May 302012

(This was one of my first posts on Jeff Seaton – it is re-posted because JeffSeaton is calling Jennifer Minton a liar over her robotic phone call received in Amador County recently. Please remember that the Amador County Republican Party endorsed Jeff Seaton after their Chairman Arnold Zeiderman got another Seaton supporter appointed to the committee to provide the margin for endorsement.)

Criminal Defense Attorneys. They are a necessary evil until evil overcomes them.

Jeff Seaton is a defense attorney in Amador County who believes our criminal justice system forces defendants to run the gauntlet. Now he wants to run for Judge and turn the tables.

He has defended the scum of the Earth. He puts his heart and soul into the defense of scum, victim be damned.

In one horrific case – Jennifer Minton, a school teacher, was brutally assaulted by parolee Jeffrey Allan Tate while riding her bike along a peaceful Amador country road.  Minton was so badly injured that part of her intestines were hanging out from the terrible wound Tate had inflicted on her. The facts were overwhelming and the jury convicted Tate despite the argument by Jeff Seaton that Tate was the real victim because of his disturbed childhood. At sentencing, Seaton objected to the victim being allowed to make a statement, stating that, “She just wanted to make a good news clip.” Then in an act of contempt to the jury and court, Seaton turned his back to Minton during her remarks – including talking to someone else. Tate was sentenced to life in prison + 5 years and 10 months, the maximum sentence possible… however, he was eligible for Parole just 10 years later.

Incredibly, Seaton writes on his campaign website the following words that belie his insincerity:

The first thing I want to establish is that I strongly believe in, and support, law and order.  Who doesn’t?  Everyone must be held accountable for his/her behavior and conduct.  Punishment for a crime should be commensurate with the crime committed.”

How can a voter believe such a statement? You can trust that Seaton’s future behavior as a Judge will probably change very little  from his past behavior as a criminal attorney.  Look at his contempt for crime victims.

He defended Kerry Cook – who killed a Teacher in a DUI. Later, the same Kerry Cook committed another DUI and finally went to prison.

In People vs Olson – an officer was assaulted in course of his duties and Seaton was able to manipulate and twist the facts make it the officer’s fault and got the defendant off.  That criminal defendant, Olson, had two strikes at the time – the Third came when Olson was convicted of a Hate Crime and threat that got him 27 to life. Seaton made it possible for Olson to effectively get a fourth strike.

This is what Seaton means by Punishment for a crime? Get ’em off so they can do more damage?

As I previously mentioned – Seaton has received a large check from the Jackson Rancheria and apparently has the support of the Amador establishment. Why?


May 292012

I am a liar.

I was a liar for posting documents from the CRP showing all the delegates appointed by Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa whose proxies were in the hands of Bay Area Liberals to be used to trash the CRP Platform.

I am now a liar for pointing out that the Lincoln Tea Party has aligned itself with the Pro-Choice, No on 8 Liberal Republicans in a renewed jihad against the Conservatives of the Placer CRA.

The facts are stubborn things – so I decided to make it simpler to find the information about how Charles Munger recognized the alignment and separately and independently decided to fund the campaigns of the “Tea Party 5”.

Charles Munger  donated to a Pac called: California Senior Advocates League Pac. You can click this link and scroll down to see all the democrats they are supporting, then you will see a bunch of familiar names.

In case it is difficult to see, click here to see the Munger Money on Behalf of

Ken Campbell
Dan Catania
Carol Wilson
Phyllis Wing
Gary Hall

Now – you can also cilck here to see the donation to this PAC of $100K  by Charles Munger.

Here I go lying again.

Please note this comment from Lincoln Tea Party leader Jim Ricketts:

By the way, jerk, I’m the one that “. . . has targeted the Placer GOP Central Committee” not Munger!  I’m the one that recruited these people to run against you and your thugs – not to attack conservatives, but to remove the corruption of people who care more about power than they do about their country!

There is a reason why many are wary of Tea Parties – people like Jim Ricketts are blinded with Rage (as is Ken Campbell) against people they think have wronged them and it causes compromise.

Charles Munger knew what he was doing when he invested $45k in the Placer GOP Cent Com race and he knew what he was doing when he invested in the Lincoln Tea Party members.

Whether they asked for the money or not is immaterial. Charles Munger would not have intervened in this race to support anyone other than those he thought would support the Placer CCR and their attempt to Moderate the Committee.

In the end, Munger wants a moderate Chairman in order to get control of the large number of delegates we get in Placer – but I am a liar for pointing out the Lincoln Tea Parties’ complicity in the Jihad against the conservatives in Placer.

That’s the issue – personal vendettas cause embarrassment and compromise. Deal with it Lincoln Tea Party – it just torched your credibility.

May 282012

What would you think if you saw five members of the Lincoln Tea Party on the list of candidates that Charles Munger spent $41,452 attempting to elect to Placer GOP Central Committee?

Charles Munger is a liberal billionaire from the Bay Area that is spending big bucks to hunt conservatives all over California. He supports Gun Control and his sister, Molly is feverishly spending millions to put a massive tax increase on the November ballot.

Phyllis Wing is reputedly Pro-Life and Pro-Prop 8, but she is a board member of the Placer County Republican Congress. The Placer County Republican Congress website says, “…mainstream, fiscally conservative, pro-business and socially tolerant citizens.”

Phyllis, Carol Wilson, Dan Catania, Gary Hall and a former Placer CRP Chairman Ken Campbell are all being funded by Charles Munger. All are members of the “Tea Party United” in Lincoln. Phyllis and Ken are hard-core Doug LaMalfa disciples. (I’d assume that the others are as well)

Doug LaMalfa’s staff were paid by Charles Munger in an attempt to annihilate the California Republican Party platform – including removal of the Pro-Life and the Pro-Family planks (see also Proposition 8 ) from the CRP platform. When this evidence was uncovered – Phyillis and others refused to believe it was true, despite the firestorm that Doug LaMalfa received as a result.

And – the attacks on Prop 8 are back. There is an assembly race here locally that features Prop 8 and Charles Munger as a central issue.

The Placer County Republican Assembly controls the Central Committee currently. Most of our members are staunchly pro prop-8. Charles Munger is not, in fact, he was part of a $3 million effort to sway four Republican State Senators in New York to legalize Gay Marriage.

Apparently, he has targeted the Placer GOP Central Committee in his latest play to attack conservatives. His allies? The Lincoln “Tea Party United” and the Placer County Republican Congress.

We expected the Placer County Republican Congress to come calling – their leaders, Mike Holmes, Jon Green and Cheryl Bly-Chester take turns disrupting meetings over minor issues just because they are angry that the Placer CRA continues to hold power in the committee despite theirs and Doug LaMalfa’s best efforts.

Linked here is a PAC called the California Senior Advocates League Pac – click the link, you will find that they are spending gobs of money on Democrats and (((POOF))) two Republican Central Committees. Placer and San Bernardino.

So Liberal Democrats like Steve Clute, Charlotte Solovos, Joe Coto and Jason Hodge are beneficiaries along with the 5 from the Lincoln Tea Party.

If you click here – you will see a who’s who of Democrat leaning PAC’s and Charles Munger on the donor list. If you look close, you will see that the $100k that Munger chipped in is roughly the same amount as the total of the IE’s on the two Central Committee Races.

What does the Placer GOP Central Committee have to do with a bunch of competitive Democrat races? It has to be the conservative values of the CRA members being targeted.

The Placer GOP was one of the largest thorns in the side of the attempted Moderate takeover of the California Republican Party – and now Ken Campbell, the formerly Conservative Chairman of the Placer GOP along with 4 recruits in the Lincoln “Tea Party United” are on the Munger team?

The Irony? In 2002 – 10 years ago, the Placer County Republican Congress attempted to take over the Placer GOP Cent Com in an effort to unseat then chairman Ken Campbell!

Of no surprise? Spencer Short, a Liberal Republican Lincoln Councilmember – not only hid his title as councilmember from the ballot, but he faces a tough re-election in the fall because of the financial train wreck that is Lincoln. He is on the Munger team.

Doug LaMalfa’s appointee to Placer County – Murriel Oles is a pro-choice, no on 8 Munger Team Member and Tim Buescher, the father of LaMalfa staffer Lisa Buescher is also on the team.

You have a choice for Placer GOP Central Committee and don’t let the Tea Party label fool you.

Visit to see who the Pro-life, Pro-Prop-8 Conservatives really are.

May 272012

What? Isn’t that Obama’s Line?

Wait!? The Amador County Republican Party endorsed Jeff Seaton for Judge… Right? (They called a second meeting, Zeiderman lied to people and said the matter would not come up, they appointed a Seaton Supporter to fill a vacancy and got an 8-4 vote)

Aaron, you have gone too far with this one… I mean, we all know about the $5,000 donation from the Left-Wing Law Firm in LA County that files environmental lawsuits. But, that’s just ONE donor… (That firm donated to Tony Cardenas and Darrell Steinberg as well)

We all know about the Casino – but a lot of tribes support Republicans, right? ($10,000 in to a Judge race is unprecedented)

Here is the Coup D’Etat…

Who is Lloyd Levine? Lloyd Levine is a far-left former Assembly-member. How is Lloyd Levine connected to Jeff Seaton?

First off – let’s understand more about Lloyd Levine:

Lloyd Levine is married to Edie Lambert of Channel Three in Sacramento, he was known for his efforts to ban incandescent light bulbs and his obsession with banning plastic bags from grocery stores.

He currently runs a consulting firm in Sacramento as he lost a Primary for State Senate to Fran Pavley because he just wasn’t far left enough for that Central LA District. (Fran Pavley is insanely left…)

Lloyd Levine also sits on the board of directors for Equality California – they are the group fighting to overturn Prop 8.

I call people like Lloyd Levine Kool-Aid Drinkers.

One of the things Lloyd Levine does do is run political mail – this is where Jeff Seaton comes in.

There is a piece of mail called the Coalition for Literacy Newsletter with Lloyd Levine on it in all his glory.

On the back is the money shot – they recommend that you vote for:

Marc Boyd for Assembly. Boyd is a Lib Dem with no chance of beating Bigelow or Rico Oller. (I support Oller for AD-05)

Barack Obama
Dianne Feinstein

… and Jeffrey D. Seaton for Judge.

There are about 9 days left until election day… and I am waiting for the other shoe to drop again. Jeff Seaton is the total package, please Amador County, return him to his Law Practice and to the building he will have to vacate by 7/31.

May 262012

This was left on the post describing the second candidate forum and was compelling enough to warrant its’ own separate highlighting…

This was left by DStahl. (I know the comment poster’s identity and feel no need to post it publicly)

As the Ledger has closed comments I am hoping to use your blog as an avenue to get my letter the Amador County Voters.

Mr. Mitchell, I have a headline for you, “Amador Superior Court Candidate Throws Temper Tantrum and Belittle Audience Members in Public Forum,” This, I am sure, will catch the attention of a broader range of readers than your last failed article. You see Mr. Mitchell; readers of the Ledger want to read about truths and facts not bias opinions and hearsay.
Let me give you some facts. Last night I attended a forum hosted by the ACBA. Both Mr. Hermanson and Mr. Seaton were held to answer an onslaught of questions. Most of which were of their character and moral turpitude. Mr. Hermanson prevailed in this arena by showing his professionalism and ethics. Not once did he attack or attempt to slander the question seeker, in order to deter the audience away from the questions being asked, but eloquently explained his reasoning behind his actions. Mr. Hermanson was in true form when he discussed the future of Amador County, his commitment to the community and plans for the future betterment and safety of the county he proudly calls home.
Mr. Seaton did not fair so well. Unless otherwise, rehearsed with friends who attended the forum, Seaton would result to stumbling, evading or demeaning those who sought the truth. One such incident was where he was asked about using pain medication during a trial. The questioner held up a set of court minutes proving Seaton’s admission of using the black labeled medication during the trial and then another court document where Seaton adamantly denied using the mind altering drugs. The question imposed was, “Mr. Seaton which day did you lie to the Judge?” His response was unfathomable. Instead of answering the question, a red faced Seaton, shocked the members of the assembly by divulging details in an on going case he was privy to as he was, at one time, hired as defense counsel for the son of the inquirer. Seaton didn’t stop there. He took his digs where he could, insult them a few more times before he sauntered back to his chair.
Another member of the audience asked if Seaton would be able to control his outbursts and temper if he were to become judge. In pure Seaton style he proclaimed, “If I am attacked, I will defend myself!” It must of have been the appalled look on the faces of the Amador County voters that encouraged him to follow his arrogant statement up with a long winded explanation about the process of a self recusal. Seaton further went on to say, if he felt he could not control his cantankerous explosions he would exercise that privilege.
I for one am disgusted and embarrassed for Amador County. I implore my fellow community members to consider carefully when you vote for Judge. This crucial decision has a huge impact with a trickle down effect that can touch the lives of each and every one of us. Please, don’t base your votes on who has lived here longer or the “who’s who”. It’s about qualifications, character, ethics and who the right man for the bench is. I for one know that, that right man is Steve Hermanson.

Folks – the rocks are crying out against Jeff Seaton.