Feb 262020

Carl DeMaio in the tail end of a multi-million dollar campaign is on facebook trolling staff of Darrell Issa.

What an undisciplined trainwreck. However, this is consistent with his pattern and drama.

Also – it has been put to me that Carl DeMaio in one of his many outbursts has told people that if he loses the #CA50 Race that he is leaving the GOP. “There’s no place in the Republican Party for someone like me” I guess he is going to take his ball and go home now…

For years, Carl DeMaio has made it clear that he is not a conservative. His liberal beliefs have been the cornerstone of his entire political career up to this point.

In his last campaign, Carl DeMaio declared he was a ‘social moderate.’ 

  • In a May 30, 2013, article, the Associated Press reported, “Carl DeMaio said Thursday that his campaign would focus on a balanced budget and pocketbook issues. The 38-year-old, openly gay Republican cast himself as a social moderate.”

DeMaio lectured Republicans on social issues and told them they should ‘embrace’ liberal positions on abortion and marriage. He implied that anyone who disagreed with his liberal positions belongs to the ‘extreme far right.’ 

  • In a Nov. 3, 2013, article, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported, ““His stance on same-sex marriage and support for limited access to medical marijuana and abortion services may anger many Republicans, he said, particularly those at the extreme far right of the party. But those positions should be embraced by the GOP, he said.”

Carl DeMaio called conservatives Republicans ‘misguided’ and said he would ‘take on’ his party to fight against conservative values. 

  • In a Sept. 2, 2014, article, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported, ““DeMaio said he believe extreme elements in both parties are misguided. ‘I am the gay, pro-choice, pro-reformer who has taken on his own party time and time again,’ DeMaio said.”

Carl DeMaio says he wants to drain the swamp, but he made the motion to pass a pay increase for himself when he was on the city council.

DeMaio voted for a 15% pay increase at the height of the recession, just weeks after San Diego’s unemployment reached 11.1%

  • MADE MOTION TO APPROVE hike in elected officials’ salaries – Mayor’s salary from $100,464 to $115,534; Council salary from $75,386 to $86,694. (City Council Minutes, 2/22/10)
Carl DeMaio wants to gut the GOP Platform and similar to his ideological doppelganger Chad Mayes will bolt the GOP when he does not get his own way. On 3-3-2020 we will witness Carl DeMaio go down in flames, and hopefully take his place in the ash heap of “New Republicans” and “Different Kind of Republican” candidates that abuse the GOP base for self aggrandizing terminal uniqueness.
P.S. South Park made a video in Carl’s Honor. Click to watch it, it is hysterical. Note that it pre-dates the 2014 drama as it was made in 2013.
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