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As is well documented, Riverside County is a leader year over year in “fed-kicks”, as in Court-Mandated Early Releases of Scum due to overcrowding in the jails.

A grand jury report from 2006-2007 obtained by your intrepid blogger indicates that the Grand Jury warned Sheriff Sniff about issues related to the jail and specifically mentioned overcrowding and measures that needed to be taken to deal with it.

All Sniff has done for years is complain about his budget as an excuse to do nothing.

Witness this prophetic and damming excerpt:

Due to overcrowding and a shortage of deputies, it is important to use whatever technology is available to maintain appropriate supervision. Inmate complaints of inappropriate treatment by  correctional staff, as well as the identification of areas not covered by surveillance cameras, have demonstrated the need for additional cameras, especially DVR cameras.

The following outlines specific locations at each county correctional facility where the addition of cameras are needed to protect deputies and inmates, as well as protecting Riverside County from liability and lawsuits.

1. Southwest Detention Center:
The transportation area and C, D, E, and F Pods, do not have cameras.

2. Blythe Jail Facility:
This facility has an area known as Holding Tank A. This area is currently housing 54 inmates and approximately 2/3 of the area is not observable from the entrance.

3. Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility, Banning:
The laundry, kitchen and perimeter fences do not have coverage with cameras.

4. Indio Jail Facility:
There are areas in the jail that have cameras but are not covered by DVR. These include: the kitchen, several cell block locations and some corridors.

5. Robert Presley Detention Center, Riverside:
The kitchen, dayroom, and transportation areas do not have sufficient camera coverage.

Get it? 12 years ago, equipment problems and overcrowding. Sniff did nothing but sit by and let the problems get worse. He has had more than enough time and thus has disqualified himself.

  4 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Grand Jury 2006-2007 Warned of Overcrowding in the Jails. Sniff did Nothing.”

  1. Everything about him the past 10 years has disqualified him from this office. Last night I attended the Peace Officer Memorial service in Riverside. It made me very happy to listen to Stanley make a fool of himself for the last time as a keynote speaker. To his credit, he did not give the same 10 year old speech blaming the board of supervisors for his woes. Obviously someone slapped him upside his sweaty red face after the Blue Light Ceremonies. However, it was his typical lack of personal feeling, I don’t care about anyone but myself,, so let me throw out some meaningless statistics to take away from the event at hand. Thank God it ended with Cathedral City Police Chief Travis Walker paying tribute to the families of the fallen.

    I ended up sitting pretty close to Bianco. I couldn’t help watch both of them and wonder how things will be different next year with Bianco as our Sheriff. Before during and after I noticed a stark contrast between the two of them. Stanley isolated himself with a couple of his ass kissing minions or stood or sat by himself, and rarely talked to others or acknowledged the other Chiefs or officers. Bianco was talking to many, some he approached, some approached him. There were many hugs and handshakes going on as he stood there with his wife. (My wife’s comment: “she’s going to make a beautiful First Lady of law enforcement”).

    During the ceremony I noticed two things: Stanley was bored and Bianco was emotional. During the opening prayer, while most bowed their heads, Stanley took the time to check out the audience for any potential groping victims. When the daughters of fallen RPD victims announced their dads names, I was close enough to Bianco to see a tear roll down his cheek. There were more when he hugged and shook Officer Crains dads hand after. Stanley looked around uncomfortably and then left. I saw several of stanleys minions walk by Bianco in an obvious uncomfortable attempt at ignoring him. Embarrassing.

    I can not wait for this election to be over. The Sheriffs Department is long overdue for a sheriff that cares more about others than himself. Only two more weeks. Vote Bianco!!!!

  2. Doesn’t surprise me one bit. Sniff and crew have always be reactive not pro active toward safety issues. If Stanley and crew don’t listen to staff who raise safety concerns. You think he would listen to a bunch of civilians?

    The following are some examples of incidents that occurred under Scratch and Sniff. These incidents occurred after Admin was aware of these issues or staff reported them.

    Indio Jail


    Didn’t have cameras in the Administrative Segregation Unit. Where the most dangerous or disruptive inmates are kept. What did Admin do? Nothing. Until a female correctional deputy was caught bringing drugs into the facility and having sexual contact with a male inmate. This was about four years after a sex scandal consumed the entire facility. That case involved two male deputies with several female inmates. I guess it is better to wait for it to happen twice, so you could justify the cost.

    Indio jail recreation area wasn’t as secure as possible and could lead to an escape. What does Admin do? Nothing. Until two inmates escaped. The first inmate had a history of planning escapes. Despite this information, he was allowed to stay in an outdated facility. He escaped and was shot while fleeing. The other was tased and captured as well. Immediately after the escape the recreation area was fortified.

    To this day there are no cameras in the housing units of the Indio Jail. Even after multiple in custody deaths. What would you expect from this Administration.

    Smith Correctional

    An inmate escaped in ’04. He used complacent staff to assist his escape. He climbed a fence between the housing units and got on the roof and jumped into the back of the facility. He has not been captured. Admins response was to enclose the area.

    Fast forward a few years. In the same area of the facility another inmate escapes. He used opened an exterior door and climbed up the fence and used the enclosed area to help him get on the roof. Even when Admin tries to fix a problem they make it worse. This inmate was captured because of a pro active deputy.

    Down in the barracks area of the facility, numerous inmates have escaped after kicking out the windows of the housing unit. There were multiple escapes, involving multiple inmates. Finally after the required minimum of at least two incidents. These windows were secured to prevent future escape.

    A male deputy was busted for having sex with an inmate in the staff restroom.

    Multiple kitchen staff fired for inappropriate conduct with inmates.

    Robert Presley

    Multiple incidents. Attempted murder of a staff member, assault with a deadly weapon on an old inmate, suicides, in custody deaths. Inmates opening doors without assistance from staff.

    All of these issues were addressed after the fact or not at all. I could sit and write more stories of the ineptitude of this administration, but I won’t. Stanley and crew will again be reactive come June. Except this time they can’t fix or covet it up.

  3. S/Sniff was never a stack of booking sheets cop so trust me he has no clue about keeping a beat on lockdown and bad guys in jail. Like a lot of his ranking members and supervisors Period. But they can conspire to screw over employees like no other. So freaking frustrating.

  4. Well said @Done wrong. We can only hope there will be a booking sheet with Sniff’s name on it, followed by second floor personnel come January. And Kurlyowicz should be added to The Brady list, if he still manages to keep his job come the new year.

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