Feb 252020

I can’t imagine why. Carl is in the Public Eye again doing EVERYTHING those of us not blinded by his cultish actions know.

Link to Survey USA Poll here. Survey USA has a 2-3 point tilt to the left in my experience with them so it seems non-sensical they would bias their polling in favor of any Republican.

Now, it is clear that Team DeMaio was rattled enough by the pending release of this poll (which was completed yesterday 2-24-2020 and likely embargoed for about 18 hours, that team DeMaio did what team DeMaio is famous for…

(I am not talking about Instant messages, emails or phone calls raging on people in the last two weeks of the campaign) … SPIN Baby!

The latest poll conducted in the 50th Congressional District race shows Carl DeMaio holds a 5% lead over his closest Republican rival.
Carl DeMaio: 22%
Darrell Issa: 17%
Brian Jones: 13%
Other: 1%
Undecided: 3%
Ammar Campa-Najjar (Democrat) 44%
Remington Research is notoriously inaccurate with results that are on both sides of the bias spectrum. They are “C” Rated by 538 as well. Remington is mostly used by Republican campaigns to do internal campaign polling. Carl DeMaio’s campaign in fact, is paying Remington Research for polling. Whoops.
Note – The two things that draw the Remington poll in to discredit, Brian Jones who is unfunded is at 13! in a crowded primary? Nope. And, Remington says undecideds are only at 3%? That is a Presidential race a week out, not a district race.
It is very common to have 10-20% undecided in a hotly contested district race a week out from election day.
Once again, Carl DeMaio’s political life is following a similar pattern. Once the reality sets in that a years-planned self-promotion tour has not yielded the results desired the rage machine comes out. This is why in the last 2 weeks I’ve been getting reports of Carl, his Husband, his campaign manager and others contacting people via various means and raging on them. This is Carl’s pattern for at least the last two campaigns of his I’ve observed.
Meantime, DeMaio is losing as in flaming out, biting the big one, crashing and burning, flying apart at the seams, take your pick… #BIGLY #YUGE
More On DeMaio soon.
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