Nov 072018

Look at the results on election night – Chad Bianco gained from the initial drop of results. This means that the late ballots are going to trend in Chad Bianco’s Favor.

Buh-Buy Stan Sniff.

There is the first drop at 7.02% Margin…

Then, it got worse for the Sniffmeister from there…

Look at the margin expand until the final (8.9%) Margin.

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  30 Responses to “Stan Sniff is Dust. WE GOT HIM!!!!!!!”

  1. Like I said…. Sniff will NOW be addressing Chad Bianco as ” Si Senor.” Also, Stan Sniff will having a new income as of today and will be selling Christmas Tamales so don’t forget to place your order.

  2. Dear Stanley and the butt monkeys,

    I would like to request that you pack your shit and get out. Please have all offices cleaned and disinfected. Also, please have the offices fumigated for roaches, and contact pest control for all those rats.

    Take the monkeys and go on a long road trip. I recommend a cliff or the Grand Canyon as your destination. While you’re on that trip you can talk about all the bullshit you did to the members of the Department and people of this county.

    Now that the stench and corruption will be gone, we can finally see the light. Now you and your admin will be a remembered for being a pile of shit who was scooped up and thrown out.

    The will of the people was greater than a tyrant and his band of sissies, crybabies, ass kissers, and unethical trash.

    F You Stanley! And F You, to your butt monkeys. Can’t wait until we here you no longer are a drain on this world.

  3. I am looking forward to going to work today, what a good feeling! Cant wait to work hard for Bianco and as a family make this department great again. Sniff please have some honor and leave us to repair and build what you have left us. Chad, cant wait to see you at the station and thank you for the hell i am sure you and your family have been through in the last four years.

  4. Stan Sniff and the scum he called his executive staff got what they deserve, and rightfully so. Your days of ruling by threats and intimidation are over. So remember this when the movers arrive to kick you out of your cushy offices. Now, on to the next order of business, getting rid of the dead weight like Kurlyowicz, Kent, Hall, Dekker, Werges, Smith, Tochtrop, Epps, Kaas, and that Perris Sergeant that lied about “Done Wrong.” These are people that the new administration does not need. Besides, they should be gone by the time the Grand Jury is convened to look into the nepotism, favoritism, cronyism, and malfeasance that was prevalent in Sniff’s regime.

  5. So true “87”

    And for sure all those leaches who have been robbing the county and taxpayers.. Valerie Hill, Coz Blowz, drone boy etc…. all of EX Tyrant’s old desert buddies. You all are DONE!

  6. I’m dropping off my CCW Application ASAP 🙂

  7. @87 the Swing,,, now that’s old school MoVal right there. Only OG Moreno Valley deps know what that means.

  8. Now comes the “sanitizing of files, and the late night shredding of documents to purge any evidence of the second floor’s “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” But Kevin Vest is going to have a hard time though of trying to erase evidence from computer files. Emails and memo’s do tend to remain, even when attempted to be erased. We can only hope that the second floor is held accountable for their actions that caused so much heartache to the victims of their misconduct.

  9. I hear the sound of those “righteous sticks” members of admin have wedged so far up their butts being yanked out, one by one. Well, at least the members who aren’t eligible for retirement yet. They’re little maggot brains are trying to find a way out of the maze they’ve put themselves in now that Sniffcompoop has been voted out.

    By the way, Sniffcompoop. Morale is at an ALL TIME HIGH for the members of your former department!!

    This sideshow should be fun. Watch as those who proudly endorsed Sniff sing Bianco’s praises. See a certain captain as he crawls under his desk in a fetal position (so limber! I did not know a man’s leg could bend that far!). Gasp as lieutenants (Rev Smith, Worthless, Ladies Man Magnan) who were promised a promotion on the Cal-Pers calculator wishing they had bought time back so they can retire like Sniff is.

    Would love to know what Pecker Ray, Fellows, Chrome Dome, and the others who sat at Bianco’s events months ago glaring and identifying who was at the party so they could report back to their full of fear leader. Will you be able to face the members who overwhelmed the polls with their turn out? Can you look any of them in the eyes (or see yourselves in the mirror) and stand tall and full of integrity?

    No, you can’t but you’ll hide behind your rank and cite the GO you feel has been violated as a means to stay on your high horse.

    We have Aaron to thank for assisting with the exposure and the nonsense that has “been.” Thank you, Aaron and those who contributed to expose these clowns.


    BIANCO IS SHERIFF – 2018!!

  10. When the mighty fall, it echoes across the entire realm. Sniff and the tools on the second floor are emulating Kurlyowicz right about now. But their tears won’t help them keep their position in the organization. The command staff could have done the right thing in life, but they chose to follow their corrupt leader and screw over countlesss staff menbers, good, hard working and honest cops just to please their selfish and ungrateful master that only cared about political gain. What happened Stan, you said that you had the backing of at least seventy-five percent of the rank and file. That statement alone should have you added to the Brady list. And if your not included with Jason Gore, Robert Cornett and Tony Pelato, then something is wrong in the DA’s office. So enjoy retirement Stan while you can because it won’t be long before there’s knock on your door from an investigator with a subpoena in hand.

  11. Thank you Aaron Park for exposing Stan Sniff and his corrupt organization. It took a brave soul to stand up against this megalomaniac, and his egotistical staff. You gave a voice, and a forum to the underdogs (the rank and file), and proved that good can overcome the evil empire that Stan Sniff build to support his regime. Let’s hope it don’t take the feds too long to initiate an investigation into his illicit behavior.

  12. Stan Sniff and the leaches on Lemon Street were soundly defeated. Next on the agenda should be which staff members should be facing prosecution, and which ones should be terminated (with cause). Now do we proceed alphabetically or chronologically? The seventh floor is going to be packed with a lot of former high raking members, and rightfully so. And there won’t be a lack of witnesses willing to testify against them either.

  13. And so, the most corrupt period in our Sheriff’s Office has come to an end. Stan Sniff is not allowed to die in office, as his father died in office on the La Quinta Council. The Sniff family has been completely vanquished; the retribution, the lies, the nonsense of this man is complete.

    In the words of Robert Mitchum at the end of the movie Tombstone:

    “The Red Sash Cowboy Gang was broken forever. Kevin Vest was found clutching an old MSDOS software box years later telling any passerby it was “AgencyWeb.” Misha Graves faded away on MLK Blvd, staring at a “One Way” street sign and feeling indecision and uncertainty on what to do next shortly after she left Tombstone. Sniff and Chris Brandon Ford moved from California where Sniff, despite the use of only one thought process, became a sheriff in a river town where Ford could build beaver dams..”

    To my fans, Desert Cop has accomplished what I set out to accomplish… Fire Stan Sniff!! I bid you all a great day and farewell.

  14. Thank you to each and every contributor who commented on Aaron’s blog. Thank you to all those who came forward with information. And thank you most of all Aaron Park. We could not have done this without you and your family.

    Don’t forget Aaron now that Bianco won. There are still rats who need to be flushed out of the Department. Keep the heat on the maggots Sniff left behind. Let truly clean up the RSO.

  15. It would be good to know how sniff treats Sheriff Bianco during the next two-month transition. Is he going to require he still sit in his office? Is he going to “man up” and do the right thing and what is best for the county and the department? Give him an office on the second floor? Open the files?

    Please keep us advised what happens and how Chad is treated. I wish Sheriff Bianco the best! I am so proud of him.

    Maybe Sheriff Bianco can give those badges to the honorably retired cops that they earned. Although, it might show some maturity on Stan’s part to get this done before he shoves off into his world travels and exploration.

  16. An investigator recently called me and asked if I received a retirement badge, which I did not. Honestly, I didn’t even know they existed until I learned there was such a thing from this blog. I thought my retirement ID was it. I told the person who called me to keep me off the list of those who didn’t receive one because it would mean absolutely nothing to me. Let the scumbag ex-sheriff feel like a man that he didn’t give me one, stupid childish bitch that he is. He’s like a high school cheerleader not the leader of the one of the largest departments in the state. Getting the badge now would be like a bad guy burglarizing my house, stealing my possessions, returning them with that stink on them, and then walking passed my house everyday without any repercussions. I was a victim of civil and criminal crimes where I had to retire. Some of the suspects are still employed by the department so to me RSD is still corrupt. I mean no disrespect to Sheriff Bianco and the honest men and women of the department. Until these criminals and liars are dealt with I want nothing to do with that severely tarnished badge. I apologize if this offends anyone but until you walked in the shoes of S/Sniff’s victims you will never know. Be safe I will always back the members of RSD.

  17. Done Wrong At Perris I need to get in touch with you.

  18. [email protected]. Out working most of day

  19. No six month golden parachutes for the suddenly “fired” 220-250k second floor club. They can resign, retire or try to stick around like everyone else.

  20. I have to say one more thing…

    I was up half of the night thinking about what led us to where we are today. I am ecstatic that Sheriff Bianco won. He didn’t just win, but took it away from Stanley like no other. This type of win, where an incumbent Sheriff for Riverside County has has ran for re-election and had his ass handed to him like just happen, has never happened.

    Part of me starts to feel sorry for Stanley until my senses come back to me. I keep wanting to say “hero to zero” but, in this case that does not fit. He has never been a HERO. Stanley has been a vindictive bully since he was appointed by the BOS. That should have never happened. It was a political stunt involving members of the BOS, Stanley, his connections with Moreno Valley, their City Council, and political aspirations of others. It was a huge game between all of the top players and what was in it for them. Where are they now?

    On day one of his appointment, Stanley took charge of destroying people’s lives who he did not agree with. He rehired his personal friends (who he brought back out of retirement) and some of which are still working on the Department today. Their sole mission was destroying people. You people know who you are and so does Sheriff Bianco.

    The mission of destroying people has continued since 2007. All of you who have stood with Stanley in that mission will now have your day. You know in your heart it is coming. It’s eating your gut out right now while you are reading this.

    I still think about the post Stanley’s wife put on face book about what a great person and man he is. I call bullshit! He was/is a destroyer of good people for his vindictiveness and selfishness.

    Chad please stay true to who you are. You my friend are a HERO and I see you making the huge needed change, bringing back fairness to the women and men of RSO and integrity back to the Department. You have a lot of housecleaning to do.

    Stan never look back and say you lost because of union money and body cameras. You lost because you are a rotten SOB who enjoyed the thrill of destroying people and playing with their emotions. You lost because the honest and fair men and women of this department had no respect for you and actually most hate you.

    This too is my last post.

    God’s Speed Chad, you are the man!

  21. Done Wrong……. I’m fighting for you, and I’m not going to be quiet about it. You deserve more for all the sacrifices you made. You will always be considered the best damn cop I ever knew. What they did was atrocious. It will be righted.

  22. I know how you feel @Done wrong. But the badge you wore would never be considered tarnished because you served with honor, dignity, and respect, as unlike the command staff because you adhered to the Code of Ethics, they did not. So your retirement badge is something they owe you. I challenged them to deny me my retirement badge after all I had gone through with the deceitful behavior, the lying, the bullying and outright disparity in treatment. But in the end they crumbled like a cookie and I received my retirement badge. With the exception of two executive staff members, you did more in your career @Done wrong than the rest of the second floor put together. They owe you that retirement badge for all you had accomplished in your career for the benefit of the victims you have served. You were a a cops cop, and if I was on a traffic stop at Mission and Opal, with a car load of P.J.’s, rolling four deep, I would want you as by back up, no complaints. And a lot of people do believe you compared to that immature Perris Sergeant. So keep your head up my friend, you served with integrity.

  23. Well I guess Bianco showing a selfie of himself is not allowed by the ex sheriff. He made them take down a Facebook post. What a joke this administration is. Can’t wait till these heartless D Bags are walked out.

  24. So, does this mean Stan has to return the full auto weapons purchased by the sheriff’s dept that he refuses to allow the range to verify for ATF?

  25. 2PC49 and PE260 thank you for your kind words. I’m not looking for anything short of a reinvestigation, prosecution and termination. What they did to me was that horrible and examples need to be made. I only put a small version of the criminal events on this blog. I don’t need any accolades, awards or badges, I need justice. I held the people in my beats accountable for their actions and now these fools with badges are going to commit blatant criminal acts on me and get away with it. You know me better than that. This blog gave me an avenue to vent and for that Aaron I am grateful. If the new administration is looking for dishonest, unethical, lying employees just look at my PERS. If someone competent reinvestigated it they would be stunned at the blatant lying and criminal conspiracy that transpired. Thanks again. I will always defend the honest men and women of RSD.

  26. @Done wrong, if they looked at all the unethical PERS conducted by the Sniff regime, it would equal the Muller investigation. You are not the only one looking for justice my friend. So enjoy retirement “Bugsy” you earned it. And any homage I pay to you is because I have the utmost respect for you and your abilities, which the second floor never possessed.

  27. So the end of an era has come, most would like to say hey it was good run. Well the fact in the matter those that live the hell, the vindictive childish behavior will never say it was a good run. During the eleven years you saw cheating scandals, criminal cover ups and nepotism favoritism. Nobody is perfect nor does each individual who errors deserve to be fired. There are some standards in this great profession that can not be overlooked though. The first is honesty, if you are a liar there is no place for you. Next Cheating if you are willing to cheat your willing to steal, again no place for you. Next Integrity, if your person life is about nailing your beat partners wife, getting sloppy drunk every weekend, walking the fence with the friends you keep or sliding to the depth of tagging your body with fake stats, take a walk.

    Once the flood gates were opened and the accountability for ones actions were no longer there, the good people started to withdrawal. The harder you worked the more you saw the less deserving liars rewarded. Morale started to decline and once evil rears its ugly head the lines start to regress downward. The is a reaction for action done, if you screw up take your hit and move on. No one cared about that they cared about some in the protected state got zero and those in the other camp got hammered.

    You see comments out there saying it wasn’t the sheriff’s fault this happened or that happened, true to an extent. He promoted “Yes Men” refused to be questioned or hear an honest opinion or you would be walked out of an at will position. Yes terrible spot to be in especially when your not 50. So while he was politicking and told the hobbits to just handle it they did but incorrectly because of lack of experience as an actual cop. So by the time it came full circle Stan couldn’t reverse it because then there would be an appearance of incompetence. Yes he should have been involved but wasn’t until it was to late. Did he need to be a micro manager no. The dirty chiefs are to blame for a lot because they did have the balls to stand their ground and say its wrong we need to fix this. His plan didn’t fail he failed to plan. A leader leads by example, never ask you people to do something you would never do. Yes teams need direction but if you never exit the caboose and constantly try to steer from the rear you will crash. A pilot flies in the front for a reason so should a good leader. You cant be an absentee leader (politician) and expect success. There are 11 chiefs under you who are not that busy each one has an area of responsibility send them to the week kiss the ring meeting and just show once in awhile. 4000 employees is to many to spend 1 day a week looking at steer the boat, and for heavens sake when the ship is taking on water don’t go to the range every Friday for 8 hours and play cowboy.

    After this many decades in this career you should find yourself Stan continue on with your shooting passion and relax and enjoy your life, you look like hell this job took its toll on you, enjoy your retirement wish you well. Extend the olive branch and welcome the new generation.

  28. Richard Cranium you are still around nicely said.

  29. Aaron you naughty boy! LOL

  30. Nice work Aaron & Congratulations Chad !!! I would like to give a shout out to all the hard working folks in law enforcement that put their lives at risk to protect & serve this city/county everyday…. you are truly appreciated. God’s speed.

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