Nov 062018

Dear Kurly, before going to Palm Springs and Crashing a City Council Meeting to give a tear-filled Daytime Emmy performance, you may want to balance your checkbook.

Dave Kurly Kurylowicz is the Captain of the Moreno Valley Station. Moreno Valley rivals Hemet for the biggest war zone in Riverside County.

Since we now know that Kurly is not minding his own checkbook, I am wondering if we should replace him with a real monkey (versus a another Sniff Butt Monkey) as Captain of the MoVal Station. I’d bet that Primate could do a better job of managing the finances of the station.

For those of you that may be missing the significance, Kurly is a loud, out and proud supporter of Stan Sniff. He has publicly attacked everyone that disagrees with him, gratuitously playing the Gay card. This is a screenshot of the Riverside Sheriff’s Association campaign committee financial report. Remember – this is the eeeeeeeevil yoooooooonyun that has donated $1Millon+ to Chad Bianco, the man that Kurly attacked publicly (without evidence mind you).

So, in essence, Kurly donated to the man he accused of hating him for being gay.

That is felony stupid. But, this is par for the course in the 2018 Riverside County Sheriff’s race.

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  5 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Dave Kurylowicz (of Fake Homophobia Attack Fame) Shows Up on Riverside Sheriff’s Association Donor Report!!!”

  1. The newly elected Sheriff must immediately move to place David Kurylowicz on administrative leave. Having this emotionally unhinged, conspiracy theorist in possession of a loaded firearm and peace officer powers roaming our neighborhoods is extremely dangerous. A firmly fair review of his conduct, as memorialized by video evidence, should present the corner stone of any administrative investigation going forward.

    Lets bring back integrity, honesty, and fair review to the Sheriff’s Office.

  2. It scares me that this man has any power. Who and what else is he lying about? He needs to be removed so he can go sell used cars. He’s a disgusting human being. I wish I can see him sweating over his job right now.

  3. If Kurly toes does not make the D.A.’s Brady list based upon his performance in Palm Springs, something is wrong here. We are all hoping someone has the huevos to start an official investigation into the corruption that was Stan Sniff’s administration. And after that, they continue the investigation into Mo Val station and look at others, like Tyler Clark, Nathan Kaas, and fat Bodnar.

  4. The only person with huevos to take on Sniff and Kurly toes is Bianco. I have gone so far to lite a candle of Virgin Mary and pray to God Bianco kicks his ass at the election night.

  5. Wait a minute. So if Kurly’s allegations were correct and the blogger was indeed paid by RSA that would mean that Kurly paid the blogger to kick his own ass. Oh isn’t that just fucking delicious!

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