Sep 232010

One issue near and dear to the hearts of some in leadership in the Roseville Chamber of Commerce is a shop local ordinance…

This drew some interesting answers:

Susan Rohan who answered first said it is something that should be looked at for the pros and cons.

Dave Brown said flatly that such an ordinance would consitiute a government mandate and therefore should be opposed. (Right answer)

Sam Cannon basically said what Dave Brown did – but added that other municipalities have had mixed results with shop local ordinances – largely because they inhibit the ability to bid out jobs.

Tim Herman – says it is a “dicey” issue, but supports such an ordinance depending on how it is written

David Larson said such an ordinance is not necessary

Is Roseville business friendly?

Brown said that message has not gotten out

Cannon: Reminded people of the advantage of Roseville’s low utility rates and reiterated his earlier call for a jobs task force

Herman: Brown-nosed the Roseville Chamber audience (his home audience) and touted the new City Manager Ray Kerridge

Larson: Said yes while focusing his answer on how well Government works. (at least he is consistent)

Susan Rohan: Reform is necessary and it is necessary to strive for better.

The most important question was one of priorities:

From the Far Left – David Larson: Talked about attracting Green Jobs and protecting the jobs of city employees (aka Union Jobs)

From the not-so-far-left Tim Herman: Building Drexel University to attract more Tax Revenue

From the Right Susan Rohan: Dealing with AB32 and what it will do to Roseville’s Utilities. (as in vote yes on 23)

From the Right Sam Cannon: Reset the clock by rolling back costly mandates, deal with utility rates, promoting development

From the Tea Party Dave Brown: Protect Business, Dealing with Regulations, Shrinking Government, Re-Assess Public Employee Benefits

All in all the candidate forum was a great expose on the candidates.

Susan Rohan looked like the front-runner and was received as such.

David Larson came across and was received as a Liberal Labor Union candidate.

Tim Herman was speaking to his home audience – but confused or bewildered a few people in the audience with his answers.

Dave Brown captured the anti-government anger of the Tea Party well.

Sam Cannon won the forum based on substance (he lost some style points as he is not a “polished” speaker) – his brainiac answers to questions resonated with the largely conservative audience that was there.

As I blogged earlier – it is going to be an interesting race to see who finishes second behind Susan Rohan.

P.S. My money is on Sam Cannon.

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