May 292010

Californians for a Balanced Budget and a Better Economy – and a slate with a similar name featured “Conservative Republican” Abel Maldonado – sent a misleading peice of Cat Pan Liner on behalf of Tom Campbell.

It envokes Ronald Reagan. I am still appalled at the number of squishes that worked for Reagan. It says he was a trusted economic advisor to Ronald Reagan – was that when Reagan raised taxes in one of his first federal budgets?

It says on the back that Tom Campbell opposes tax increases.

Stop there – the rest of the mailer is now irrelevant.

The mailer is linked here and here.

It is a travesty that Americans for Tax Reform hit Campbell three times so early – but visit to find out why today’s mailer should be prosecuted as fraud.

PS. Click here to see hit number three featuring Lew Uhler, National Tax Limitation Committee

PPS Click here to see the first two times Tom Campbell got lit up – one includes the venerable Howard Jarvis Folks.

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