Jun 022010

I received the below email today. I am inserting comments within it’s text as appropriate.

Dear Aaron,

I know you may not live in California but what happens in the U.S. Senate effects ALL Americans.

(spell-check – affects)

Are you willing to sit by and let a moderate Republican get elected in place of Barbara Boxer?

NO. Campbell is behind by 20 or more points.
There are three things you need to know:
This election is not over.
We can win this race.
But I need your help to make it happen.

Math lesson – margin for error of 5% Carly 41% Devore 16% – make it Carly 36% and DeVore 21% if the entire Margin for Error was skewed against DeVore. Then freeze Campbell at 21% and give chuck 75% of the remaing 22% und – see how it works?

Past Senate primary races have shown dramatic tightening in the last week of the campaign. This election is no different.

In the last two weeks Carly has jumped 15% – I’d need chemicals to understand how that is called tightening
This may be the last time I ask you for a donation during the primary. I need your help to raise $50,000 before Friday. But we need you to act today!
It only takes a minute. Click here to make a donation using our secure online server.
We have radio and TV ads running all up and down the state but we need your help to keep them running.

People are still making up their minds on who to vote for. Challenge your friends and family on this:

Problem is – people are chooisng Carly

There’s only one candidate who opposed the Wall Street bailout.

There’s only one candidate who opposed Obamacare from the start.

There’s only one candidate who has been consistently opposed to amnesty and supportive of the Arizona law
I am that candidate.

Notice how the words are parsed – Chuck got hammered for mischaracterizing Carly and it seems he has backtracked

In short, there is only ONE conservative in this race:. California Republicans have been burned before by their current Governor and especially by the establishment forces in Washington who have chosen Carly Fiorina to be their moderate champion.

We also need integrity in a Senator and calling Fiorina a Moderate is desperate and dishonest.
Why would you replace Barbara Boxer with a moderate Republican? You wouldn’t. I know you. I know your values. I honor your concern about America’s future.

Tom Campbell is out of money and is nosediving. If DeVore honors people’s concern he should suspend his campaign and endorse Carly.
This is a time for bold choices.
Please, make your choice for Chuck DeVore.

Chuck DeVore

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