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The Church of Scientology has a monster facility in The Hemet area called the Gold Base / Golden Era.  Catherine Fraser and Muriel Dufrense are two of the heavy hitters in Scientology who are also donors.

Golden Era Productions is the media Arm of Scientology. This attached report shows Stan Sniff taking 8 checks from them.

The Washington Post – which I cite in honor of Sniff’s late-campaign tilt to the hard left – had this to say:

HBO hired 160 lawyers when the network decided to air “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” the two-hour documentary based on Lawrence Wright’s book. This makes sense when you watch the film, directed by Alex Gibney, which aired Sunday night. Ex-Church of Scientology members and officials reveal secrets of the organization, and tell horror stories of psychological and physical abuse during their time in the controversial religion — and after they escaped.

Why did HBO hire 160 Lawyers? It is well known that the Church of Scientology uses its’ seemingly limitless resources to bully people with Lawyers.

Sniff took 8 checks from Scientology leaders.

Stan Sniff has taken checks from convicted felons, associates with felons and has events at places owned by felons – so why not add an extremely controversial cult to the donor list?

Former Scientology officials, including former spokesman Marty Rathbun, say that every “audit” (where a Scientology member is forced to reveal their deepest, most intimate secrets and fears on the way to attain spiritual and mental clarity) is recorded and filmed. Not to mention the “auditors” take pages of notes. So, when word had it that Travolta was threatening to leave, all the officials had do was go through all the notes from the auditing sessions to find secrets that Travolta had spilled and may not want getting out into the public.

“I know this because I used to do it when I was the head of the office of special affairs,” said former official Mike Rinder. “By exposing [these secrets] or threatening to expose them, they will cower the person into silence.”

It was put to me by members of the Department that the major Scientology Facility has about 2500 occupants in it. There are only a handful of cars and bicycles there. They also indicated that they see few, if any of the residents of the compound on visits to it.

Given several, very public allegations of abuse and several disturbing documentaries on Scientology, one would think that the SHERIFF of the county would be interested in looking in to some of the problems. You’d certainly think that he’d not take money from them. There have been threats made to the Sheriff’s Department and Management Personnel, including Lt. Zach Hall. You’d think that the Sheriff would take a dim view of a group doing such a thing.

Instead – Stan Sniff and his boi Sgt. Dave Kurylowicz, YES THAT KURLY, arrested anti-Scientology protesters. Things that make you go hmmm…

But of course – Sniff has taken money from left-wing criminal defense attorneys who work to free the very scum his employees try to get off the street (including a of cop-killer that murdered a Palm Springs Police Officer wife of an RSO Deputy). So why not take money from a cult with a huge compound in Riverside County?

You can learn more about the disturbing history of Scientology in this documentary or this other documentary. Here is another Washington Post story for good measure.

Stan Sniff shoulda stuck with being an athiest.

P.S. The other candidates on the list should strongly consider returning the checks. The Sheriff is without excuse for taking them given the documented history of this cult.

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  1. Stan Sniff has also been an invitee at Scientology gala event that takes place every year in Hollywood.

  2. Stanley doesn’t mind getting checks from a cult. He took their patterns and practices and used them to create his administration.

    Stanley speaking to his admin: You think your going to do what’s right? I don’t think so. Remember, I have all kinds of dirt on you. So, unless you want me to talk, you better shut up and go with the flow.

    Stanley’s admin: Yes, Stanley. Whatever you want. We are at your command. Tell us what unethical, immoral, or criminal conduct you want done. We will do whatever you command.

    This is why the Board of Supervisors need to create an office of an independent inspector to investigate any misconduct by the Sheriff.

  3. Seriously???? Watch that video of “arrested anti Scientology protesters”.

  4. I’ll share this again, Sniffles and former Supervisor Jeff Stone are joined at the hip. Don’t be fooled by Jeffies politically driven scolding of Sniffle’s bad behavior. (It’s also a reelection year for Stoner)

    In 2009 Stoner rammed an ordinance thru that essentially bans protesters outside of Gold Base. There’s a lot of cult money to be had by Supes and Sniffles, so they approved the unjustified ordinance in a nano-second.

    There’s a very good chance that the cult donated to Stoners campaign this year.

    Blogger’s Note: Stone endorsed Bianco. Stone is a way better choice than the left-wing moonbat running against him. I have suggested to several people they return the small donations the cultists have given them.

  5. That was about the same time as the Duffy case. Maybe the detective sgt should have been working on and supervising Duffy and that case instead of being out in the field working this political trespassing case.

    He says on the video that he is the Detective Sgt and wasn’t sure why he was out there.

    And FYI Kurly, it’s not a “citizens arrest” it’s called a “private person’s arrest”. A person does not have to be a citizen to make an arrrest. You should have learned that on week 3 of the academy.

    Where was Lenny assigned on this day?

  6. Politicians will do anything for power and money and in doing so lose touch with the common folk. They think they’re somehow better than the rest of us and demand special treatment. I always believe that you treat everyone the same regardless of what title they have and if a person acts like they deserve more then I know they have issues. I witnessed a Perris Station Investigator investigate and write a 70 page simple 242 PC (Battery) report after a elected contract city official complained that a constituent touched her arm during a disagreement. This Investigator was assigned sex cases at the station and had a full case load. But the hell with the victims of those cases, Sniff and his cult members directed him to this elected official who felt they needed a special prosecutor for their simple battery. I was forced to retire after refusing to waste anymore time on a misdemeanor I.D. theft case of the wife of a Sniff $50,000 donor. After telling the wife the crime happened overseas and there was nothing I could do she told me, “Well my husband isn’t going to like this.” A short time later the husband barged into the station and demanded to see the captain. A deputy told him the captain wasn’t available. The husband took out his phone and the deputy could hear him saying “Stan” and then going on about his alleged mistreatment. The captain was available immediately. Looking at the situation, the donor was running the station not the captain. I was asked into the captains office and ordered to do whatever was necessary to please the donor. I knew that required spending countless hours writing search warrants for bogus phone numbers and I.P addresses that were all overseas out of our jurisdiction. I refused to do it and the case was given to another investigator who spent countless hours doing the above with the same conclusions. I heard after the investigation, the wife and husband had a special meeting in the captains office with the investigator. The wife supposedly continued with her displeasure until her husband finally agreed nothing could be done. Afterwards the captain came by my desk and asked if I ever handled a “Friend of the sheriff case” and I said no. I told the captain that Sniff is corrupt and spoke to him in a tone I don’t think he appreciated. Soon after, my Sgt’s made allegations that I was insubordinate to them. The captain asked me if I wanted a few vacation days and I said why not. While on vacation I get a call from PSB telling me to meet them at the Southwest Station where I was put on admin leave and the rest is history. Everyone knows my PERS was all based on lies, everyone. 31 years of kicking ass for the department and all thrown away by unethical, corrupt scumbags who swore an oath to be truthful. Fuck everyone of those involved and fuck your families too. You didn’t care about mine. Having said that, My wife of 33 years tells me everyday she loves me. I have two wonderful sons and started a successful lawn/landscaping business. S/Sniff speed up ur rotting process “Hell” has concluded based on this blog you can be Lucifer’s right hand man.

  7. Zach Hall is a small minded-functionary, more concerned with the managerial how’s of his job as a Lt. than with the moral existential whys, and how his decisions affects his troops, which were more negative than positive. Lt. Hall will then use the “people like me were forced to serve as mere instruments at the hands of the second floor” excuse in order to justify his behavior. Lt. Hall was not a man to ask difficult questions, he just got on with the job at hand, even if it was the wrong thing to do. So in all actuality, Lt. Hall was a willing servant to the opportunists on Lemon Street and willing to do their evil bidding.

    Now with Stan Sniff, his self-delusion is unassailable because he won’t face the facts that he’s done as a leader. Stan Sniff was nothing more than a desk-bound pencil pusher whose emotional range did not extend beyond the limits of his office, so he did not care what happened to the troops, as long as he kept his corner office, which is why his command staff did his evil bidding for him. So remember this when you pack up all your self-promoting icons from your office Stan.

  8. I feel for you @done wrong, and if your the person that I think is writing on this blog, I would believe you before I believe that Detective Sergeant, he was a mediocre deputy, and did no better as a detective and sergeant, and based upon your honesty, integrity and work ethic, you get the benefit of the doubt compared to R.H. But when you sell your soul to Satan, your nothing more than his little helper like that Detective Sergeant. You put so many complicated cases together the Department should have named a building after you. But he will get his due when the new Sheriff takes over my friend. You were a good beat partner, so aim high in whatever endeavor you pursue.

    Blogger’s Note: Is this what I think it is – a stud detective that got run out of the department because he did not kiss a sniff donor’s ass???

  9. Done wrong was one of the best cops the department ever developed, old school at times, yes, but he was a man of integrity with a work ethic that was second to none, and in talking to others, they would believe done wrong than this Detective Sergeant any day of the week. And he’s a decorated veteran that the department just threw away for the sake of politics. If you had to go down Fort Fremont Alley late at night, you would want this guy by your side.

  10. Was that donor the camel hummper.?

  11. Good afternoon everyone. Life is good!!! Life will be great in the near future.

  12. I was told the donor owned a car dealership and lived in the S/W area. I spoke with a Sgt who was tasked with driving the station Captain to all of the so called “Sheriff’s Friend’s” New Years Eve parties one year and this donor was first on the list. The Sgt told me that anyone who was anyone in Riverside County politics were in attendance like puppies on their mothers teats. Makes me sick, nothing but prostitutes. (2PC49 much respect.)

  13. Sniff definitely knows how to take care of his muckity-muck pals who are campaign donors or in positions of power.

    Take, for example, a mayor pro-tem’s wife who died under suspicious circumstances.

    This happened around the time Robin Williams, the famous actor, committed suicide. The topic was all over the news.

    This woman apparently killed herself and somehow managed to tape her hands behind her back, which in and of itself, is suspicious.

    The detectives meet the husband, who is already known as an “Adam Henry” to law enforcement, and he provides a simple statement of how she was found, how she had been “researching” websites associated with suicide, etc., etc.

    Her body was already at the hospital and detectives were not allowed to view or take pictures, as is protocol in all death cases.

    At the home, it was decided to request permission to take the computer she used to verify the internet history. Supervision already had the second floor breathing down their necks and wanted updates almost every 15 minutes.

    Which is standard for all friend of the sheriff’s investigations. They keep their hands in the pie, you see, and steer the investigation the way they want it to go.

    Anyway, the supervisor was told the plan was if the husband refused to hand over the computer, a warrant would be written (beforehand) just in case.

    Of course, this went up the flag pole, and after almost 5 hours of running back and fourth, the detectives were told to cease their investigation, not worry about writing any report, and to just go home!

    Makes me wonder whether a member of the political elite got away with killing his wife.

    Thanks to the 2nd Floor, I guess we will never know.

    Same station as @done wrong but I’m sure this nonsense happened ALL OVER Riverside County under Sniff’s regime.

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