Sep 222010

It’s very simple.

Dave Brown – Tea Party

Sam Cannon – Conservative

Susan Rohan – Republican

Tim Herman – Liberal

David Lasron – Very Liberal

How did I draw the above conclusion?

There was a question about how do you Stimulate the Roseville Economy?

Dave Brown – Back Government off, Keep Fees Low.

Sam Cannon – Eliminate unnecessary Fees, cut red tape, create jobs task force of business-owners to market city

Susan Rohan – Cut Red Tape, Reduce Fees, Market Roseville as a Region

Tim Herman – Build Drexel University to bring in more taxes, extend the periods to pay fees.

David Larson – Streamline Permitting Process, “Sustainable Growth”.

Neither Larson nor Tim Herman talked about eliminating or cutting fees – and this is key.

It was also telling when the contestants were asked about Project Labor Agreements – that is when Unions are given an exclusive contract to build and staff a public project.

Only Sam Cannon was able to describe in any detail what the effect of the PLA on the Roseville power plant was. (Basically, cost overruns and higher electric rates)

Dave Brown and Susan Rohan spoke about how PLA’s are anti-competitive and reduce choice to municipalities.

Tim Herman spoke in opposition to PLA’s as well.

David Larson avoided the question as his major donors are Liberal Democrats and Union Members. (The same as Jack Duran’s)

What did the contestants have to say about Roseville’s business environment, a “Shop Local Ordinance” and their priorities for Roseville?

To Be Continued…

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