Oct 132010

Let’s see – Tim Herman opposed Prop 8, and supported Charlie Brown over Tom McClintock and than issues this gem in the Roseville Press-Tribune Article:

Herman, registered as “decline-to-state,” said the e-mail involves private voting, assumptions and issues that “aren’t important to how one would function as a City Council member.”

Tim Herman is an excellent dentist. My salute to his professional prowess, or my acknowledgment that he is qualified does not extend to how I feel about his stances on issues or how I’d feel about his governance.

I have never met a social liberal who can govern as a fiscal conservative. Tim publicly supported bond issues and sat on the oversight board on another. His public comments at candidate forums never once referenced him supporting city fee reductions or fee eliminations.

This is the choice Roseville needs to make – Susan Rohan and Sam Cannon are unassailable Fiscal Conservatives.

It is also interesting to see how the Press-Tribune spun the content of the ‘offending’ email. It was a straight-forward attack on the Prop 8 issue – it was not a smear, but rather talked about David Larson’s marriage to Brad and Tim Herman’s social liberalism.

The Email that was forwarded to me by the reporter also included how Larson and Herman supported Charlie Brown over Tom McClintock – and I took due note that was not included in the P-T story.

All in all, voters deserve to know about the actions and patterns of people they may be voting for.

Sam Cannon / Susan Rohan – Republicans, Yes on 8, Tom McClintock

Tim Herman / David Larson – Non Republican Liberals, No on 8, Charlie Brown.

That’s pretty simple.

Cash-Strapped Far-Left Candidate David Larson Takes to Email Messages?

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Oct 112010

There are some interesting notes to be taken from the David Larson for Roseville City Council Campaign Email that hit Friday 10/08/2010:

First Off – it appears that the Placer County Democrat Party only had $250 to give their chosen slate of Socialists for local office – so it appears that David is taking to the internet to spread the love:

Quoting Larson’s E-Mail:

…Roseville is a beautiful place to live, work and play.  I am confident you share my concern to maintain the quality of life we enjoy in Roseville.

Now, more than ever, it is critical for those running for office to not only bring experience but also effective leadership and communication skills.  As a successful business owner in Roseville, an active, involved community member, and a current Planning Commissioner, I have a proven track record of listening to all sides of an issue, finding creative, inclusive solutions, and building common ground.

People are hungry for fresh thinking, transparency and accountability.  I pledge to bring all of these qualities to City Hall…

“finding inclusive solutions” – my trained political eye identifies this as the buzzwords of a progressive… and the “people are hungry for transparency” – as David should have been up front about his marriage in the first place. It should not have taken a disaster by the Roseville Press-Tribune to put that in the public paradigm.

Larson goes on to promote:

Recruit businesses, including new and green technology employers

There’s that AB32 stuff again. It is a proven fact that AB32 will cost California 1 Million Plus jobs if Prop 23 fails. David Larson is trying to have his green cake and claim to be pro-business as well. EPIC FAIL.

Then he lists his endorsements:

       • Roseville Police Associationthe dispatchers, not the cops themselves.
                     • Pauline Roccucci – Roseville Mayor Pro Tem – RINO, lifelong Democrat who still supports Democrats for office.
                     • Richard Roccucci – Former Roseville Mayor – RINO, see Pauline.
                     • Jennifer Montgomery – Placer County Supervisor – Liberal Democrat, Sierra Club Member who sees herself as a liberal kingmaker.
                     • Jack Duran – Placer County Supervisor-Elect, District 1 – Liberal Democrat, who has recruited several Democrats to run for local office in the Roseville Area. Trying to become a liberal Godfather in Placer County.
                     • Gary Miller – Trustee, Roseville City School District – Like Larson is Openly Gay and is Larson’s campaign manager.
                     • Rene Aguilera – Trustee, Roseville City School District – Long Time Democrat Central Committee Member and Liberal Activist.
                     • Roseville Commissioners – WHICH ONES? (they are probably Liberal Democrats as well)

David Larson should run for Oakland / San Jose / etc. City Council, not Roseville.

Oct 032010

Prop 19 – Legalizing Marijuana.

Tim Herman – Support
David Larson – ?
Sam Cannon – Opposed

Prop 20 – Take drawing Congressional Lines out of hands of politicians

Tim Herman – ?
David Larson – Oppose
Sam Cannon – Support

Prop 21 – Raise Car Taxes to Fund State Parks and “Conservation” (even though money can be re-directed by legislature)

Tim Herman – Support
David Larson – Support
Sam Cannon – Oppose

Prop 22 – Stops state from Stealing Local Government Money to Balance the State Budget

Tim Herman – Support
David Larson – Oppose
Sam Cannon – Support

Prop 23 – Suspends disasterous Golbal Warming Bill until unemployment drops below 5.5%. If Prop 23 fails – Roseville’s Utility rates will skyrocket

Tim Herman – Oppose
David Larson – Oppose
Sam Cannon – Support

Prop 24 – Repeals Business tax breaks given in a recent budget.

Tim Herman – Oppose
David Larson – Support
Sam Cannon – Oppose

Prop 25 – Creates Simple Majority Budget / Simple Majority Tax Increases

Tim Herman – Support
David Larson – Support
Sam Cannon – Oppose

Prop 26 – requires 2/3 supermajority to raise “fees”.

Tim Herman – Oppose
David Larson – Oppose
Sam Cannon – Support

Prop 27 – eliminates Prop 11 Re-Districting Commission

Tim Herman – ?
David Larson – Support
Sam Cannon – Oppose

Based on David Larson being purchased by the labor unions and his status on the Placer County Socialist Party Central Committee – his positions on the ballot measures are pretty easy to ascertain.

Based on my lengthy conversations with Tim Herman – I am pretty clear that he supports legalizing Pot and a simple majority budget at the state level. During our conversation he referred repeatedly to the problems the state budget impasses have caused at the local level.

Sam Cannon is a Republican… his positions are crystal clear. No new taxes – again, of the three, the only candidate that is clear about no new taxes, not making it easier to raise taxes or fees.

Prop 23 is also a big one – both Herman and Larson talk about Green initiatives, sustainability and Herman even goes so far as to tout an electric car ordinance in Sun City!

It is impossible to be as Green as Herman and Larson and claim to be pro-business. Sam Cannon is the clear choice for sanity.

Sacramento Bee Endorsement choices a blow for David Larson

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Sep 252010

Click here for the link to the story.

First of all – quoting the story is why they did not endorse Sam Cannon:

Two other contenders, Sam Cannon and David Larson, also have done their time on appointed boards, currently on the city planning commission. But they bring some baggage.

Cannon, who also ran in 2008, is chief of staff to Republican Assemblyman Paul Cook and professes the party line of no new taxes, pension reform and less business regulation.

According to the Bee Sam Cannon’s “Baggage” is no new taxes, pension reform and reducing the size of Government.

The Bee wasn’t finished – they took a swipe at the Tea Party while disregarding Dave Brown.

What’s more interesting is why a newspaper that is going to endorse Gavin Newsome and Kamala Harris – easily the two most leftist nominees the California Democrat Party has ever put up… is citing David Larson’s leftist stances as a reason to pass him over.

The real reason is that Larson must have been unable to provide enough substance to give the Bee cover for making an ideaological endorsement – which is what they generally do.

They cite Susan as a Moderate Republican and cite Tim Herman is a non-partisan.

They don’t know Susan.

Referring to Tim Herman: If opposing Parental Notification, supporting Gun Control, supporting an electric car ordinance, favoring Green Policies, being Pro-Choice and opposing Prop 8 are the stands of a Moderate… then David Larson is a communist.

The sad fact is Larson may well be…

Larson has deepened his involvement in local Democratic politics. He is supported by public employee unions, and says layoffs and furloughs of city workers are his absolute last resort.
Meantime – the Bee continues to hemmorage subscribers.

Sam Cannon and Susan Rohan pull off an Endorsement Coup

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Sep 242010

As of the writing of this post – some development groups are still sitting on the sidelines… but one major stakeholder has said Sam’s our man.

That is the Roseville Police Officers Association – a major “Get” for Sam Cannon and Susan Rohan.

This is very different from the deceptively named Roseville Police Association which is dispatchers only… Sam and Susan got the real cops, the Ultra-Liberal David Larson got the dispatchers only…

This was a huge week for David Larson as the Rocuccis decided to join their fellow Liberal Democrats in unanimity behind David Larson – but public safety chose Sam Cannon and Susan Rohan.

This endorsement solidifies Sam Cannon’s and Susan Rohan’s Law-and-Order credentials.

This is another blow to the campaign of Tim Herman – as his campaign has been dependent on a number of contingencies – Union support being another one of them.

Sam Cannon – the candidate who speaks out most forcefully against PLA’s and in favor of the need for cuts and reductions in the size of government is the choice of law enforcement. (Other than David Brown)

While the liberals coalesce behind David Larson – the Roseville Police Union sees through and chose based on the merits, not ideaology…

Proof again that Repuiblican and Conservative values DO sell well in local Government.