May 222012

The headline reads: Pam Tobin will “reduce Worker Furloughs and Increase Staffing in Placer (County)”.

This should be music to local 39’s ears and any other unions that have bought and control the Spendocrat party in California. The budget is out the door all the way.

The big loser here is Jack Duran – the so-called “Moderate” Democrat is outed as being “pro-worker” by Pam Tobin. I guess that $10k from the AFL-CIO really did buy a supervisor (along with the assistance of Ted Gaines).

Read the attached article – it is a doozy and is a very honest look in to the mind of a true liberal, 100% lack of regard for fiscal reality in pursuit of an ideological agenda.

P.S. – Placer County has a surplus because jobs have been left unfilled so that furloughs can be reduced and/or eliminated at the county level all together… So Jennifer Montgomery and her doppleganger Pam Tobin even lie when kissing up to their union masters!

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