Sep 242010

As of the writing of this post – some development groups are still sitting on the sidelines… but one major stakeholder has said Sam’s our man.

That is the Roseville Police Officers Association – a major “Get” for Sam Cannon and Susan Rohan.

This is very different from the deceptively named Roseville Police Association which is dispatchers only… Sam and Susan got the real cops, the Ultra-Liberal David Larson got the dispatchers only…

This was a huge week for David Larson as the Rocuccis decided to join their fellow Liberal Democrats in unanimity behind David Larson – but public safety chose Sam Cannon and Susan Rohan.

This endorsement solidifies Sam Cannon’s and Susan Rohan’s Law-and-Order credentials.

This is another blow to the campaign of Tim Herman – as his campaign has been dependent on a number of contingencies – Union support being another one of them.

Sam Cannon – the candidate who speaks out most forcefully against PLA’s and in favor of the need for cuts and reductions in the size of government is the choice of law enforcement. (Other than David Brown)

While the liberals coalesce behind David Larson – the Roseville Police Union sees through and chose based on the merits, not ideaology…

Proof again that Repuiblican and Conservative values DO sell well in local Government.

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