Jun 032010

This while Chuck DeVore continues to scream to a shrinking universe. Read this email from team Carly and tell me what you hear?

1.    Political consultant Matt Klink calls it like he sees it in a post for Fox and Hounds Daily titled “Stick a Fork in Tom Campbell, His Senate Campaign is Done.” You can check it out here: http://foxandhoundsdaily.com/blog/matt-klink/7011-stick-a-fork-tom-campbell-his-senate-campaign-done

2.    Carly penned a column for the Flash Report today laying out the case against Barbara Boxer, you can check that out here:  <http://www.flashreport.org/featured-columns-library0b.php?faID=2010060303244994>

Now read what Carly writes – you never see passion like this from a Moderate, ever.

3.    The Capitol Weekly poll is out today showing Carly with a double digit lead and confirming that Campbell is dropping like a rock as DeVore continues to dog paddle.

Poll number 5 – Chuck is Stuck (16) and Campbell is at 21 and sliding. The real race is for 2nd place. Note that the last Captiol Weekly poll was badly skewed in favor of Chuck DeVore – but even this poll showed Carly moved up 27 points.

4.    For those of you who missed our state of the race call this morning, Team Carly Creative Genius Fred Davis reported that Tom Campbell’s much-discussed new ad has at this point a grand total of $4300 (and no, not a typo, I didn’t forget to include zeros) behind it between tomorrow and Monday.

Sounds like the two spots bought on 24.

5.    And finally, Barbara Boxer had an event today in the Bay Area in an effort to pretend that her vote for the $800 billion stimulus has somehow created jobs. We’ll probably have more for you on this shortly, but below is a response for those of you who covered the event:
“Barbara Boxer’s claim to have created jobs in this state would be laughable if the reality of unemployment for millions of Californians were not so devastating. For the last 28 years she has sat back in Washington collecting a taxpayer funded salary and benefits while voting to raise taxes by more than a trillion dollars and taking every opportunity to expand government and its reach. And what is the result?  Nearly 13 percent of Californians are without a job. Her hollow election year grandstanding today underscored that politics are much more her forte than producing actual results – which probably explains her vulnerable standing in the polls.”

I can’t wait to light her up.

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