May 252012

What a mess.

There are several things including two more tidbits that I have not previously mentioned that draw an amazing, yet sad picture.

Take a look at Jeff Seaton’s Personal Income Declaration, what’s missing? Line O – lists $0 charitable contributions. Jeff Seaton who is parading around town as MR. Veteran lists buy his own admission that he has given nothing to charity.

Given everything else, it makes sense. It also validates the story told by an elderly gentleman about the deceptive nature of the Seaton Veterans Day Fundraiser. It appears it was for him only.

Secondly on the 2nd Page where his assets are listed, there is a glaring and obvious admission on Jeff Seaton’s Part. He indicates in section 9 that his personal income has declined due to “The Economy and Health problems“. Jeff Seaton has a problem again – this declaration was made about a month after the 2/14 hearing where Purdue was convicted of child molestation even though it appears to be a result of Jeff Seaton being high as a kite. Seaton said in court he was on meds, then at the end of the trial 2/14/2012 says he was not on meds – then on 3/20/2012 appears to indicate that the condition that he was on then off of meds for affected his income!

Got all that? IT is called situational ethics. Neither befits a Judge. (why did the Amador GOP endorse this guy?)

When you read my previous posts – they paint a picture of a man who is financially compromised. He lists $100 in liquid assets, yet found $25k to buy a tract of land. IF you read his own numbers from his filings – he admits to being $250 a month underwater. I am sure some of this was an attempt to reduce the spousal support – and you should also note that the payments for the time-shares (all five of them!) aren’t listed anywhere (that I could see).

Jeff Seaton gets to keep the party pad on Climax Rd that is mortgaged up to the hilt. He gets to keep three timeshares that there is no way he can afford according to his numbers.

Either Jeff Seaton has other income that he is getting under the table (aka Tax Evasion), or his finances really are a train wreck. Neither befits a Judge. (why did the Amador GOP endorse this guy?)

Jeff Seaton admitted that he refused to pay spousal support even though he was required to pending appeal – as an apparent result, he lost his office building to his soon-to-be-ex. Is this the kind of behavior you want from a Judge?

He lists the Attorney’s fees as delinquent, the Court Fees as delinquent and the IRS! IF he can’t pay the court or the Government on time – what kinds of rulings could we expect from this guy!?

I’ve written about Jeff Seaton’s legendary contempt for Crime Victims – Brow Beating Rape victims, the unbelievable case of Jennifer Minton, Hiring a Child Psychologist to devastate a little girl who was molested – and the Amador Republican Party and others supporting Jeff Seaton either don’t care, or worse blame me because I stood up and started screaming about this!

Arnie Zeiderman should be recalled over this. This is a black eye for the Republican Party everywhere.

Let’s list the issues:

Contempt for Crime Victims
Abuse of Crime Victims
Massive Personal Debt
Sex Parties at his House
Lying about Charitable Involvement
Refusing to follow Court Orders
Delinquent Bills
Marital Infidelity
Drug Use while in Court
Possible Perjury / Disciplinary Action
Multiple Cases with Conflicts of Interest
$10,000 from the Casino
$5,000 from a left-wing law firm in LA
$150 (in-kind) from the ex-wife of an ex-client
And an Amador County Republican Party Endorsement.

I haven’t had to embellish any of this stuff – this is all available from Public Records about Jeff Seaton.

I have never seen anything like this and I pray that I never see anything close in the future regarding a candidate that I oppose. Mr. Seaton appears to be compromised in every area of his life and the fact that this man has a chance of being elected Judge should horrify everyone.

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