May 062020

There is no doubt at all that Politico is an arm of the democrat party. Recently Politico botched a story claiming Donald Trump owes China Money. It was a lie and as of the writing of this blog they have had to edit the story twice despite face saving attempts to avoid admitting what they did. Recently, Politico also posted inaccurate information about Project Veritas.

While Democrat Congressman Josh Harder and the rest of the House of Representatives under San Francisco’s Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi won’t go back to Washington DC to help the American People, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is continuing to do Harder’s dirty campaigning and is launching an early attack on local veterinarian and Republican Ted Howze. Turlock City News learned just today that a campaign for Harder is circulating several-years-old social media posts and attempting to link them to the Howze Campaign.

The social media posts being circulated by the circles of Harder’s campaign and the DCCC are reportedly from 2017 and 2018. They are also from social media accounts unrelated to the Ted Howze for Congress campaign.

So, here we are in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and Politico blinked. They are trying to link tweets to Ted Howze and they framed his response to their request for comment in a completely different context than the Turlock City News did. Has Politico been alerted by their handlers in the DCCC that CA-10 is in Jeopardy of falling?

Howze responded to the allegations of anti-Muslim social media posts to Turlock City News by saying, “The posts in question were ugly and I absolutely do not agree with or support them. I’m extremely hurt that these were done by individuals whom unknowingly had access to several of my social media accounts. Like many others, I’ve learned an important lesson about removing personal information from old devices before disposing of them.”

When Politico posted Ted Howze’ response they deleted the two sentences in bold. This is typical for media smear jobs. When Politico posted the lie about President Trump’s finances, the Democrats used the lie to fund-raise with until it was edited. This is how the corrupt legacy media works.

Within minutes of the Politico story going live – this was out by the Harder Campaign:

This is how it works with the legacy media, they print stories that may or may not be true long enough for their preferred candidates to use them

I found the Turlock City News courtesy of a snarky comment left near the end of the politico story as they characterized it as a “Sporadically updated local blog”. Your intrepid blogger is 100% familiar with the contempt the legacy media have for bloggers, I can only imagine how much more intense the disdain is coming from a 20 something social justice warrior reporter looking to influence the outcomes of elections.

The reporter from Politico is Ally Mutnick – quick research indicates that she came to Politico from NPR and she promotes environmental causes on her personal social media. In addition, she has written several stories overstating the democrat party’s strength in the 2020 Congressional Election Cycle. If the democrats were so strong, why did she pen a half-baked story about Ted Howze?

It looks like party time is here early in CA-10.

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