Feb 162021

So – this is what Team Jessica is doing to try and win the election! (Along with Steve is a racist) When the 1990’s era consultants can’t control the outcome, they cheat and they lie. (The steal part does not come until election day)

I am laying out evidence to prove both assertions. I give you Mark Spannagel’s latest:

[email protected]
Steve I voted for you to be president of the California Republican Party. I am xxxxxxxxxxxx of chico republicans women. At a central committee meeting an aid to one of our congressman said you were friends with Bob Mullholand of Chico. He is a very notorious dem. Is this true?
There are a string of dubious county parties in the North State that Spannagel, David Stafford Reade and others control. Butte – run by a Nielsen Staffer Saolo Londono (who has a major league anger management issue) is probably one of the most legit in their orbit. However, the fact that Spannagel has to go lie to them in order to keep them in line is telling. Note: Bob Mulholland and his wife live in the area and Spannagel, Saolo and crew ran his wife off the Butte County board of Supervisors a couple of elections ago – so he is a boogie man there.
Lying is not new to Mark Spannagel. Even though the Marysville Appeal Democrat and the Redding Record Searchlight have long since archived the 10-year-old articles… I cut and pasted the Marysville article in to a blog post from years ago to prove the FBI investigation lie.
Note that the Redding Record-Searchlight reporter referenced in the blog is Bruce Ross. Mr. Ross now works for Megan Dahle and is an appointed CRP Delegate from Shasta County. Ross is a good dude and always has been.

Chiefs of staff for two Yuba-Sutter area state legislators have been booted from a conservative grassroots organization over claims they committed membership fraud and were disruptive.

The board of the directors of the California Republican Assembly voted 36-2 in separate motions Saturday to expel Mark Spannagel, chief of staff to state Sen. Doug LaMalfa, R-Richvale, and David Reade, chief of staff to Assemblyman Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber.

Aaron Park, sergeant at arms for the CRA, said Reade manipulated units of the assembly to get the group’s endorsement for Mitt Romney during the 2008 presidential primary. And Reade and Spannagel submitted records of association members who weren’t actually affiliated at all, Park said.

“These instances go back as far as 2007,” said Park, adding Reade is expelled for 10 years and Spannagel for five.

The expulsions do not affect either man’s position with LaMalfa and Nielsen nor their status as registered Republicans, Park said. Reade and Spannagel can appeal their expulsions when the statewide assembly meets for a convention, which could happen in either November or January.

Spannagel said he hadn’t attended the meeting where the expulsion vote happened.

“If that’s the way they want to go, that’s the way they want to go,” he said. He pointed out members of the Placer County Republican Central Committee, including Park, are under investigation by the FBI and state Fair Political Practices Commission.

Reade said he’d also make note of the ongoing investigations.

“The once venerable California Republican Assembly has fallen into disrepute under the current rogue leadership,” he said. “They’ve lost any legitimacy as an organization, and it’s sad.”

Former CRA President Mike Spence and U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock have recently criticized the CRA’s current leadership for infighting and moving to purge some members rather than reform itself.

Once called by Ronald Reagan as the conscience of the Republican Party, the California Republican Assembly bills itself as the largest conservative grassroots group in the state.

It has been 10 years. No FPPC. No FBI. nada. Maybe Spannagel should ask Bob Mulholland about this too.

When I wrote that I know these people, I meant it. I have at least 20 years of history with them and it is mostly bad. These are the people Jessica Patterson is relying on to get Re-Elected.

Feb 152021

The end game for the consultants that control the CAGOP.

In 2011, I was in a war on the same side with Steve Frank and others to save the CRA from the consultants and most of the state legislature. Sound familiar? IT should, it is EXACTLY what is going on in 2021. They controlled fake CRA units in Glenn, Tehama, Yuba, Sutter, Yolo, and Siskyiou Counties. They were used to generate delegates to screw legitimate CRA units out of a voice in endorsing conventions – and influenced CRA officer elections. The tensions over this fraud came to a head in 2011. Fortunately for the CRA – they lost and the real activists won.

Just so you get a flavor of what we are dealing with – during that same time period they attacked the Placer CRA and the Placer GOP with accusations of money laundering and fraud (Sound familiar? See also the racism whisper campaign against Steve Frank). The allegations made it in to the front page of the Sacramento Bee quoting then Senators Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines repeating the allegations. They had the story pulled later because I had been using it to embarrass them, but I got a copy of the Modesto Bee version for all time. They also accused us of being investigated by the FBI. Some people believe that lie to this day 10 years later. No investigations, no visits, nothing.

These are the people I call the 1990’s era consultants. Their playbook is the same every time as they are incapable of deviation.

This is nothing new to David Stafford Reade. 10 years earlier when Rico Oller defeated the late Bernie Richter for State Senate – Reade accused Rico Oller and several of his staff of being investigated by the FBI over some bizarre hunting incident. Reade even created a fake newspaper that was used to reveal personal details of a dark period in Rico Oller’s marriage. The Paper, called the North State Business Journal, sent exactly one edition only. David Stafford Reade has 3 DUI’s, one that included marijuana posession and evading the police. I’ve received dozens of reports from terrified activists all over the north state about his temper.

Reade is Kevin Faulconer’s Grassroots Coordinator. He is also Jessica Patterson’s campaign manager, and the campaign appears to be mirroring his personality. You need to know what is being done to you to keep control of the party and who is doing it. David Stafford Reade, Andy Garakhani, Mark Spannagel, Scott Winn, Tom Ross, et al. I’ve written about the unethical tactics of all of them many times. 

Mark Spannagel for his part got hammered by the FEC for violating federal campaign finance law on behalf of now Congressman Doug LaMalfa. He made an attack website against the late Sam Aanestad and tried to make it look like it was paid for by Michael D’Acquisto – an also ran candidate in the same race for Congress. Years prior, I saw Spannagel destroying signs but I could not get a good photo of him with a 2002 era camera. That was 19 years ago. I know these people well.

Your intrepid blogger is one of the very few people that has ever locked horns with David Stafford Reade and come out stronger because of it. He has made sure I am on every blacklist imaginable for political work, yet my part time side job of doing political work has flourished. The crazed grifter Joe Collins, David Stafford Reade, a convicted felon, are all the kinds of people Jessica Patterson has surrounded herself with.

This gets me to Tehama County. There are several county parties in the North State that have been vassals of David Stafford Reade. I wrote about the garbage that went down in Shasta County. Three people filed and the three Republican electeds unified behind the pro-choice liberal Cathy Kneer (The blog linked starts with the Shasta incident before San Bernardnio) and then appointed Doug LaMalfa and Jim Nielsen staffers to fill the 18(!) unfilled slots.

However, in Tehama County they did not even have the same kind of sham meeting like Shasta County.

No one filed for election in Tehama County meaning that the only members of the Tehama GOP were Doug LaMalfa, James Gallagher, and Jim Nielsen. State Law Requires that those three were to have an in person meeting to organize Tehama County as there is no provision for zoom or a conference call in the election code. The odds of that happening are about the same as the Jaguars winning the Super Bowl in 2022.

What I have learned is that the California Republican Party’s Staff are doing minimal follow up on paperwork submitted – except in the case of Modoc County.

I have a now 5 day old request to the CAGOP’s staff to see the paperwork submitted by counties to get extra delegates and the proof. If a county with 15% Republican registration claims to have a precinct operation, I want to see proof that 25% of the precincts in that county were covered. What about the lists of Republican electeds? Are they complete and accurate? What is done to follow up on the “Certification Process”? 

The refusal to follow up on these basic items could account for at least 30-40 dubious convention delegates. Most all will be Jessica Patterson supporters. It is also possible that some of the claimed items are legitimate – but given that people like David Stafford Reade are managing the drill you can never take them at their word. See also dozens of nominees promised help that got none.

Somehow, Tehama organized their committee and have a Chairman and a Treasurer. It is like magic. Carl Brickey, the author of the complaints against Mike Madrid and the other three trump haters that openly campaigned for democrats has filed a formal complaint over Tehama County:

February 15, 2021

Danielle Cullum, Operations Director

California Republican Party

1001 K Street, Fourth Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 448-9496 x225

[email protected]

Ms. Cullum:

Sections 7400 to 7470 of the California Elections Code governs county central committee membership, elections, meetings, and general business. In Tehama County, no candidates filed for the county central committee in the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary Election.[1] As there were no elected members, the three ex-officio members were the only county central committee members: Rep. Doug LaMalfa (CD1), Sen. Jim Nielsen (SD4), and Asm. James Gallagher (AD3).[2] According to the Elections Code, “At the first meeting, a committee shall organize by selecting a chairperson, a secretary, and any other officers and committees as it deems necessary for carrying on the affairs of this party.”[3]

As the Tehama County Chairman, Michael Holtsclaw was a regular delegate during the last state central committee term.[4] He is again listed as a regular delegate for the current state central committee term.[5] Is Mr. Holtsclaw the current Tehama County Chairman? Is he a regular delegate for another position?  If he is the current Tehama County Chairman, that raises some pertinent questions. These questions also affect the regular delegate status of the Treasurer of that committee as well.


  1. Was an organizational meeting held? If so, when and where was the meeting convened? Note there is no provision in election law for anything other than an in-person meeting, which would have still been possible in that part of the state.


  1. Was the organizational meeting noticed to all members? Is there a date and time stamped record of the notice such as an email or stamped mail that proves there was notice?


  1. Were bylaws adopted? If so, were the officers of the county central committee selected in accordance with the bylaws?


  1. Are there minutes of the organizational meeting?


These questions and proof are germane to determining if the Organizational meeting was correct or defective. There is also no time to cure a defective organizational meeting before this convention as well.

It is my goal and purpose to make sure all central committees are being held to the same standards and I am sure you will agree. Thank you for your assistance in answering these questions. If you have any questions for me, I can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at (916) 806-XXXX.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carl Brickey

Appointed Delegate, California Republican Party (2021-2022)

Executive Vice President, California Republican Assembly

[1] County of Tehama, Statement of All Votes Cast for the Consolidated Presidential Primary Election, March 3, 2020, accessed February 13, 2021, http://www.co.tehama.ca.us/images/stories/elections/20200303SOV.pdf.

[2] Cal. Elec. Code § 7404.

[3] Cal. Elec. Code § 7441.

[4] CRP Delegate List, accessed June 12, 2020.

[5] CRP Delegate List, accessed February 8, 2021.

Remember, Danielle Cullum got her first job in Politics from David Stafford Reade. He also helped get her hired by the CAGOP. It should be interesting to see how they attempt to ignore or discard this complaint.

When I talk about cheating and rigging the election – the examples of staff playing games, refusing to verify paperwork and fake county parties are all items I present as evidence… in addition to the bullying, buying off candidates with empty promises and the deceptive proxy harvesting practices.

To Be Continued…

Doug LaMalfa caught paying for illegal website???

 Dave Gilliard, Doug LaMalfa, Mark Spannagel  Comments Off on Doug LaMalfa caught paying for illegal website???
May 302012

What did Dave Gilliard know and when did he know it?

The Redding Record-Searchlight just lit up Doug LaMalfa again. The same day as the illegal website attacking Sam Aanestad was registered – Mark Spannagel was paid $135 for “Media Related Services” the same day that he registered the illegal website.

Now we know why Doug LaMalfa has not terminated Mark Spannagel – it appears that Mark Spannagel was acting under orders from Dave Gilliard / Doug LaMalfa. This sort of sleaze is consistent for Dave Gilliard – as Gilliard’s grip on several races is loosening, he is getting progressively more desperate and hysterical in the attacks and tactics used.

Any political cub scout could have found this. Dave Gilliard is usually pretty adept at hiding thousands of dollars of expenses off of candidates political filings – but apparently, in their arrognace, Spannagel, LaMalfa and Gilliard thought they would not get caught.


LaMalfa’s committee paid Mark Spannagel $4,500 on April 17 and $135 on April 18 for “media related services.”

Now, Dave Gilliard is writing a limp-wristed, Mark Spannagel is not with the campaign anymore email.

Oh Gheez. But Spannagel still works for State Senator Doug LaMalfa.

The Record Searchlight requested the receipt from LaMalfa’s campaign, but its spokesman, Dave Gilliard, said he was on the road and was not involved with the finance reporting to the Federal Election Commission.

Come on, Gilliard.

Accountability has arrived for Doug LaMalfa, “He Ain’t one of us.”

The Redding Record-Searchlight article is linked here.

Mark Spannagel Continues to Bleed Doug LaMalfa’s Campaign

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May 242012

We take a break from our regularly scheduled beatings of Arnie Zeiderman and Jeff Seaton to post a press release from the Aanestad for Congress campaign. Please note that Sam Aanestad’s opponent (Doug LaMalfa) was a driving force behind Arnie Zeiderman’s election to California Republican Party Vice Chairman Northern Region.

Did He or Didn’t He?

Doug LaMalfa’s “Evolving” Position on Dirty Campaign Tactics

LaMalfa: “It’s completely independent…”

Matt Ray: “Independent as in Spannegal [LaMalfa Chief of Staff and paid campaign staffer] put it up…?” [KPAY-AM, 5/17/12]

Doug LaMalfa and the LaMalfa for Congress campaign have issued a number of false and contradictory statements about the illegal attack website,www.Sam4Congress.com, which has been traced back to LaMalfa Chief of Staff and paid campaign staffer Mark Spannegal.

What has Doug been saying? Well…let’s just say that his position has been “evolving.”

First he said, “It wasn’t me!”

“…it was not authorized by my campaign in any way, it was not condoned by my campaign…” [Burney Tea Party Candidates Forum, 5/15/2012]

“Neither Doug LaMalfa, nor the LaMalfa campaign, had any knowledge or involvement in the construction or posting of the website in question, which just came to our attention this morning.” [Sacramento Bee, 5/15/2012]

“…It certainly wasn’t productive or helpful to what I’m trying to do so I don’t condone it…”–[Burney Tea Party Candidates Forum, 5/15/2012]

“…hopefully that chapter’s behind…” [Burney Tea Party Candidates Forum, 5/15/2012]

Then his campaign tried to deflect the controversy by saying “The other side is just whining.”

“Political satire has a long history in American politics, something that thin-skinned candidates, or those trying to hide their record, sometimes have trouble fully appreciating.” [Sacramento Bee, 5/15/2012]

“(The complaint) has no merit and is nothing but a political ploy meant to divert the voter’s attention away from the real issue and his real record.” [Redding Record Searchlight, 5/16/17]

“The campaign did not solicit or in any way put up a website like that there.” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

“…I didn’t solicit it, I didn’t really want it to happen but there it is…” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

And now Doug is saying, “I took it down now…what’s the big deal?”

“…the steps have been taken, [to] make it go away.” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

“…it’s been handled…” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

“…Well, when you look at what would be in there, I mean, I haven’t spent a lot of time looking at that stuff, but basically it was kind of like poking a little bit of fun at things and all that…” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

“…there it is and so we’ve taken steps to make it go away…” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

LaMalfa: “It’s completely independent…”

Matt Ray: “Independent as in Spannegal [LaMalfa Chief of Staff and paid campaign staffer] put it up…?”

[KPAY-AM, 5/17/12]

As the FEC begins its investigation on the illegal website and details on the civil lawsuit against LaMalfa’s campaign and his chief of staff come to light, it will be interesting to see how Doug LaMalfa’s position on the truth continues to “evolve.”