Sep 252010

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First of all – quoting the story is why they did not endorse Sam Cannon:

Two other contenders, Sam Cannon and David Larson, also have done their time on appointed boards, currently on the city planning commission. But they bring some baggage.

Cannon, who also ran in 2008, is chief of staff to Republican Assemblyman Paul Cook and professes the party line of no new taxes, pension reform and less business regulation.

According to the Bee Sam Cannon’s “Baggage” is no new taxes, pension reform and reducing the size of Government.

The Bee wasn’t finished – they took a swipe at the Tea Party while disregarding Dave Brown.

What’s more interesting is why a newspaper that is going to endorse Gavin Newsome and Kamala Harris – easily the two most leftist nominees the California Democrat Party has ever put up… is citing David Larson’s leftist stances as a reason to pass him over.

The real reason is that Larson must have been unable to provide enough substance to give the Bee cover for making an ideaological endorsement – which is what they generally do.

They cite Susan as a Moderate Republican and cite Tim Herman is a non-partisan.

They don’t know Susan.

Referring to Tim Herman: If opposing Parental Notification, supporting Gun Control, supporting an electric car ordinance, favoring Green Policies, being Pro-Choice and opposing Prop 8 are the stands of a Moderate… then David Larson is a communist.

The sad fact is Larson may well be…

Larson has deepened his involvement in local Democratic politics. He is supported by public employee unions, and says layoffs and furloughs of city workers are his absolute last resort.
Meantime – the Bee continues to hemmorage subscribers.

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