May 242010

Is this another case of Media Bias?

Or is this simply a case of inveitability?

This – ladies and Gentlemen is a screen shot of Eyewitless News ABC 7 in LA.

Now, we all know these guys are probably rooting for Tom Campbell. But, they could not label him as other.

I seriously doubt that the Fiorina Campaign would be touting this poll if it was not something close to accurate.

Please click here for the New Chuck DeVore Campaign theme song. This is a dedication from the Blogger formerly known as Sgt. York to Retired Reserve Colonel Chuck DeVore.

This is an excerpt from today’s email from the Fiorina Campaign:

The poll shows Fiorina leading the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate with 46 percent support; her opponent, Tom Campbell, earns 23 percent of the vote. This represents a 34-point net gain for Fiorina since the last poll conducted by KABC/SurveyUSA was released May 11. Chuck DeVore trails a distant third, garnering the support of 14 percent of voters; 11 percent of voters remain undecided.

Last week, the Public Policy Institute of California released its poll of California’s U.S. Senate race, which showed Fiorina leading Campbell 25 percent to 23 percent. In that survey, DeVore garnered 16 percent support, with 36 percent of voters undecided.

Marketing 101.

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