May 302010

Terrorism, Taxes and Talley.

At the time I write this, Memorial Day is only a few minutes away.

I took some time to reflect on the Primary Campaigns that are white hot – with some winding down.

Terrorism – should be in the minds of people on Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a day to reflect on the sacrifices of our Military and the Current war we are in. Tom Campbell appears to be more concerned about Academia than America.

Case and point – Tom Campbell took money from people currently in prison for aiding and abetting Terrorists.

Campbell didn’t stop there – he went to the wall for Sami Al-Arian, proven to have ties with Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

He did “apologize” – but only after getting torched in the media. (never gave the money back, though)

Taxes – I have never encountered a Republican worse on Taxes than Tom Campbell. He is obsessed with Gas Taxes, wants to have a carbon emmission tax, tax the internet and raise income taxes – even with the economy we are in. Visit this post for links to all the information you could ever stomach about Tom Campbell’s tax plans.

Talley – I mean Vote Talley.

Even Democrat Pollsters are confronting Reality about Carly Fiorina vs Barbara Boxer. Carly is the Front-Runner against Boxer at 45-42. Boxer is underwater on her job approval rating as well at 37-46… it means there is blood in the water.

Unfortunately, Tom Campbell had his chance. He got hammered by Di-Fi in 2000 and he lost a primary in 1992. He was running for governor and decided to bail out becuase he wasn’t going to be able to compete with Meg Whitman’s money.

Campbell’s primary argument is that his brand of Liberalism is going to be more appealing to California than Boxer’s.

Epic Fail – can you imagine what Boxer would do to Campbell? There is no contrast on Abortion, Guns and Gay Marriage.

So Boxer pops a picture of Sammy Al-Arian on the screen and people get to choose between some dolt that defends a maniac and an ego-meniacal Senator that railed on a General.

In addition – Boxer could flip-flop on taxes and talk about some Dem BS targeted tax cut crap and actually slip to the right of Campbell!

I could rant on about the nimrods in GOP leadership in California that think Campbell is a righteous dude – but suffice to say, sending Tom Campbell to DC would be basically business as usual from the Califorina Senate Seat.

As you reflect on Memorial Day – reflect on a candidate for US Senate who cares about America first not Academia first, who cares about your budget first, not the government budget first: Carly Fiorina – and how that translates to former US Senator Boxer (Then that General can call her Ma’am).

Terrorism, Taxes and Talley – a trifecta of Epic Failure for a doomed candidate.

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