May 222012

I am not talking about his disintegrating campaign… I am referring to his life. I keep writing that I have never seen anything like this in the 15 years I have been in this game… I keep writing this again and again. It is like ground hog day.

I received a copy of the official public records from Jeff Seaton’s 3/20 Divorce Hearing in Sacramento Superior Court.

There is a lot in these records that you can learn about Jeff Seaton – even more than what I found from the 2011 records. It’s worse.

For validation purposes the first page of the four page declaration is here. I scanned the pages one at a time to prevent a reader from having to open a large file.

I ask you, dear readers – when you are reading this: 1. Why did the Amador County Republican Party endorse this guy? 2. Did Jack Mitchell of the Amador Ledger-Dispatch ruin his own credibility allowing a personal issue to carry him in to the middle of this?

Jeff Seaton got his clock cleaned by the judge at the 3/20 hearing. Apparently, the Judge believed as did the rest of us that Jeff was indeed married for 17+ years despite his request for an annulment.

When you read the complaint filed by the erstwhile ex – it indicates that Jeff Seaton lost a trial (imagine that) in September of 2009 and then appealed the decision resulting in a chain of events leading to a pre-trial settlement conference on 3/20.

According to the documents – Jeff Seaton never paid a dime of spousal support even though ordered to do so. His ex-wife Patricia reported no income at all.

In addition as I read on in the filing – I see that Jeff Seaton brought Nevada State law in to the original court case as well as introducing evidence characterized is “Inadmissible evidence in an effort to destroy the reputation…” So, Patty Seaton was treated like a Jeff Seaton treats a rape victim.

The filing goes on to reference that Jeff Seaton has his income taxes prepared by a family member and that family member “takes some very aggressive positions with regard to his business deductions”. (Hold this thought – this theme will recur)

As an aside – The court records show Jeff Seaton’s residence is on Climax Road in Jackson. Just like his campaign PO Box being 288 (aka child molestation), the scene of the Jeff Seaton “pool” parties is on Climax Road… I can’t make this up if I tried.

A couple of interesting tidbits before the main course:

1. Seaton indicates running up $70,000 in credit card debt charging attorney’s fees on credit cards.

2. Seaton also indicates that he believes that his ex should not get spousal support because she is living with someone in the Greenhaven area of Sacramento and that she got 90% of the furniture.

These statements give you a window in to the mind of Jeff Seaton (again)

I did not post the copies of the divorce filings, but I can produce them for backup if needed.

What I do have – is the subject of the next post as I break down the train wreck that is Jeff Seaton’s personal financial situation on paper.

There are also some amazing revelations in this information – stay tuned.

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  1. Yummy,going to read part 2 now.

  2. Keep it coming buddy! Your are doing a great service to our community.

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