Nov 062010

There is a liberal Republican that a lot of Whitman’s donors were positioning to run for Chairman of the California Republican Party… former Assemblymember Guy Houston.

How much you wanna bet – he gets cold feet?

There is a new website called

It TORCHES Meg Whitman and her team.

I have to derive some pleasure from this site after all the hell I have caught for the Red County episode… but Meg Whitman’s flunkie Chip Hanlon is the biggest political loser in the California Blogosphere because he sold out to the worst campaign in history.

The site is pretty caustic – the following is an excerpt which is like the “Mission Statement” of the website:

In every major political campaign, there are 3 main groups of leadership and activity. The leadership team which is made up of political consultants and senior staffer types who are supposed to be the best in their particular field and get paid a ton of money to do a good job. There are the politicians who whore out their principles and lie to the people for the sake of their own career advancement. And lastly the most amusing group, the liars theives and whores that make up the hanger-on types and nobodies trying to make a name for themselves, and assorted dickwads that have brought shame on themselves or the campaign by virtue of being the giant dickwads that they are.

All I can say is that I am glad I supported Steve Poizner.

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