Feb 272020

Up first is Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero ladies and gentlemen! CA-12 is the Nancy Pelosi Congressional, in San Francisco. But, she is spending Donor money to be at CPAC instead of being in her district campaigning. (BTW – she does not live in CA-12 despite paying a campaign staffer $1500 for “rent”)

Next Up is CA-10 with Supervisor Trainwreck. This would be Bob Elliott folks.

Bob Elliott is 72 years old.

Then we have one of my favorite targets of all time – I still have not figured out if his campaign is a Concert Tour or a scheme to sell more records. It sure is not a political campaign.

Yup. This is “that” guy.

See why I am having a hard time choosing the “Grifter of the Year”?

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  2 Responses to “CA-03, CA-10, CA-12 Update: As the Grifters Slide Towards Election Day, Enjoy the Latest Examples of Why We Labeled Them Grifters”

  1. It’s like going into Baskin Robbins trying to find an ice cream you like best — it’s hard to pick just one. But if I had to choose… it’s Feucht all the way. DeAnna is kind of cute and I have no idea why she slept with Omar. But Sean — I just kind of want to run up to him with a set if electric hair sheers and buzz cut that weirdo.

    Don’t know Bob Elliott but this is quite the company he is keeping.

  2. I’m well versed in Solano county politics and I have no idea what Feucht’s politics are. I voted for Hamilton. I recommended the groups I advise to do so also.

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