Jun 012010

How many of you got Tom Campbell’s letter on Friday asking for money? (Auburn-Placer Recology picked it up today)

I got the following email from Tom Campbell – it told me two things. One is that he is broke and two is that he forgot about the prupose of next Tuesday…

I don’t have personal millions like Carly Fiorina to spend on my campaign – but I do have something my opponents can’t offer.

According to a just released LA Times/USC poll, I am defeating Barbara Boxer by 7 points – the first time a Republican has ever led her. The poll shows Carly Fiorina losing by 6 points, and Chuck DeVore losing by 10.

I can defeat Barbara Boxer, my opponents can’t – the case I make in this new video, which I urge you to watch and then pass along to your friends.

While 30-second TV ads have had an impact in this race, the most powerful way to sway voters is through a personal contact from a friend or colleague – you.

Here we go again from Tom Campbell: only my brand of liberalism can beat Barbara Boxer – I am pro-choice, pro-mixed marriage, anti-gun and darn it anyway, college professors think I am a righteous dude!

Tom Campbell’s opening line about personal millions also gives us a window in to the soul of a politician obsessed with raising taxes. That is something James Fisfisfis can’t fix fix fix.

There’s a big problem, Tom Campbell. It’s called a Primary. Problem two, Boxer is vulnerable to anyone, and was vulnerable against Bill Jones in 2004 – Jones was unable to raise money (like Campbell).

Campbell’s fellow Liberal Republican Meg Whitman apparently grasped this concept as she spent liberally on ads calling Steve Poizner a liberal and promising to close the borders. (If Tom Campbell called someone else a liberal it would cause laughter.)

I’d like to direct you back to the Memorial Day Trifecta for Thomas the Tax Engine. Terrorism, Taxes and (vote) Talley – three areas where Tom Campbell comes up wanting.

The California GOP is looking for a few good men, the Information Minister and the Tax Engine just ain’t it.

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