May 182012

The editor of the Ledger Dispatch in Amador County came out of the closet today for Jeff Seaton.

The base rationale of his piece “endorsing” Jeff Seaton is that he doesn’t like Jeff Seaton’s opponent, Steve Hermansen.

Starting tonight – I am going to dismantle the “arguments” of Jack Mitchell the editor of the Amador Ledger Dispatch.  The excerpts of Mitchell’s extremely biased editorial will be italicized.

“How about the recent mailer to all registered Republican voters entitled “Justice for Sale?” In the piece, it focuses on Seaton’s donation for his campaign from the Jackson Rancheria, stating, “Let’s send a clear message: We won’t allow our judges to be bought.”

“By that statement, and this mailer, Hermanson has prejudiced himself against the Jackson Rancheria. If elected, all future court cases involving civil or criminal matters pertaining to, or associated with, the Jackson Rancheria coming before Hermanson would have to be moved to another venue or court because of his bias. He has broken the canon of judicial conduct and the canon of judicial ethics.”

This logic is inane, insane, sophomoric, etc.

Seaton took $10K from the Casino, $1k from one of the owners and $5k from a left-wing lawfirm in LA County that may well have a connection to said casino.

According to Mitchell – none of the above would pose a conflict of interest nor require a recusal by Seaton? Really?

If I also follow Jack Mitchell’s logic – then Jeff Seaton would have to recuse himself from all cases of incest, rape, felonious assault, spousal abuse, child molestation (see also PO Box 288) and most certainly divorce cases.

This reminds me of the retarded “Yellow Elephant” argument the kool-aid drinkers made against the war in Iraq – you can’t be a supporter of the war effort unless you served, otherwise you’re a hypocrite. I know Jeff Seaton is down with Chicken Hill, but he can’t even talk let alone rap!

Mitchell continues…

“or that matter, let’s talk about accepting donations from the current District Attorney or a current Amador Superior Court Judge, Susan Harlan, in his bid to get elected to Superior Court Judge. I find those donations to be a hell of lot scarier than the Jackson Rancheria making a donation. Does this mean the District Attorney is attempting to buy a judge? Oh wait, that’s right, Hermanson runs the DA’s office. How about local judges campaigning for, and, in one case, for Hermanson, in this election, actually financially contributing to one candidate over another? Is it ethical?”

Let me get this straight – taking support from a Sitting Judge and the County DA is scarier than taking support from the Casino?


I think someone got really agitated and probably needs a time out.

Part two is coming tomorrow.


  3 Responses to “Channeling Jack Seaton-Mitchell Part 1”

  1. Let’s all keep in mind that Jack Mitchell is supposed to be a “journalist”. Using facts and citing sources is what real journalists do. What Jack says in his multiple page rant does not resemble the presentation a man in his position should be able to put together. It’s a wonder to me how he keeps his job and why I should continue to subscribe to his newspaper. The man has an agenda and will say anything to further it. At this point, he has reduced the Ledger Dispatch to Tabloid journalism and should be calling his bosses and begging their forgiveness.
    By the way, if anybody would like to comment to his boss, his contact info is as follows:

    Anthony A. Allegretti, President & CEO
    [email protected]

    I’m sure he would be happy to hear how Mr. Mitchell is running his paper….

  2. I wonder if Mr. Mitchell would allow the reporters he employs to endorse either candidate… To endorse a liberal defe

  3. As I was saying, to endorse a liberal defense attorney who not only has questionable morals, a questionable personal lifestyle and obviously a low moral compass over a prosecutor who daily works to prosecute criminals makes no sense, unless he too has some other motive…

    This is not to mention a sitting judge who has or had personal ties with the Bonano crime family many years ago, (and quite possibly still does)..endorsing Seaton, if this is not corruption, then what is?

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