Nov 052018

Remember Lt. Robert Rose? He is the RSO’s gunslinger, noted for having raged on innocent civilians twice. That’s right LT Robert Rose is alleged to have pulled his service weapon once in a road rage incident and another more recent time in an Alec Baldwin-esque argument over a Parking Place.

Perhaps Lt Rose lost his s–t again on the beleaguered staff of Jurupa Valley Station. Everyone there was stressed out and more tired than usual because of the dog and pony show for KPMG.

Supervisor Taviglione is alleged to have sold out to the Corrupt Sheriff in exchange for an “audit” of Jurupa Valley by the feckless, incompetent overpaid team of KPMG. The KPMG audit of the Sheriff’s Department was supposed to be a crowning achievement of “JT’s” tenure as supervisor. Instead, JT is joining the ranks of feckless, rudderless, “Republican Leaders”. JT has also endorsed the tax-raising, planned parenthood loving Karen Spiegel. I suppose JT could endorse Gavin Newsom while he is at it.

Pictured, a photo posted by Lt. Robert “Gunslinger” Rose of a stall in the Jurupa Valley Station. It seems that the employees there don’t give a s–t about the condition of the bathroom. (The s–t was edited out by yours truly) The picture of the clogged toilet is a great allegory for the morale and condition of the Sheriff’s Department.

It is also a fitting end to the tenure of John Taviglione (who earlier in 2018 called Stan Sniff a spoiled child over his behavior) only to eviscerate his credibility with his ego-driven sell out at the end of his tenure. Thusly, I dedicate this photo of the toilet in Jurupa Valley to John Taviglione and his protege Gas-Tax Karen Spiegel. (As I already have posted dozens of photos of broken equipment in honor of Stan Sniff)

Regarding Lt. Rose, given his well-documented anger management issues, I recommend that the staff of JVS give him a glass of warm milk and a binkie. If that does not work, jam a needle of sedatives in his buttocks and make sure there is an adult diaper nearby. I make this recommendation because I don’t want the Lt. to go pull his gun on someone when he files off the handle. (Perhaps PSB should have done their job and fired this guy)

What a fitting end to my expose on Stan Sniff, but a busted toilet full of s–t. Tomorrow is election day, (Yes, stay tuned for that) and make sure you get your political plunger out and flush Sniff.

  6 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Jurupa Valley Has Literally Gone To S–T. (Bonus, Lt. Rose Update too)”

  1. Not sure what’s worse the one day late report list or limiting the amount of ass gaskets I can use. Don’t be that guy

    Blogger’s Note: ASS GASKETS!? I almost lost my s–t when I read that the first time…

  2. Robert Rose is a moron, and the second floor village idiots thought it was a good idea to promote this cretin, the buffoon that raise their hand for Robert Rose should be walked off the second floor, with cause. Robert Rose embarrasses himself when he opens his mouth because when he speaks, he displays his level of ignorance for others to see. All Robert Rose is good at is destroying morale and spreading hate and discontent as he perpetuates a hostile work environment. And everyone is waiting to give testimony on Lt. Rose when the inquisition is initiated in the new year.

  3. Hey Stan,

    What is the date today?

  4. @Tic Toc, it’s Nov 5th, one more day until that POS Stanley and his monkeys get flushed out to sea.

    Lieutenant Rose, nice picture of Stanley at the pool. Thanks.

  5. Fly on the wall LMFAO!!!

  6. Get rid of the trash this November. Any higher ups who did unlawful, immoral, or dishonest acts need to be immediately terminated upon swearing in of whoever wins Sheriff. You can’t hold subordinates accountable if their leaders are a bunch of scum. True leaders need to speak out against their peers who are holding your department down. Honor the badge. Honor the oath.

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