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Come on Carl, this is amateur night. The DCCC didn’t even have to break a sweat on this stuff!!!

There is a strong rumor that Carl DeMaio has told several people that he is going to bolt the GOP and go DTS. His exact words are “There is no place for me in this party”. No Kidding, Carl is Pro-Choice, Pro-Amnesty, and likes to trash Republican Groups at the drop of a hat. Or, perhaps Carl is just having another temper tantrum because he is not getting what he wants? Hmmm…

Note: South Park made a video in Carl’s Honor. Click to watch it, it is hysterical. Note that it pre-dates the 2014 drama as it was made in 2013.

The DCCC statement brought up three incidents, all dating back years:

In 2008, DeMaio agreed to pay a $1,500 city Ethics Commission fine for indirectly soliciting campaign contributions from city employees in violation of the Municipal Code as a City Council candidate. (DeMaio, in any case, received no money from city employees.)

In 2010, DeMaio paid Hale Media Inc., owned by his boyfriend Johnathan Hale, $16,000 for signature gathering but didn’t list it in campaign disclosures. (A spokeswoman for DeMaio’s Reforming City Hall campaign at the time defended Hale Media’s role as a payroll service.)

Taxpayers advocate Richard Rider didn’t see a problem with the $16,000 payment, remarking in San Diego Rostra: “The inference is that Hale pocketed the $16K, but that’s not what the facts indicate at this point.” Rider said most or all of the money went to petitioners. He didn’t deal with the disclosure issue.

And in 2012, a long profile of DeMaio suggested that he plagiarized the website of a rival Washington consultant.

“In 2003, Christopher Wye was planning a major conference on government performance for a center he ran as part of the federally chartered National Academy of Public Administration,” said Voice of San Diego in the profile. “Wye said he woke up one morning to find (DeMaio’s) Performance Institute had decided to plan its own competing conference and had replicated Wye’s entire website down to its color scheme.”

Plagiarism? That was also part of the sexual misconduct scandal in the 2014 Congressional Campaign too!

On the morning of May 12, DeMaio blasted out this report he said he wrote  about members of Congress receiving a pension and a congressional salary:

This was a classic DeMaio media play, complete with a villain, eye-popping facts and his preferred typeface.

But National Journal quickly protested. It looked like the report was cut and pasted from the Washington D.C. publication.

By the end of the day, DeMaio apologized to the magazine. He said staffers had produced the report, and he wasn’t aware of the plagiarism. But he also took responsibility.

“I don’t throw my staff under the bus,” he said.

That did not last long.

How does the termination of the Staffer, the Plagiarism and the faked break-in all connect? (And we have not even gotten to the graphic sexual misconduct stuff yet…)

On May 14, two days after the plagiarism mess erupted, U-T San Diego ran a letter to the editor about the disputed report from a Del Mar resident named Todd Bosnich.

He was the political director of the campaign, known to fight with liberals and the media on Twitter. His letter to the editor was a mistake — the product of the campaign trying to put on a public opinion show about its preferred topics. Staffers are supposed to find supporters in the community to sign their names to letters to the editor — not have their own names appear.

More importantly for this exercise, the letter is evidence that Bosnich was still on DeMaio’s team after the plagiarism incident.

According to emails obtained by the Washington Examiner, Bosnich was getting assignments as late as May 15. And Bosnich’s lawyer says he was fired on May 19, a week after the plagiarism incident.

Yet DeMaio’s team remains firm that he was fired for the plagiarism incident alone.

DeMaio’s spokesman Dave McCulloch said the letter to the editor wasn’t something Bosnich was supposed to do, but it was not the reason he was fired.

“As we have been very clear, Todd Bosnich was terminated for plagiarism,” McCulloch said.

That’s a crucial part of DeMaio’s story.

Good Lord dude.

That and Carl’s demonstrated unstable behavior – raging on the LAGOP while trying to pass prop 6, two alleged incidents of wanking around people, and a bonus third incident around a broken urinal (or something), a faked break-in at a campaign HQ, and a host of bizarre statements suggesting he has Tourette’s Syndrome.

CA-50 Update: Carl DeMaio in his own words: Called the National Border Patrol Council “the Swamp”, Supports Amnesty.

DeMaio lectured Republicans who want to enforce laws to protect our borders and keep our country safe, telling them to ‘cool the rhetoric.’ 

  • In an Oct. 24, 2014, article, the Los Angeles Times reported, “DeMaio is a self-described ‘proud gay American’ who bills himself as a reformer willing to take on his own party. In a recent TV ad, DeMaio said he was not a ‘tea party extremist.’ On immigration reform, for example, DeMaio said in an interview that he wanted to ‘cool the Republican rhetoric,’ which he described as disrespectful.”

Carl should have thought about that moral high ground when he was ripping off other people’s stuff and getting himself fined by the ethics commission. Bad Carl. Go away.

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