Feb 222020

Carl DeMaio is Pro-Amnesty and Wants to Give Citizenship to Illegal Immigrants


Carl DeMaio is pro-amnesty and even attacked the National Border Patrol Council – one of President Trump’s strongest supporters – as part of “the swamp.” He can’t be trusted to fight for the Trump agenda. 

Carl DeMaio attacked the National Border Patrol Council for endorsing Darrell Issa – and called the national union for Border Patrol agents part of “the swamp.” He even accused the Border Patrol leadership of “cuddling up to politicians” in exchange for favors. Unlike DeMaio, the NBPC is a strong supporter of President Trump’s border security agenda. 

Carl DeMaio proposed a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. 
In a Dec. 12, 2014, article, The Hill reported, “DeMaio said he hopes the House will pass major immigration reform before the next elections, though he argued that any offer of citizenship for illegal immigrants should be contingent on first securing the border, a major stumbling block in negotiations. DeMaio said some illegal immigrants should be given a path to citizenship, singling out well-educated immigrants and those who came here as children.”

DeMaio lectured Republicans who want to enforce laws to protect our borders and keep our country safe, telling them to ‘cool the rhetoric.’ 

  • In an Oct. 24, 2014, article, the Los Angeles Times reported, “DeMaio is a self-described ‘proud gay American’ who bills himself as a reformer willing to take on his own party. In a recent TV ad, DeMaio said he was not a ‘tea party extremist.’ On immigration reform, for example, DeMaio said in an interview that he wanted to ‘cool the Republican rhetoric,’ which he described as disrespectful.”

I ripped this content off of another site and have nothing to add – Carl DeMaio is a fraud and can not be trusted on the top issues of the day. Just Wow. 


Feb 212020

It took only a few minutes to find a four part series about Carl DeMaio that was disturbing to say the least.

Part 1: What we know about Scott Peters’ Role in the Carl DeMaio Scandal. This was about the faked break-in at one of Carl DeMaio’s campaign offices and the termination and alleged mistreatment of a campaign staffer.

Sometime in mid-May, Bosnich was fired from the DeMaio campaign. He says it was May 19. He says he confronted DeMaio about the alleged sexual harassment and when he showed up the next day at work, he was fired, offered money and another job.

But he told police, according to the recently released search warrant affidavit, he was fired May 26.

The DeMaio campaign has itself been wildly inconsistent on this question of when Bosnich was fired. It has, at different times, said Bosnich was fired May 5, May 14 and May 22.

A police report regarding the May 28 break-in at DeMaio headquarters quotes a DeMaio staffer saying Bosnich was fired May 22 for “poor performance.”

DeMaio campaign manager Tommy Knepper told police that on May 12, the day the notorious plagiarism scandal erupted, he told Bosnich that he would no longer be doing research for the campaign, and that on May 14, he told Bosnich he’d be getting his final paycheck the next day and would no longer be an employee — but he could still volunteer.

According to this version, Bosnich left the campaign by May 23.

In yet another claim, DeMaio’s team told the U-T’s Adrian Vore on May 20 that Bosnich had left the campaign two weeks before then. That would be May 5.

Then there is this post about Carl DeMaio committing a very public act of Plagiarism?

On the morning of May 12, DeMaio blasted out this report he said he wrote  about members of Congress receiving a pension and a congressional salary:

This was a classic DeMaio media play, complete with a villain, eye-popping facts and his preferred typeface.

But National Journal quickly protested. It looked like the report was cut and pasted from the Washington D.C. publication.

By the end of the day, DeMaio apologized to the magazine. He said staffers had produced the report, and he wasn’t aware of the plagiarism. But he also took responsibility.

“I don’t throw my staff under the bus,” he said.

That did not last long.

How does the termination of the Staffer, the Plagiarism and the faked break-in all connect? (And we have not even gotten to the graphic sexual misconduct stuff yet…)

On May 14, two days after the plagiarism mess erupted, U-T San Diego ran a letter to the editor about the disputed report from a Del Mar resident named Todd Bosnich.

He was the political director of the campaign, known to fight with liberals and the media on Twitter. His letter to the editor was a mistake — the product of the campaign trying to put on a public opinion show about its preferred topics. Staffers are supposed to find supporters in the community to sign their names to letters to the editor — not have their own names appear.

More importantly for this exercise, the letter is evidence that Bosnich was still on DeMaio’s team after the plagiarism incident.

According to emails obtained by the Washington Examiner, Bosnich was getting assignments as late as May 15. And Bosnich’s lawyer says he was fired on May 19, a week after the plagiarism incident.

Yet DeMaio’s team remains firm that he was fired for the plagiarism incident alone.

DeMaio’s spokesman Dave McCulloch said the letter to the editor wasn’t something Bosnich was supposed to do, but it was not the reason he was fired.

“As we have been very clear, Todd Bosnich was terminated for plagiarism,” McCulloch said.

That’s a crucial part of DeMaio’s story.

Drama. Way too much Drama in the Carl DeMaio Camp. Can this guy ever be taken seriously? (McCulloch is DeMaio’s campaign manager) Worse, DeMaio threw a staffer under the bus to save himself. Expect more of the same.

Here’s how McCulloch described the damage to NBC 7 San Diego: “Almost every cord inside the entire office – phone cords, communications, network cords, power cords – appears to have been cut.”

He also said the perpetrator poured water on laptops, printers and copiers and stole gas cards. Gas cards, in fact, were the only thing McCulloch or anyone from the campaign said was stolen.

DeMaio went on Fox News three days after the break-in and described his suspicions (emphasis added):

I don’t want to speculate but the San Diego police believe that this is politically motivated. The intruders didn’t take anything of economic value. They didn’t take computers out. What they did was they cut every single cord in the office. In this day and age, campaigns have become very technology-dependent. We have a sophisticated data system, a computer system that tracks every voter, whether they’re supporting, what issue is important to them. Of course, we have our entire communications system that is based on computerized phones. They came in and destroyed everything. They wiped us out entirely, took us off the internet. It was designed to silence the campaign very clearly.

Note the bolded line. Two things: They did report that several hundred dollars of gas cards were stolen. Perhaps he meant “significant economic value.” But secondly, this seems intended to both drive home that it wasn’t a property crime but a political one, while leaving open the door to another type of theft.

That explanation would later evolve.

The Fox News anchor asked DeMaio whether the break-in happened because he is a gay man. “Who knows?” DeMaio responded.

10News’ Steve Fiorina reported that the entry point came from an adjoining office. A file cabinet, with files inside, was untouched, while another was stripped of several hundred dollars worth of gasoline debit cards.

“Whoever broke in had some knowledge about the office,” Fiorina said.

Again, nothing other than the gas cards were reported stolen to the public.

Many months later, in front of TV cameras during a debate, DeMaio would claim that something else — something sacred to the campaign — was stolen as well. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Then we jump to the end of the article – and this is key. DeMaio is surrounded by drama and he routinely changes his story. This is a key reason to understanding why you can’t trust this guy as far as you can throw him:

Almost five months after a break-in at DeMaio’s campaign headquarters and almost two weeks after news broke that a former staffer was alleging DeMaio sexually harassed him, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis announced that she was declining to prosecute in both cases because of insufficient evidence.

Sexual harassment is usually a workplace and civil issue. Criminal harassment or battery is a higher bar, which we explained last year.

DeMaio had said he was certain of Bosnich’s guilt in the burglary.

What’s more, the chief of police, Shelley Zimmerman, refused to clarify whether she had, as DeMaio claimed, called to tell him charges against him were put to rest.

Instead, she issued this statement.

Both the alleged burglary to Carl DeMaio’s campaign office and the allegations of sexual misconduct against Carl DeMaio were taken seriously and investigated thoroughly by the San Diego Police Department. The highest level of confidentially was maintained during the entire investigative process, and will continue to be maintained, to protect the integrity of each investigation.

The police department spokesman had earlier said that it appeared a burglary had, indeed, occurred. But now, Zimmerman was calling it an “alleged” burglary.

The spokesman told NBC 7’s Fry, when she asked for clarification, to read the statement closely line by line.

AS we continue our expose’ on Carl DeMaio – we need to warn you in advance the content is going to be extremely graphic. AS I have been researching Carl DeMaio I am convinced that not only is he a fraud conservative, he does not appear to be healthy either. Too much drama, too many changing stories, his hair-trigger temper and the like will be continuing.

Feb 202020

When I search for information on Carl DeMaio – the sordid allegations of his personal life always come up high on the searches. That said, Carl DeMaio is trying to reinvent himself as a conservative. The neurotic Trump-Hater Paul Singer is certainly trying to help.

Note: CA-XX = California’s XX Congressional District.

The Club for Graft (Growth) has dropped $300K in to the leftist Carl DeMaio they claim because of some single issue – but I am of the belief that it is because they know Carl DeMaio is a never trumper who has been publicly critical of the President.

Politics makes strange bedfellows. Literally and figuratively:

American Unity PAC is focused exclusively on protecting and promoting candidates for U.S. Congress who support freedom for all Americans, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. American Unity PAC is a federal, independent-expenditure only committee (or super PAC) that is registered with the Federal Election Commission and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

It appears this PAC is mailing to democrats on behalf of Carl DeMaio – at least they have properly identified Carl. This PAC is only about LGBTQXYZABCDEFGHIJKLMONPQRSTUVWXYZ Rights. They attack conservatives on behalf of liberals and basically have an extreme social liberal litmus test. Given that Carl DeMaio has said publicly that he wants to “change” see also shred the GOP Platform, this is a marriage made in hell.

California’s March 3rd runoff in the 50th Congressional District provides may be the most compelling opportunity and challenge this cycle for pro-family activists.

That’s because it features a Trump-style conservative in Darrell Issa, who’s supported by pro-family conservatives, and liberal Republican Carl DeMaio. The result of this Republican fight will have a huge impact on the House balance of power and the future direction of the Republican Party in notoriously liberal California.

If Issa’s name is familiar its because he was a leading antagonist of President Obama’s administration.

DeMaio was slammed and rightly so for his leftist ideology by the National Pulse, a conservative blog and news website. This website has a robust following…

But his opponent, Carl DeMaio, has been equally bad on our issues.

DeMaio called President Trump “a disgusting pig” in the 2016 election and campaigned for his Libertarian opponent.

DeMaio is proudly pro-abortion, saying we don’t need any restrictions on abortion, and claiming the Republican Party “needs to get out of the culture issues.”

Carl DeMaio even supported sanctuary city policies when he ran – and lost – for San Diego Mayor.

DeMaio gives every indication that he is a liberal, social justice warrior, and would be no friend to conservatives if elected to California’s 50th district.

Just last week he [DeMaio] said he’d support the Fairness for All Act.

This bill is a liberal sop to the radical Left, and as the Heritage Foundation states, the Act “would force individuals and institutions to bow to transgender ideology, threatening privacy, safety, and fairness for women and girls.

Carl DeMaio can not claim to be a conservative when he supports stuff like ENDA and the Fairness for All Act – both would effectively throw employers and Christians in prison for daring to bow to the LGBT+ agenda. IT is clear that DeMaio only cares about being a conservative until it is some sort of personal issue – then he wants to use the full force of government to mandate compliance…

… which is why the only logical and plausible explanation for the Club For Graft supporting DeMaio is rooted in their continuing viceral hatred for President Trump. There is no way they believe Carl DeMaio will be a reliable vote on anything given his record and his personal life…

To be continued…

Feb 182020

Carl DeMaio is a fraud. He is a liberal by his own words and his attempts to reinvent himself ring rather hollow. Mr. DeMaio is on record using leftist talking points on the environment and on the gun issue.

Carl DeMaio: While I believe climate change is real and human activity has an impact on the climate, we must continue to invest in research to determine what is happening, why, and what we can do to mitigate it. I’m proud that some of that research is being done right here in San Diego.

As we improve our understanding of climate change, we must take immediate action — which is why I support a variety of investments in renewable energy and energy conservation.

On the San Diego City Council, I supported the authorization of PACE (Property Assisted Clean Energy) programs to make it easier for businesses to finance solar and other green energy solutions, and in Congress, I’ll champion legislation to extend these programs to homeowners as well.

Because climate change is a global challenge, we must be prepared to enact global solutions — and most cost effective way to do that is to continue San Diego’s leadership in inventing the sustainable technologies of tomorrow.

Carl DeMaio in his own words is a globalist and a green freak. He publicly advocated for government subsidies of Green Energy which in some cases are 100 times as expensive as say building a dam. Recent articles are showing that wind turbines break down and the used parts can not be recycled. How can someone claim to be a fiscal conservative while supporting government giveaways to subsidize industries that are not competitive in the open market?

He also uses leftist talking points about sustainability and mitigation. I suppose Carl lays awake at night worrying about how Spring turns to Summer.

6. Would you support legalizing marijuana at the state or national level?

Carl DeMaio: I want to get the federal government out of the regulation of marijuana and leave this issue up to the states to decide. In California, we must responsibly and accountably implement California’s voter-approved Medical Marijuana Law and I’ll fight to make sure we can do that free from federal government interference.

What’s next Carl? Heroin? Leave the issue up to the states? Meth? This was another feel-good try to sound libertarian dodge of a tough issue. Marijuana legalization has been a disaster in Colorado and has led to an explosion of the Black Market in California. This is very irresponsible and places a burden on local governments to deal with the societal costs.

You can’t be a fiscal conservative and support legalizing crime and intoxication. Bad behavior (more on Carl’s coming in future posts) has societal costs and consequences that far outweigh the “tax revenue” that legalizing said behavior brings.

Carl DeMaio: I support the Second Amendment and believe all but a few individuals can responsibly exercise their personal freedoms. Responsible Americans should not lose their personal freedoms because of a few irresponsible individuals. I do support full enforcement of existing laws as well as more resources to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those with mental health disorders.

Carl DeMaio always qualifies his answers. He supports red flag laws and he makes it clear here, he also effectively said he supports an “Assault Weapons Ban”. Good Lord – he uses the standard dodge language to avoid tipping off Consearvatives of his true feelings on the issue.

I support the Second Amendment, but believe we must make improvements in our mental health programs to spot warning signs as well as expand background checks to prevent those with criminal records from obtaining a gun. I do not believe we should take away the freedoms of responsible Americans because of the misguided actions of a few.

So should someone with a DUI 20 years ago not be able to buy a gun, Carl?

Fortunately, voters in CA50 have viable options not named Carl DeMaio. When we continue, we are going to pivot back in to some of the drama that has plauged the man for the 12+ years he has been in public life. It is the opinion of this blogger that DeMaio is not trustworthy or stable and needs to go somewhere far away from public life to get his act together – as well as his rhetoric on issues.

Feb 162020

Similar to Carl DiMaio’s Decade-Long trail of Drama, it is really easy to learn about just how far out of the Republican Mainstream he is. It is my opinion that DeMaio is a Moderate Democrat.

A 2014 Atlantic Article says it all (This is from Carl DeMaio’s train-wreck CA-52 Campaign):

To win a swing district in California, Carl DeMaio is running as a “next generation Republican.” To try and keep the seat in Democratic hands, Rep. Scott Peters is determined to replace the first two words in DeMaio’s description with “tea party,” as he tries to counter the Republican’s growing reputation as a moderate.

Peters’s latest TV ad, released Thursday, sets the tone for his campaign’s main argument: DeMaio may agree with Democrats on same-sex marriage, abortion, and some environmental issues, but his abrasive style on the San Diego City Council paints a picture of an anti-compromise hard-liner, they say.

There is no such thing as being socially moderate. When an abortion happens, someone dies. Either you support Abortion or you don’t. DeMaio’s stance on Abortion is as far left as it gets – supporting the brutal and barbaric partial-birth abortion up until the day of delivery.

President Trump has done more for the Pro-Life Movement than any other President in my lifetime. Planned Parenthood is being forced to file judge-shopping federal lawsuits in a vain attempt to save themselves. They have lost millions in funding and several states have prevailed over activist liberal judges with laws curbing abortions. Carl DeMaio would have been opposed to all of the states and all of the pro-life actions President Trump took. It’s a fact.

In the article – DeMaio is actually arguing that he is a moderate versus Peters who was trying to paint him as a tea party wackjob. My how times change. Carl DeMaio is now hypocritically trying to get to the right of everyone else running in CA-50. Scott Peters was indeed right about DeMaio being a wackjob – but that point will be developed in future posts.

DeMaio said it shows he represents a threat to the status quo.

The Democratic Party does not want the Republican Party to change,” DeMaio said. “They’re winning elections by painting the Republican Party with one broad brush as extremists.

Got that? Carl DeMaio outs himself is a change agent for the California Republican Party – to the left. I recall in 2014 when the squishes in the CAGOP saw him as a rising star like Kevin Faulconer and (insert the name of failed squish candidate here – there have been so many of them).

The Implication of Carl DeMaio’s comments is the same worn-out liberal-speak for all of us conservatives being so wrong and needing to embrace “new” stuff.

The article quotes Kevin Spillaine who along with Rob Stutzman and Richard Costigan are three of the leading Trump-Haters in America. These guys have a pedigree of working for Republican moderate losers. Meg Whitman (trump hater), Carly Fiorina (Trump Hater), Arnold (the only winner and Boss-Level Trump Hater). DeMaio’s campaign team was an all star cast of jell-o manufacturers. Yet, we are supposed to forget all that for new and improved Carl DeMaio 3.0 or is it 4.0 or 5.0? (I can’t keep track of the flip flops or failed elections)

Despite those successes, DeMaio has publicly taken criticism for not doing enough to build majorities on the council. In 2012, Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders pushed back when DeMaio took credit for building support for a budget revision plan.

“He probably takes credit for my weight loss,” Sanders said in a press conference.He probably takes credit for the weeds I pulled in the backyard last week. It’s all bullshit.

Likewise, former Democratic City Councilwoman Donna Frye called DeMaio a “grandstander who has no time for people who don’t support his policies completely.”

The elements of a grifter are all there. Can’t work with others. No Real Job, only “companies” he controlled/controls, impulsive, reckless, temperamental, lacks core values, lacks discipline, rules don’t apply to him… Carl DeMaio is indeed a left-wing version of Tim Donnelly. Carl DeMaio can’t re-write history – he has a long sordid record.

Federal funding for abortion services

DeMaio: I support existing federal programs that provide women with the reproductive health care services they need. I would oppose any move to limit reproductive health care choices for women. However, I believe we must do more to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in this country. That’s why I support making birth control more accessible for women by waiving the requirement that they have to get a prescription for it.

So here’s the rub – how can Carl DeMaio claim to even be a fiscal conservative when his enumerated position on abortion supports federal funding of it, federal funding for planned parenthood and federal mandates for abortion to be forced to be included in health plans. I thought government subsidies and mandates were bad?

Carl DeMaio is a fraud.