May 202012

This is the second half of our response to the absurd editorial in the Amador Ledger Dispatch by its’ editor Jack Mitchell.

He apparently hates Jeff Seaton’s opponent due in part to some perceived sleight and/or some sort of difficult interaction between the spouses. It all seems sketchy to me.

Jack Mitchell basically vented his spleen and usually when someone supports a candidate for office because they hate the other guy – their rationale for supporting the individual they support is usually… twisted.

“I don’t like that he suddenly joins a bunch of groups, shows up to a bunch of events and pretends to be involved, solely to get elected to a position. I think that is exactly what Hermanson has done in an effort to reach his only goal, which is to become a judge, at any cost.”

Jeff Seaton has half of Amador County over to his house for Booze, Dildos and some pulled pork – speaking of community involvement.

It is a good thing when anyone – including a candidate joins Rotary, Kiwanis, the Chamber of Commerce, etc. Giving back to the community is what you are supposed to do to be a well-rounded human being.

Not presenting oneself to the public would be an insult to the political process.

“I don’t like seeing court cases being discussed online on social networks as they are ongoing, which has occurred with Hermanson. I think it is short-sighted and dangerous.”

The reason Mr. Mitchell does not like seeing court cases discussed in other venues is because his newspaper has performed a journalism abortion on this whole matter. People need to know that Perdue was convicted of Child Molestation largely because of Jeff Seaton’s bungling. People need to know about Jeff Seaton’s demonstrated contempt for crime victims as demonstrated by his actions. People need to know about Jeff Seaton’s character, his finances, and his divorce case because it provides a window in to Jeff Seaton’s brand of jurisprudence.

Jack Mitchell knows this and there isn’t enough Jack Daniels in Amador County to alter perception enough to make the above not matter. (or weed in Chicken Hill)

“It should be obvious that I am going to be offended when someone goes online and publishes things like, “the Ledger Dispatch is a rag”

I never called the Amador Ledger-Dispatch a rag – I called it cat pan liner.

“His personal interactions with me and my family have resulted in some things being said that were less than flattering pertaining to Amador County, my occupation, the Ledger Dispatch, my family and me. And I suppose I kind of returned the favor in this endorsement for Jeff Seaton.”

And the truth finally comes out, thanks in part to this cyber-creep.

The irony is that the “endorsement” of Jeff Seaton is as retarded as the logic in the editorial and makes the Amador County Republican Party almost look legitimate in comparison.

Now – that is scarier.

My cat is scratching me, gotta go…

  3 Responses to “Channeling Jack Seaton-Mitchell Part 2”

  1. Hmmmm… now let’s see here.
    My wife doesn’t like your wife so I’m going to print a bunch of lies about you. I’m also going to support your opponent in a very serious election because of that.
    Scary that this kind of logic is coming from a newspaper publisher. Now, even folks from out of town(who now nothing about this election) can read Jack Mitchell’s rant and conclude that our local paper is spiraling out of control and descending rapidly into the center of Tabloid City.
    btw Jack, My daddy can beat up your daddy.

    Mr.Mitchell has reduced the Ledger Dispatch to “journalism” at it’s worst. Jack should be calling his bosses and begging their forgiveness.
    By the way, if anybody would like to comment to his boss, his contact info is as follows:

    Anthony A. Allegretti, President & CEO
    [email protected]

    I’m sure he would be happy to hear how Mr. Mitchell is abusing his position, throwing his character into the trash and taking the Ledger Dispatch down with him.

  2. His bosses know all about it, and apparently don’t care. He has a long history of doing just this type of thing with some pretty disastrous results. He embarrasses his staff frequently, and ignores their protestations.

    Even if Seaton were a decent candidate for judge, he’s just too old. He would cost Amador County a lot of money we can’t afford and we’d get no return on those dollars whatsoever. The last thing we need is another elderly and less than competent judge as in been there, done that, and already threw away the t-shirt.

  3. Aaron, there has to be something more that we can do to introduce the truth to everyone. Please tell me that this type of malicious activity can be stopped, somehow. How many generations does it take to bring us back to what we were? What do we need to do as a people of a community to ask for what is right?

    Phil: A long time ago the media ceased being the media and became propaganda. Sad, but true.

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