Feb 252020

Something does not pass the smell test.

So here is a democrat party leader in Orange County doing what Democrats do. He raged on the people manning a Prop 6 petition table.

There is an interesting snippet where Carl DeMaio says he is the publisher at Hale Media. That’s the key part for this discussion.

Note that his federal disclosure lists a few interesting items.

His “consulting business” about government waste is a lucrative venture for him to pilfer $185,000 pay in 2019. I want to be able to berate government officials and pocket $185,000.

His radio gig pays him $236,000 in 2019? Are they selling spots for $5000 a piece? What is really going on there. I Heart Media has had some financial issues (like all Radio Companies) in the last decade and it strains credulity that they’d lay out $236,000 for a shock jock.

My Wife does morning drive for an FM station in Sacramento with a good audience. The Sacramento Market is only slightly smaller than San Diego and she does not make anything close to the obscene salary I Heart was paying Carl. (or that DeMaio disclosed) Where is that money really coming from?

Then we have Hale Media. The fact that Hale Media publishes two LGBT Websites one of which looks like a hook-up site with softcore porno on its’ home page is a side issue to why Carl DeMaio said on tape in 2018 that he was the publisher. Where is his salary? Should I file another ethics complaint against DeMaio?

There are also several articles floating around in cyberspace about Carl directing campaign funds in to the pocket of Hale as well. More on that soon.

IT seems that Carl DeMaio claims to be a “Government Reformer” and is surrounded by chaos and drama. But, what it really looks like is yet another Grifter-type candidate running one scam after another.

As Travis Allen found out, hell hath no fury like anyone that gets in between Carl and what he thinks is his. And Carl thought he owned Prop 6 and has completely dissed John Cox who gave his effort $1 Million.

Raging on the LAGOP? Check.

Ethics Fines? Check.

screwed up paperwork? Check

Taking credit for other people’s hard work? Check.

Drama? Check

Faked Break-in at Campaign Headquarters? Check.

Multiple allegations of wanking in public bathrooms? Check.

Alibi against one claim based on the maintenance condition of a urinal? Check.

Supports Abortion up until birth? Check.

Attacks national immigration reform group? Check.

Enriching one’s self financially in politics? Sure looks like it…

To be continued.

Get help Carl and get out of public life…

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