May 232012

Divorce proceedings are always nasty, ugly and are revealing. Jeff Seaton’s is no different.

There are updated financial disclosures in the 3/20 settlement hearing documents that are worth mention.

First off on 3/20, Jeff Seaton got creamed.

$700 a month in Attorney’s fees ($12,500 balance)

$2500 a month in Spousal Support

Has to pay all court fees ($2,639 total)

… and there is more, but I will get to that later.

Jeff Seaton lists $4675 in Monthly Income and a $1882 Army Pension + $1,000 a month contributed by Darlene Humm, listed as his partner on the first page.

Seaton Asset List is here and lists $100 in liquid assets and a $200 balance in his checking account. (I’d have to assume those parties are expensive as hell to throw)

He also lists $7828.75 as his monthly bills vs. his total income of $7557.00. It seems that Mr. Seaton is running his finances the way Barack Obama or the State of California is. (Maybe that’s why that left-wing law firm gave him $5000?) But, it also ties in the statement that the erstwhile ex wrote about the accounting practices of Jeff Seaton’s family member who is his tax-preparer / accountant being super aggressive in how the numbers are run.

Why didn’t the court ask about Seaton’s deficit spending? Will Jeff Seaton have to file bankruptcy after he loses the Judge race?

This fact alone should be an embarrassment to Arnie Zeiderman and the Amador GOP – you’d think at some point with everything coming out about Jeff Seaton that someone there would speak up…

… I digress.

Looking further in to Seaton’s train Wreck – we see that the erstwhile defender and overseer of justice in Amador County has a litany of garbage on his itemized statement:

$322,271 in business debt secured against the Climax Rd property. (his home and the site of the pulled-pork-pool-parties)

A ton of credit card debt…

… with one card, the USAA (speaking of pimping military service) listed as delinquent.

Federal Income Taxes are listed as delinquent with the last payment made in 2011.

The attorney’s fees are listed as delinquent

The Court Costs are listed as delinquent

Three years of Spousal support is listed as a key issue elsewhere in the divorce filings.

Jeff Seaton for Judge – delinquent justice…

Two other things pop out as bizarre:

1. He has five time-shares that were on the list of things to fight over in the divorce filings. Two in Tahoe, One in Hawaii, One in Las Vegas and One in Cabo San Lucas – I guess the pool parties at Climax Rd, or “Chillin'” at Chicken Hill simply aren’t getting it done for Mr. Seaton?

2. Between the September 2009 original divorce proceedings and the 3/2012 shellacking Seaton received, he bought a parcel of land in Pioneer for $25,000. Where the hell did he get the money to pay cash for that?

Seaton did not get in over his head in debt overnight. Either that or the “creative accounting” is carrying the day. (Quite frankly, I’d love to have some of that for my own finances… wow…)

… and the supposedly “Fiscally Conservative” Amador GOP endorsed this guy? Really?

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