Aug 222010

There are so many of them.

Barack Obama Supporters Tim Herman and David Larson are trying to figure out where this blogger is getting his information.

News flash – it does not take much digging to figure out that Tim Herman and David Larson are cut from the same cloth. (Except for their choices of Spouses)

Was it the Obama lawn signs?

Needless to say – (Quoting the old country song) – I got friends in loooooooooow places…

Public Utility Commission
Parks Commission
Planning Commission
Etc Commission

And there was also the small manner of both Herman and Larson (with their titles as commissioners) endorsing liberal Cylon-Robot Charlie Brown over tax-fighting icon Tom McClintock.

Somehow – this long time CRA activist and Placer GOP Central Committee Member is supposed to ignore all that?

City Council – at least this time around is NOT a non-partisan race. Sorry Folks… can’t ignore it.

Just like David can not and should not ignore his marriage – I will not sit silently while Mr. Larson and Mr. Herman attempt to bring “Change we can Believe in” to Roseville.

P.S. Charlie Brown? He ain’t even here anymore – Obama promoted him to D.C. (ostensibly as a reward for fighting the good fight)

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