May 262010

This post is dedicated to the Junior Information minister that left the following comment:

Aaron, your lame attempt to smear DeVore clearly reveals only one thing. Your desperate attempt to save Carly’s impending demise. Look at a REAL poll for a change; All three candidates are now within single digits of each other, after DeVore surged in the last few weeks, while Campbell and Carly were stagnate. Instead of your unfounded innuendos, look at the FACTS about DeVore on Senator Jim DeMint’s web site, where you’ll find facts and support for real, honest, true Conservatives. Give it up Dude, your mud throwin’ ain’t working.

I guess I am denying the inevtable – the massive attack on Facebook is going to turn the tide of the election.

Or maybe this is another delusional tactic of a campaign in it’s death throws. This election cycle has indeed been bizarre.

Another polling firm called Magellan Strategies Surveyed the Race and posted their results. (along with numbers showing Poizner in the hole by 35)

DeVore doesn’t have it and Republican voters know who Thomas the Tax Engine is – Game, Set, Match, Carly.

Oh and Boxer? Carly is in a statistical dead heat with her an pretty much every poll that has come out in the last week. This should be a great General Election – the Dems think so, they sent the Chosen One out to get Boxer some campaign bailout money.

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