Feb 172019
Dear Aaron,

Reports are coming in from delegates across the state that Republican establishment “Leadership” is actively discouraging delegates from attending the Republican Convention in Sacramento on the weekend of February 22-24. Numerous delegates have complained of intimidating calls and messages pressuring them to surrender their proxies with veiled threats from elected officials and their staff.

The failing status quo will say anything to protect a record of failure that is plain for everyone to see. California Republicans were decimated in the 2018 elections, and our Party is at its weakest point since 1883. We must STAND UP FOR CHANGE NOW. It’s time the Republican Party fights for OUR VALUES, OUR IDEALS, and OUR REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT.

This Convention will be pivotal in rebuilding our California Republican Party. I fully encourage you to attend, bring your friends, and be a direct participant. This Convention will decide the leadership for the Republican Party for the next decade: will we have a continuation of the shrinking, losing, insular status quo or will we demand a BOLD NEW DIRECTION WITH ENERGIZED LEADERSHIP that will register new Republican voters statewide, organize every street and precinct, and fight the election fraud of the California Democrats?

It’s time every Republican demands a California Republican Party that REPEALS PROP 14 and FIGHTS TO WIN again in California.

If you cannot make convention, download a proxy form here so your vote can still count to REBUILD our Republican Party. Please print, fill out, and sign the form (must be physically signed) and reply back to this email that your are completing your proxy.

Proxies can be mailed or picked up directly from your home. With our network of over 50,000 volunteers across California there are Republicans in every community that are ready to help you to MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT.

Once you have printed and signed your proxy, please respond to this email or call 510-579-9197 to let us know that your proxy is ready. You can mail your proxy to the address below or contact us to have it picked up.
Remember, EVERY VOTE COUNTS and ALL VOTES ARE ON A SECRET BALLOT, so no one has to fear retribution from the “establishment”. We can’t afford to allow the same failed Republican status quo leadership to continue to destroy our Party and empower the California Democrats.

This is our state, this is our Party. JOIN ME TODAY and rebuild our Republican Party, by Republicans and for Republicans. IT’S TIME WE WIN IN CALIFORNIA.
Travis Allen – Candidate for California Republican Chairman
Feb 012019
Yup. Luis Buhler was in the room.

We’ve written about the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. They are currently running a very manic and frenzied operation to identify Travis Allen supporters to exclude them from the CAGOP’s Delegation. Your intrepid blogger has dozens of reports of long-time party faithful being told to pound sand when asking for appointments to the state party.

The long-term consequences of supplanting true GOP activists with consultants and staff will be devastating for a fractured, shrinking GOP. Many Central Committees whose ranks were devastated in the $3MM ego-fueled rampage of Luis Buhler can’t make quorum anymore.

One of the other tactics being employed in an attempt to control the outcome of the CAGOP’s officer elections is operatives showing up to County Central Committee Meetings to threaten people (either with their mere presence or otherwise). Having seen David Stafford Reade and others do this to the Placer GOP several times at endorsement meetings, I am familiar with the drill.

A few days ago Luis Buhler, once the most trusted adviser to Charles T. Munger Jr., was reputedly at the Santa Cruz GOP meeting. Buhler is alleged to have engaged in filibustering and making legal arguments citing bylaws in an effort to forestall an endorsement by the Santa Cruz GOP of Travis Allen.

It is the opinion of this blogger based on 20+ years of experience with Luis Buhler that he has a deep contempt for activists and especially Conservatives. The list of people coming forward to your intrepid blogger with stories of how Mr. Buhler has mistreated them is legion.

Yet here he is acting on behalf of Jessica Patterson.

Since most Central Committees are not comprised of battle-hardened veterans, often times bully tactics work. Mr. Buhler was successful in delaying an endorsement vote in Santa Cruz.

Orange County had the same dynamic. The votes are clearly there to get to 2/3, out come the rules lawyers in order to delay the inevitable. File this as yet another reason for many feckless GOP organizations, some people care more about the process than simply allowing the will of the body to prevail. (as in they never miss a chance to miss a chance)

Jessica Patterson was present in Orange County with an entourage. It was reported to your intrepid blogger that she was visibly nervous having to deal with an audience that was not paying her salary.

Trying unsuccessfully to train candidates for victory is a different world than speaking to party activists… many of whom have been targeted for elimination from the State Party’s delegate list. (Similar to the $3MM spent in 2016 by Luis Buhler to exterminate conservatives from cent com rosters, with people like David Stafford Reade and Jessica Patterson on the payroll)

When I saw Jessica Patterson announce some county party endorsements, I was struck by the number of Paid Staffers and long time political acolytes on the list. Shasta, Glenn, Tehama and Butte are four counties almost 100% controlled by David Stafford Reade. All four were targeted heavily by the $3MM spent by Luis Buhler with David Reade on the Payroll.

The Chairman of Glenn is a supervisor whose election was almost completely underwritten by David Reade’s current and former boss. The Chairman of Tehama is the son of a Supervisor with similar entanglements. Shasta County has long been a moderate stronghold with several staff amongst its’ elected members and Butte County’s Chairman works for State Senator Jim Nielsen, who happens to be David Stafford Reade’s current boss.

Kern, Kings and Tulare County? Devin Nunes / Kevin McCarthy country. All were targeted heavily with the Luis Buhler / David Reade / Jessica Patterson money in 2016. Their membership were hand-picked by team McCarthy in 2016.

7 of the 12 County endorsements Jessica Patterson has are not independent activist leaders. They are from the machine known as the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. I don’t know most of the individuals in question, I am sure they are fine Americans, they are just not independent and do not represent real activists. It is what it is.

This is the main point about Jessica Patterson’s Campaign. It is not legitimately organic. It is from a machine. There is a facade being created that this is something other than a political insider game.

Fast forward to 1/31/2019 in Marin County. The Boss of the Bay Area, Luis Buhler showed up to Marin County in an attempt to repeat his squashing of the Travis Allen endorsement in Santa Cruz County the day before. With Luis Buhler’s surrogate in the room, they voted 15-2 to endorse Travis Allen.

That’s Marin County folks. Travis Allen went in to occupied territory and smoked the moderate overlord Luis Buhler nd crew in their home turf. Amazing things happen when a bully no longer has a billionaire’s money behind him.

When Jessica Patterson’s crew have to fight on a level playing field with Travis Allen, they lose. Badly.

This is why they needed the legislative leaders to step up and defend the failure known as California Trailblazers. This is why they have to defend failure and re-package it as a plan for the future.

This is why people like Andy Gimmecandy, David Reade and Luis Buhler have to show up in an attempt to keep a lid on Party Organizations. This is why they are keeping a list of Travis Allen supporters in an out-sized effort to exterminate activists from the rolls of CAGOP Delegates in favor of consultants and staff they can control the votes of.

So much to control. So many variables. And then there is this blog with 2.2 Million hits in 2018 to contend with…

To be continued…

P.S. Update: We were informed that Luis made calls and attempted to intervene but had a surrogate present at the meeting. He himself was not present.

Jan 242019

Hell has frozen over.


Chad Mayes has just given CAGOP delegates the ultimate reason to vote for Travis Allen for CAGOP Chairman!

Does This Mean Chad Mayes is leaving too???

GASP! Chad Mayes will leave the CAGOP if Travis Allen is elected Chairman! What an AWESOME reason to VOTE TRAVIS ALLEN!

BTW – for those of you tracking the stupidity in Sacramento, understand that behind the scenes, Chad Mayes was reputedly working to for an “Independent Caucus”.

The plan was for Maienschein, Jordan Cunningham and Chad Mayes to re-register NPP together and then announce their new caucus. The problem is that Maienschein was to be the dems #1 Target in the Assembly in 2020 meaning he was assigned to the dungeon. The dungeon is not the “Doghouse” where Assemblymember Tyler Diep is. (Diep endorsed Jessica Patterson despite all of the assistance Travis Allen gave him to win AD72 and succeed him there)

Mayes’ plan was foiled by Maienschein being upset over being assigned to the dungeon by Anthony Rendon. I guess getting hammered for months in a campaign, being lined up as target #1 and the like was not enough… it was a damn office in the capitol that was the final straw.

Three California Trailblazers Star Recruits – Maienschein, Cunningham and Mayes plotting to ditch the GOP and form their own caucus… until the small matter of an office in the capitol came up.

Remember – there are also extremely strong rumors that Maienschein was negotiating with the democrats before the 2018 election seeking some sort of a deal. This, if true, means that the cover story about Maienschein’s office being a factor in the decision may be quite false.

Since its’ 2011 inception, the California Trailblazers has been present and participated in the net loss of 13 GOP Seats in the State Legislature. 28-19 in the Assembly, 15-11 in the State Senate. How low can we go? Since its’ inception in 2011, the California Trailblazers has paid $2.3 Million in Salaries against a paltry $142,000 in candidate contributions. Jessica Patterson’s haul has been over $1.2 Million.

It looks like the net loss is headed up to 15. #EPICFAIL

Jan 102019

IF you take a look at Jessica Patterson’s Social Media, you’d be struck by one amazing fact… it stops in mid 2017. 

All the tweets about supporting New Way California – the group Chad Mayes started as his narcissistic rage over being called out on the Cap and Trade disaster, are gone. We all see those emails from New Way California and saw Jessica re-tweeting those tweets. Nope, not any more we don’t. Re-tweeting items critical of the President were also present, and they are gone as well.

I am pretty sure archive services will be our go to, in order to attempt to ascertain more about her. Anything put on the internet exists somewhere and can never be completely covered up. 

We know she has a long history with Meg Whitman’s and other well financed establishment type of campaigns. We know she was involved in efforts to eviscerate the CAGOP Platform and defend Proposition 14. 

Perhaps this blurb in the Sacramento Bee sheds some light. Mike Madrid, a former GOP Consultant who likes to call Republican volunteers Nazis who consistently trashes President Trump is called upon by the Sacramento Bee. (The Bee like other leftist media outlets looks for “consultants” with full-blown TDS for quotes): 

WHO WILL LEAD THE CA GOP? (from the Sac Bee Capitol Alert)

California Republicans will select their next leader at the party’s Feb. 22-24 convention. Lost in the news cycle this week was a major development. David Hadley, vice chairman of the CA GOP, told supporters he’d withdraw from the race.

“I no longer believe that I can prevail on February 24 while still running a campaign to unify the delegates and walk forward together after the convention,” Hadley wrote in an email to his supporters. “As a result, I have decided to suspend my campaign for chair, and to release my many endorsers and supporters to evaluate other candidates.”

Activist Steve Frank and former Assemblyman Travis Allen are the two remaining candidates at this time, and Allen is the presumptive favorite.

But some California political insiders believe another candidate will soon emerge. (Blogger’s Note: This is a link to Chad Mayes’ Chief of Staff Joe Justin)

A representative for political consultant Jessica Patterson would not confirm the any details, but said Patterson would be making an announcement in the coming days. She is expected to have the backing of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Republican political consultant Mike Madrid is displeased with all the available options because of their strong support for President Donald Trump. California Republicans lost seven of their seats in the House of Representatives in November’s midterm election. Madrid worries Allen will lead the party down the wrong path if he’s elected.

“The path that he’s pursuing is obviously flawed, and it’s not going to work,” Madrid said of Allen. “He wants to stay relevant. There ‘s plenty of people in Republican politics who want to be captain of the Titanic.”

Madrid fear the California GOP “will be broke within six months because the donor community as it exists will completely abandon the party.”

Quoting Mike Madrid about anything Republican is like asking a drug addict about moderation. That said, I do find it interesting that the implication of this update is that Jessica Patterson will be the most anti-trump of the people running for CAGOP Chair. It is clear they have read the same (since deleted) social media posts from Patterson. 

Remember, Patterson worked for / or publicly supported Marco Rubio and later John Kasich. She was also known to have been publicly defending Chad Mayes during the Cap and Trade Drama. The plot thickens…

Meantime, having Mike Madrid attack Travis Allen in the Sacramento Bee is a badge of courage. Note that Stephen Frank gets nary a mention. 

P.S. for more on Mike Madrid enjoy this post.

Jan 062019

For those of you that are avid readers of Right on Daily, you will realize that I am favorable to two candidates for CAGOP Vice Chair. Corrin Rankin has a higher upside for the CAGOP in my opinion. She has more potential and talent, thus making the tiebreaker. While Corrin is relatively new to being a candidate, the talent level is compelling. All this and she is a rock-solid conservative with a following:

The field for CAGOP offices is far from set. I am aware of yet another possible entrant in to the CAGOP Vice Chair Race from Lassen County. The field as it sits now is Corrin Rankin, Peter Kuo and Charlie Schaupp. David Hernandez is not running. 

There are various theories about why Kevin McCarthy has decided to flex his muscles as of late. It would appear to me that it is as much about self-preservation as anything. With only 7 GOP reps left, 2 of which are under siege, it would seem that McCarthy wants to cover his backside. It is a standard procedure for politicians that feel threatened to attempt to exert control.

We had introduced you to Jessica Patterson. She should be publicly announcing her candidacy for CAGOP Chair tomorrow. She has been on the phone with a lot of people. Patterson has quite a pedigree – Meg Whitman for Governor being the most noteworthy. After Whitman’s $150MM debacle, Patterson, along with Mitch Zak and Jeff Randle started California Trailblazers. This was to have been a flagship operation aimed at recruiting quality Republican candidates for state level office. It heralded with much fanfare with Kevin McCarthy being the public face of it.

Since the foundation of California Trailblazers, the GOP has gone from 28-20 in the Assembly and 14-11 in the State Senate. Despite having enough Republicans to forestall tax increases at most times recently, the democrat majority has never had to worry about finding the handful of Republican votes to pass their taxes. Now, they no longer need Republican votes for anything with 75% majorities in both houses. (taxes require 2/3)

I can only conclude that Kevin McCarthy wants to being the Trailblazers formula to the CAGOP. 

There are a couple of other possible angles. In the wake of the Chad Mayes disaster – Vincent Fong had attempted to gain critical mass to become Assembly Permanent Minority Leader. Fong, while incredibly conservative, is an acolyte of McCarthy. He is also close to Patterson, Zak and Randle. 

There is a similar dynamic to Shannon Grove. One of her top advisers is the wife of the late political Godfather Mark Abernathy. The Abernathy’s held an iron grip on everything Kern County, and to a lesser extent Tulare. If not Grove, then Jim Nielsen could also be tapped as he still has 4 years left before term limits. 

It is the opinion of this blogger that the CAGOP Chairman’s race is part of the three-piece set for Team McCarthy. It is clear that either Vincent Fong or James Gallagher will have the votes necessary in the Assembly, with 4 out of 5 of the recent losers being supporters of the current regime. It is also my opinion that Shannon Grove / Jim Nielsen would have little opposition if Pat Bates stepped aside on the Senate Side.

While I reiterate that I do not know Jessica Patterson well, I do know her by the causes and candidates she has worked with/for. With McCarthy in the background and the pedigree, she is going to have a tough sell to a lot of the rank and file CAGOP delegates.

At one point, former Assemblymember David Hadley was the choice of the Establishment. He is not even being rumored as a candidate for Vice Chair at this point (the position he currently holds). It would appear that Hadley has been completely abandoned. It remains to be seen what Hadley’s next move is.

Note: Right On Daily has endorsed Travis Allen for CAGOP Chairman. 

CAGOP Secretary – there will be an opponent to would be platform destroyer Dan Trimble. The information is embargoed at this time.

CAGOP Treasurer – there are rumors of an opponent to Greg Gandrud.

This would be the first time in years we would have so many candidates for CAGOP office. I think this is a good thing.