Aug 202010

Jeff Pelline of the Nevada County Union thinks that the Niello-Gaines race represents the latest in the Conservative vs Moderate schizm in the GOP.

I disagree… but, read Pelline’s blog here.

The Auburn Journal who has printed and refused to retract inaccurate information about solar power contracts is being used to fuel a recall of Kirk Uhler. I think this is more about the Democrats trying to pick up a third seat on the board of Supervisors.

BTW – the difference, the contract went to Solar Power Partners, Inc out of the Bay Area, Kirk’s company was Solar Power, Inc. But Deric Rothe of the Auburn Journal is a partisan whore and wants to lynch Republican officeholders even if he has to lie to do so.

A new Blog has popped up about David Larson. It looks like the Roseville City Council Race is going to go white hot.

Meantime – the CRA is meeting next week to endorse in local races and the Central Committee will be meeting on 9/1 to finish their report.

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