while drunk driving. Will Mr. Horton be held accountable? According to inside sources, there was no investigation at all regarding this incident.