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IMG_3555Joe Montes for Congress is the real deal. He has created jobs, run businesses and also prosecuted the bad guys.

The above resume represents more than trust-fund baby Doug LaMalfa has accomplished in his entire life. LaMalfa has been used to having everything his way and handed to him on a silver platter.

Perhaps this is why he is regularly seen staggering drunk in the halls of Congress now that he is in an environment where he can’t get his own way. The good ole days of wrecking a mustang under suspicious circumstances and having both the $16k bill and the circumstances mysteriously disappear are long gone for Mr. LaMalfa in the meat-grinder of Washington D.C.

Joe Montes has helped create over 200 jobs in Butte County. Doug LaMalfa and his family have ripped us all off for $6 million plus in farm welfare and LaMalfa voted for a bill to make tracking future farm welfare payments much more difficult.

Worse, LaMalfa’s scores from Conservative advocacy groups are horrendous. Heritage has given him a D. When LaMalfa ran for State Senate against Rick Keene, he falsely portrayed himself as a Conservative and as “One of Us”.

He was neither then, and still is not now. I know dozens, perhaps hundreds who were deceived in to believing that Doug LaMalfa was a conservative leader. They are off the reservation now and this is the nexus for the serious challenge to LaMalfa’s hegemony.

The powers that be set up a retirement-handoff for Doug LaMalfa a few years ago to get in to congress and are hastily arranging the deck chairs for LaMalfa’s impending retirement.

Vote for Joe Montes now and send two messages, 1. We are done with insider games and 2. We get to pick our own representatives.

Nov 012012

(This was originally posted Aug 8, 2012 and has been moved for relevance)

I have been an officer in the California Republican Assembly for 10 years. I am forbidden from endorsing a Non-Republican for Partisan Office. In the 15 years I have been a Registered Voter and Political Activist, I have only voted for one Democrat – Gina Garbolino, the former Mayor of Roseville. I have never voted for anyone in a 3rd party or a DTS candidate, ever.

Doug LaMalfa is the Republican “Nominee” in the 1st Congressional District, and I am embarrassed for the Republican Party.

Doug LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff is getting sued for libel, his consultant had his office raided in the Bill Postmus corruption scandal and was routinely lambasted in the local media for bald-faced lying in mailers. Doug LaMalfa’s former campaign manager, David Stafford Reade has been the subject of legend in the North State and was most recently up to his neck in trying to decimate the California Republican Party Platform. Doug LaMalfa’s staff and delegates were recruited in to that effort.

With the above – you could say that LaMalfa is surrounded by corruption at best and at worst, Mr. LaMalfa is complicit in it.

Got doubts? It appears that Doug LaMalfa paid his chief of staff to violate federal election law – putting up an anonymous attack website and making it look like another candidate did it. Look at the payment to his chief of staff for “media related services” the day the attack website went live. Doug LaMalfa was lambasted all over north state media for this. He couldn’t even keep his story straight.

Doug LaMalfa claims to be “One of Us”. I don’t resent his wealth one bit – until you mix in the $5million in federal farm subsidies he has taken from us. Then I look at the stuff he and his family have – including a monster home in the Lake Almanor area reputed to be worth $4million. Then, I got angry – I get angrier when I look at his record of writing bills in the legislature to benefit himself and splitting the family farm six ways to circumvent the $180,000 a year per person farm welfare limit.

In similar fashion to his refusal to accept responsibility for the website, the attempts to destroy the GOP platform and the string of hypocricy – LaMalfa vigorously defends the Farm Welfare payments it appears he and his family are dependent on.

Even now, the “Republican” Congress is running a bill to make it more difficult for people like me to track Farm Welfare Payments. Doug LaMalfa’s primary backers support this effort.

It gets worse. LaMalfa claims to be a conservative – yet he and his team have been hell-bent to meet out revenge on anyone not 100% loyal. Since most of LaMalfa’s loyal supporters are liberals and moderates – this means that LaMalfa has been on a jihad against Conservatives in the North State. Doug LaMalfa prefers to endorse liberal Republicans over more conservative counterparts.

It just makes sense that team LaMalfa would try to destroy the Republican Party Platform.

I voted for Doug LaMalfa after he beat Rick Keene in the 2010 Primary for State Senate. I also attempted to make amends – despite the fact that LaMalfa and crew had engaged in what was then an 18 month campaign of slander with Local Tea Parties.

Not long after posting an apology on this blog to Mr. LaMalfa – he was quoted on the front page of the Sacramento Bee (in a media drill apparently run by his consultant Dave Gilliard) accusing my brother of committing felonies. Of course, his liberal allies on the local Central Committee jumped on this.

Doug LaMalfa by his actions and choices has forfeited the right to any Republican support.

When truly judged by his actions Doug LaMalfa represents the type of Republican that cost the GOP the House and the Senate in 2006.

No ethical or moral Republican voter should ever seriously consider voting for Doug LaMalfa under any circumstances. That is why this Conservative Republican Leader is advising any Republican voter in the 1st Congressional District to withhold their vote from Doug LaMalfa.

Mark Spannagel Continues to Bleed Doug LaMalfa’s Campaign

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May 242012

We take a break from our regularly scheduled beatings of Arnie Zeiderman and Jeff Seaton to post a press release from the Aanestad for Congress campaign. Please note that Sam Aanestad’s opponent (Doug LaMalfa) was a driving force behind Arnie Zeiderman’s election to California Republican Party Vice Chairman Northern Region.

Did He or Didn’t He?

Doug LaMalfa’s “Evolving” Position on Dirty Campaign Tactics

LaMalfa: “It’s completely independent…”

Matt Ray: “Independent as in Spannegal [LaMalfa Chief of Staff and paid campaign staffer] put it up…?” [KPAY-AM, 5/17/12]

Doug LaMalfa and the LaMalfa for Congress campaign have issued a number of false and contradictory statements about the illegal attack website,www.Sam4Congress.com, which has been traced back to LaMalfa Chief of Staff and paid campaign staffer Mark Spannegal.

What has Doug been saying? Well…let’s just say that his position has been “evolving.”

First he said, “It wasn’t me!”

“…it was not authorized by my campaign in any way, it was not condoned by my campaign…” [Burney Tea Party Candidates Forum, 5/15/2012]

“Neither Doug LaMalfa, nor the LaMalfa campaign, had any knowledge or involvement in the construction or posting of the website in question, which just came to our attention this morning.” [Sacramento Bee, 5/15/2012]

“…It certainly wasn’t productive or helpful to what I’m trying to do so I don’t condone it…”–[Burney Tea Party Candidates Forum, 5/15/2012]

“…hopefully that chapter’s behind…” [Burney Tea Party Candidates Forum, 5/15/2012]

Then his campaign tried to deflect the controversy by saying “The other side is just whining.”

“Political satire has a long history in American politics, something that thin-skinned candidates, or those trying to hide their record, sometimes have trouble fully appreciating.” [Sacramento Bee, 5/15/2012]

“(The complaint) has no merit and is nothing but a political ploy meant to divert the voter’s attention away from the real issue and his real record.” [Redding Record Searchlight, 5/16/17]

“The campaign did not solicit or in any way put up a website like that there.” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

“…I didn’t solicit it, I didn’t really want it to happen but there it is…” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

And now Doug is saying, “I took it down now…what’s the big deal?”

“…the steps have been taken, [to] make it go away.” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

“…it’s been handled…” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

“…Well, when you look at what would be in there, I mean, I haven’t spent a lot of time looking at that stuff, but basically it was kind of like poking a little bit of fun at things and all that…” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

“…there it is and so we’ve taken steps to make it go away…” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

LaMalfa: “It’s completely independent…”

Matt Ray: “Independent as in Spannegal [LaMalfa Chief of Staff and paid campaign staffer] put it up…?”

[KPAY-AM, 5/17/12]

As the FEC begins its investigation on the illegal website and details on the civil lawsuit against LaMalfa’s campaign and his chief of staff come to light, it will be interesting to see how Doug LaMalfa’s position on the truth continues to “evolve.”

Check out Video Clips from Sam Aanestad Press Conference Blasting LaMalfa

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May 192012

This clip is Sam Aanestad himself going over the litany of dirty campaigning by Team LaMalfa. Doug LaMalfa is endorsed by Ted Gaines, Beth Gaines, the establishment and uses Dave Gilliard as a consultant.

The significance is that Sam Aanestad held his press conference in front of Doug LaMalfa’s district office and the office was reported to have been dark for at least two days this week.

Mark Spannagel, Doug LaMalfa’s chief of staff was implicated by subpoenaed records for creating an attack website against Sam Aanestad – fraudulently claiming it was done by Micheal Dacquisto, failing to report the independent expenditure and for possible violation of Federal Election coordination rules.

This clip is Aanestad attorney Barry Pruett discussing the legal details of the case. Pruett later filed legal action against Doug LaMalfa.

As of yet, there has been no disciplinary action against Mark Spannagel. Don’t expect any as it has been the pattern of team LaMalfa to engage in character assassination, manipulation of tea parties, creating fake groups to rig endorsements with, destroying campaign signs, creating fake newspapers to attack political opponent’s marriages, alleging FBI investigations of political opponents, tying opponents to Hugh Hefner… and now professionally created attack websites fraudulently pinned to political opponents.

But remember – $4.7million dollars later – “He’s one of us!”

Just wow.

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