May 212012

We have competitive races in every district. There are a variety of reasons… there are Moderates that disagree with the Conservative leadership of the Central Committee and there are some leftovers of the Team LaMalfa character attacks of two years ago.

The bottom line is that the Placer CRA will be meeting on 4/4 and finalizing our team – that being said, here is who I am supporting for Placer GOP Central Committee District by District.

All the people on this list are CRA members (or CRA aligned) – they are Fiscal Conservatives, Pro-Gun, Prop-8 supporters… the Committee is elected by Supervisor District:

D1 (In the order you will see them on your ballot): Vote for 7

Eric Eisenhammer
Ryan Pinney
Jim D’Orso
Scott Jefferson
Phil Ozenick
Gordon Hinkle
Tom Hudson

D2 Vote for only these 5:

David Patterson
Damian Armitage
Chris Schaff
Roger Salstrom
Noreen Skillman


Aaron F Park
Ed Rowen
Greg Janda
Bryan Taylor
Bill Halldin
Ken Hubert
Hayley Voudouris


George Park
Jeff Atteberry
Lynn McCaleb
Joe Dorr
Scott Johnson
Mike Frey
Lynn Kyme

D5 (Vote for only these 4)

Fred Eichenhofer
Ken Higgins
Mark Wright
Beth Wright


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