Feb 222020

Carl DeMaio is Pro-Amnesty and Wants to Give Citizenship to Illegal Immigrants


Carl DeMaio is pro-amnesty and even attacked the National Border Patrol Council – one of President Trump’s strongest supporters – as part of “the swamp.” He can’t be trusted to fight for the Trump agenda. 

Carl DeMaio attacked the National Border Patrol Council for endorsing Darrell Issa – and called the national union for Border Patrol agents part of “the swamp.” He even accused the Border Patrol leadership of “cuddling up to politicians” in exchange for favors. Unlike DeMaio, the NBPC is a strong supporter of President Trump’s border security agenda. 

Carl DeMaio proposed a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. 
In a Dec. 12, 2014, article, The Hill reported, “DeMaio said he hopes the House will pass major immigration reform before the next elections, though he argued that any offer of citizenship for illegal immigrants should be contingent on first securing the border, a major stumbling block in negotiations. DeMaio said some illegal immigrants should be given a path to citizenship, singling out well-educated immigrants and those who came here as children.”

DeMaio lectured Republicans who want to enforce laws to protect our borders and keep our country safe, telling them to ‘cool the rhetoric.’ 

  • In an Oct. 24, 2014, article, the Los Angeles Times reported, “DeMaio is a self-described ‘proud gay American’ who bills himself as a reformer willing to take on his own party. In a recent TV ad, DeMaio said he was not a ‘tea party extremist.’ On immigration reform, for example, DeMaio said in an interview that he wanted to ‘cool the Republican rhetoric,’ which he described as disrespectful.”

I ripped this content off of another site and have nothing to add – Carl DeMaio is a fraud and can not be trusted on the top issues of the day. Just Wow. 


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