Sep 192012

A few years ago I wrote a post lambasting the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association for Endorsing Meg Whitman over Steve Poizner.

I caught hell for that post – including having an employee of Jarvis tell me to go to hell in a phone conversation. They hinged their whole decision on Steve Poizner’s support of Prop 39 – the measure that changed the threshold for school bonds to 55%.

They ignored the $300K Whitman gave to the Environmental Defense Fund (think Delta Smelt lawsuit), the over $1million she gave to stop development in Telluride, CO, and a host of other things.

We all know that Whitman got trounced by Jerry Brown as Brown being the deft politician that he is – actually got to the Right of Whitman is his campaign!

I tried to argue that Prop 39 was years ago (2000) and Steve Poizner now is not the same person in 2010.

Didn’t work.

Here we are again – Jarvis dual endorsed Dan Logue and Jim Nielsen. Is it some sort of establishment thing? Is it that Jarvis did not want to cross Dave Gilliard?

I don’t know – but let me point out a few things about Gentleman Jim that the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association seems to have either ignored or forgotten.

Nielsen voted for the bloated state budget in 2010. So did a lot of other Republicans – but it does not make it right.

2009/2010 Jim Nielsen Voted for AB1422 – increasing “fees” collected to subsidize healthy families Logue Voted No

2009/2010 Jim Nielsen Voted for SB279 – increasing Mello-Roos Taxes – Logue Voted No

OK – so maybe the above bills are really minor and don’t rise to the level of endorsing against an incumbent – something that those of us on the Placer GOP Central Committee have been attacked and assailed for.

Jim Nielsen Voted to Put Prop 14 on the ballot (SB6 – 2009/2010 session) – Dan Logue Voted No. Prop 14 is enabling the Realtors, Charles Munger and the Dentists to attack Fiscal Conservatives in several districts as all three have their reasons for wanting tax-raising Republicans in office. (Granted, Jarvis endorsed on the right side of several of those races)

Jim Nielsen Helped Negotiate the deal that put prop 1A on the ballot – the largest tax increase in state history (Source: Legislative Staff)

Does this count? Does Jim Nielsen’s vote in CRP Platform Committee against the Conservative Party Platform Count? (Voted against Conservative Platform in Drafting Committee but changed in the full Platform Committee)

If these are still not enough to warrant standing up for Dan Logue alone – there is more.

Jim Nielsen voted to give Illegal Aliens Medi-Cal benefits (SB175 in 1987) (This vote removed the citizenship requirement)-

In the late 1980’s Nielsen Voted for AB1202 to help Contra Costa County Circumvent Prop 13! (Here it is – a direct attack on Prop 13)

In 1989, Jim Nielsen Voted for AB1109 to impose the illegal $300 per car smog impact fee! (This was so bad that a court overturned it and California had to pay it back to everyone, including me that got charged it)

(Source on above three: Op-Ed in Paradise post by Jim Ledgerwood)

There is a reason why I have become openly hostile to the Republican establishment – the bunker mentality that has taken over as our numbers continue to shrink statewide and the fact that organizations line of behind the title rather than the principle of the person it what has the California Republican Party doomed.

I was speaking to a campaign operative in a Congressional Campaign who told me that “Aaron, in our area, most of our DTS voters are former Dems… you know in most areas they are former Republicans…”

He was explaining this to me in context of why he candidate who is an extremely liberal Republican should be enthusiastically supported.

I was thinking of that comment in terms of the behavior of the Republican Establishment and their suicide pact in the political bunker. People are registering DTS because the principle has been flushed.

I will probably never get in to the good graces again of the Jarvis folks after this blog, and I don’t care. Charles Munger spent $45k to unseat me from the Placer GOP Central Committee by 20 votes – this is what we are dealing with in the current GOP. Stand up for competent leadership and you get attacked. Take on hypocrites and you get attacked.

Back to Jarvis –

If all the above they could ignore – the next action by Jim Nielsen, they can’t:

Jim Nielsen Supported SCA 2 in 1990 that was a direct attempt to abolish Prop 13 (Source: Jim Ledgerwood Editorial in Paradise Post)

Whoops. Now there’s one up on Steve Poizner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Meg Whitman.

What was the mission of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association again?

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