Feb 122020

Blogger’s Note: CA-10 is an NRCC Target Race. Bob Elliott is not a target candidate, he appears to be a trainwreck.


This is a live action shot of Bob Elliott with some of his competitor’s signs in the bed of his truck

So, Bob Elliott squandered some of his meager resources on a piece of mail. In the mailer – he claims that Ted Howze (the leading candidate for CA-10 against Josh Harder) attacked former Congressman Jeff Denham. (Denham was defeated by Harder in 2018)

First off, citing the Bee for anything is questionable. The Modesto Bee is in the bag for Josh Harder to begin with. Secondly, they love lying about Conservatives.

Third there is this:

Dear Mr. Elliott. You do realize by now that Ted Howze has had this endorsement for a while – or perhaps no one told you that Denham and his wife cast the decisive votes to endorse Ted Howze on the Stanislaus GOP?

Meantime: Bob can take solace in knowing that Richie Valens is about to make another meme for him.

This is because Bob knows politics. Just ask him. He’ll tell you where the signs are buried…

Meantime, if I was Bob Elliott, I’d fire my campaign staff. But, then, Bob knows politics…

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