Feb 252020

I’ve written that Carl DeMaio is impulsive and reckless. I also believe he has political Tourette’s Syndrome. He runs his mouth a lot – he is like President Trump without the star power, effectiveness or net worth. This means Carl should keep a sock in it, but he just can’t help himself. (see also stories about urinals)

South Park made a video in Carl’s Honor. Click to watch it, it is hysterical. Note that it pre-dates the 2014 drama as it was made in 2013.

So why was I not surprise when I was approached by some Party Activists to tell me a story. (Sooooo many stories out there about Carl DeMaio)

Apparently, when Carl DeMaio was running his version of the Prop 6 drill (that only became viable when Governor Candidate John Cox donated $1Million to it) he was in full bloom. It is not surprising to me that DeMaio refused to work with Travis Allen. It is not surprising to me that Travis Allen refused to work with Carl DeMaio. Based on what I have learned about Carl DeMaio, I am of the opinion that he needs long term therapy and a padded cell.

I am sure the LAGOP agrees with me.

I found a reference to Carl DeMaio attacking the LAGOP in a post by Artie Schaper:

… I am sharing (unredacted) both your message to Arthur (whoever he is) and my earlier reply refuting Carl Demaio’s baseless assertions on KFI’s John and Ken radio program last week.

It’s clear to me that Mr. Demaio’s claims are totally baseless.  Actually, Carl wasn’t even on base— he wasn’t even at bat!  But consider the harm done by Demaio’s false attack, heard perhaps by half a million radio listeners.  What an accomplishment!

President Reagan often repeated the words of President John Adams: “facts are stubborn things”

You have maligned and defamed nearly 200 elected members of the Los Angeles County Republican Party, its officers, its leadership and its proven support of Proposition 6.   There’s no need for anyone to “demand new leadership for the L.A. County GOP.”

Instead, the rest of us should demand that Republican critics get their damned facts straight.

Allen Brandstater, Parliamentarian

Artie is frequently at odds with the LAGOP and Allen Brandstater was responding to Carl DeMaio coming unscrewed on the John and Ken show.

Here’s what happened. DeMaio showed up at the LAGOP Headquarters unannounced with a ton of Prop 6 signs. The people at the LAGOP HQ had nowhere to put the signs as their HQ is very small, they told him they could not take the signs.

Carl DeMaio went berzerk.

Then, he went on the John and Ken Show and tore in to the LAGOP.

Everyone I talked to was not surprised to see or hear about Carl DeMaio going berzerk at the 2019 CAGOP Convention officer election convention. I still have people wanting to tell me about DeMaio’s rage-fest on behalf of CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson at the expense of Travis Allen.

Given what I am learning about Plagiarism, Staged Campaign HQ Break Ins, caustic tweets, public outbursts, alleged private outbursts and the like, I am seeing the pattern of a madman.

… and he is a Mitt Romney / Chad Mayes type Republican at that.

Carl DeMaio is a fraud.

To be continued…

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