Jun 072010

It’s over.

It was over two weeks ago.

Still, the information minister fights on to get a few last shots in at Carly Fiorina (in an attempt to assist Barbara Boxer?) – is it spoiled rotten brat syndrome or a bonfire of Ego. Thomas the Tax Engine folded up his tent a week ago.

In a post called the time for choosing – Carly Fiorina is called Lyndsay Graham or John McCain by Red State Blog. They also compare this race to the hysteria surrounding Arnold and the “Go for the win” mentality.

They emplore people to throw away their votes on the information minister – dragging out his half-baked lines about what a baby-killing, tree-hugging squish Carly is.

They are dead wrong about Carly and will end up eating their words. I would hope that these guys help us against Barbara Boxer.

And now for the truth that Chuck DeVore will likely deny until leeches and electrodes are applied:

Flap’s Dental Blog reported a new poll. Carly 54% – any questions?

Let’s look at the numbers a little closer…

Looking at the changes in the US Senate contest, Carly Fiorina’s campaign has increased her support by 10 points, up from 44%, Tom Campbell has dropped 2 points from 21% to 19% and Chuck Devore has increased by 2 points, up from 14%. Other candidate support has decreased 2 points to 5%, and undecided voters has decreased 8 points from 14%.

They also have Steve Poizner losing 64-22.

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